Great food In Perth, Traveller Food From Mexico – Best Traveller Choice

Great Food under the roof of La Cholita Northbridge Perth City

Great Food

Great food in Perth. With over 100 of tequilas behind the bar, La Cholita is passionate about everything 100%  satisfactions of  Agave, traditional Mexican fare and the perfect Margarita in Perth.

This is the third venue to join the Lavish Habits family, comprising also of Who’s Your Mumma bar in Fremantle and Pleased to Meet You restaurant in Northbidge. So gather your amigos and head on down- it’s going to be loco!

Great food

Great food from Mexico only ?? may be yes?? From a small street-food kiosk to award-winning fine dining restaurants.

In any countries in the world, travellers have paying much more attentions on great food  from  Mexico and one great food cuisine Mexican.

Almost as much travellers like Great food like Mexican.  But what we order at our favourite burrito haunt is more often where ever traveller travel around.

Most Mexican dishes do contain chillies or any other spices of some form, but they’re not always the fiery, sinus-clearing chipotle-with-seeds & all ingredient we expect.

Mexican  food will often use sweet red chillies which add warmth and flavour without too much intense heat &  burnt the mouth.

It’s sauces and dips on the side which add the hardcore chilli taste we associate with Mexican food, meaning you can add as much or as little amount of chillies  as you like into dishes you like. 

Most chorizo served and sold in Europe as well as in Australia is the Spanish variety: dried and cured pork sausage which is mostly flavoured with smoke paprika, can be eaten cold or hot.  In Mexico, chorizo resembles mince meat and is flavoured raw and always cooked before served 


A$60 for two people (approx.) with alcohol

CUISINES Mexican, Bar food
Breakfast no
lunch yes
dinner yes
Alcohol yes
Bar yes
Vegetarian yes


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