Train Trip-Canada – Explore the Most Beautiful Places – Through Vancouver to the Captivating Rocky Mountains Between British Columbia!

Working and travelling Canada, How my train trip-Canada, through the Rocky Mountains exceeded my expectations of nature.

As I researched travel ideas in Canada, it was always one of my wants to do a train trip-Canada,  across the alluring but vastly diverse landscapes it has to offer. As I was embarking on my working holiday visa experience, I put that idea behind me, as it was costly, and I was unsure when I could under take the trip. I was lucky enough to be surprised with a ticket, and it was one of the best things I have done. Train Trip-Canada It was a breath-takingly beautiful experience, within the two days I saw the diverse landscapes Canada has to offer, in only two of the  magnificent provinces. From the civilisation and alluring coastlines of Vancouver , through to the captivating Rocky Mountains between British Columbia to Alberta, with Glacial lakes, extensive mountain ranges, ever green forestry, and wild animals. My train trip-Canada, a fantastic snapshot of the untouched land, an experience I will never forget. Train Trip-Canada

A Life Experience – The Working Holiday in Canada

The choice to embark on a working holiday visa in Canada was one that came naturally and by coincidence. After finishing studies and working a non related remote job for a couple years back home, I was looking for a new job which landed me an advertisement for a working holiday visa. After not thinking much of it, applying, and selecting Canada as the country of choice, both somewhere I had only heard good things of and one I had never been. Train Trip-Canada The process was pretty straight forward and within a month I had been approved!  The move was made a few months later and fell into place relatively easy, 8 months into my working holiday visa and Canada has been an eye opening growth experience, which has not only tested me, but has exceeded my expectations. I have been overwhelmed by the beauty of the landscapes, the connections I have made, the experiences I have endured, and all the country has to offer. Train Trip-Canada

Young, no strings attached and a world to explore!

Having been exposed to travel from a young age. I have learnt to love and appreciate all the world has to offer. The ability to prioritise travel for the now, not just as a tourist, but as someone that can fully embrace and immerse in the cultural differences of another country was elating.

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  With no strings attached, nothing keeping me in Australia, and a world to explore, it was a life-changing opportunity not to miss. I have a bachelor’s degree in science, and was awaiting the right time to study my masters. Although I have an amazing lifestyle in Australia, living overseas has taught me a lot about myself, the world and lastly made me appreciate everything I take for granted back home.

My train trip-Canada – The Rocky Mountaineer, The first passage to the west

From British Columbia through to Alberta. Two of the provinces within Canada, located on the west coast, and starkly varied and beautiful.

Train Trip-Canada

Stunning pacific coastlines and evergreen mountain ranges in British Columbia through to the wonderful Rocky Mountains between the provinces, to the glacial lakes, desert badlands and green forestry of Alberta. These two provinces are vastly varied, with beauty beyond any photograph can give it justice for. Whilst along my journey in Canada, I was lucky enough to have family members come visit me whilst I was on my new journey, When my Mum came to visit I was surprised with a ticket on the Rocky Mountaineer,a train trip-Canada a fantastic way to see the sights of Canada from a tourist perspective.

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The train trip-Canada was 2 days in duration, a day from the diverse coastal city of Vancouver to the desert lands of Kamloops and the second day disembarking from Kamloops through to the quaint mountainous  town of Banff. Although this trip wasn’t picked by myself, it was an excellent snapshot of these two Canadian provinces, on a travel mode we often underestimated or taken for granted.

Train Trip-Canada

There was not a dull moment within the two day train ride.  

Extraordinary views, amazing service, informative and one I would definitely recommend. Whilst there are longer trips and many variations to suit the traveller this one suited our travel plans and destinations.

Canada Full of Amazing Outdoor Wonders of the World!

Written By Emily Matthews & Images – Solo Traveller! 

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