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Canada’s cool climate is offset by warm people, and fascinating vast open lands, quirky cuisine and customs

Canada is known for having tolerant, polite people and a culture which has been much influenced by Europeans and immigration. Community ties are strong, and many Canadians feel a responsibility and allegiance to their identities. Regions have distinct identities, and, much like in the United States, the west tends to be less conventional.

As the second largest country by area after Russia, yet it has one of the lowest population densities. It has a population of just over 35 million and comprises a 3.8 million square mile area of northern North America. Much of the area is composed by freshwater lakes. There are around 2 million lakes which cover almost 8% of the total area.

Recreation and outdoor tourism are popular in Canada, with many people enjoying fishing, kayaking, hiking and biking. Banff National Park is one of the best in the world for winter recreation and sports, and also hosts a famous film festival.

The cities are clean and modern, with many adorable parks, museums, and historic landmarks. Ottawa, the nation’s capital, is the fourth-largest and has a multitude of museums and attractive Victorian architecture.

Vancouver , British Columbia, is a global port city, more liberal than other Canadian cities, and is in a breathtaking setting, proximate to lush forests and mountains. Visit Old Quebec to experience the history of the region, and admire its architecture, monuments and churches.

Its primary industries are automotive, energy, business, aerospace, and agriculture. The natural resources are enormous, with natural gas fields, forests, as well as minerals and metals. For example, it is the largest exporter of Uranium and the largest producer of Cesium in the world.

Canada has a social health care system. The education system is strong, with students ranking in the top ten in reading, math and science. Many languages are spoken, and both English and French are official languages.

French-influenced Poutine is a typical Canadian dish of French fries covered in gravy and cheese curds. Other specialties include BeaverTail pastries, Nanaimo Bars, and Ketchup Chips.

They are known for their bacon and maple syrup. There is a lot of game meat as well as seafood, particularly salmon, trout, and oysters. Common produce local to Canada includes potatoes, wild blueberries, and apples. Each region has its own special cuisine features.

The weather varies from temperate in the south to arctic in the north. A record low temperature of negative 108 degrees Fahrenheit was measured on top of Mount Logan in 1991, the lowest measured outside of Antarctica.  As a generally cold country, Canada excels in winter sports.

Ice hockey, referred to as “hockey” is the most popular sport. It is the primary winter sport and there are professional teams, drawing huge crowds of spectators. Lacrosse, football, volleyball, skiing, baseball, and basketball are also widely played.

Canadians are generally rational, kind and community-oriented. Their culture, along with their nature reserves, lakes, sports and vibrant cities draw travellers to experience the recreation, vast outdoors and natural features of Canada.

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