Tranquil Beaches in Tanzania – Dar es Salaam: Best Beach Relaxation Holiday on White Sand Beaches!

The stunning white sand and year round tropical climate make Tanzania a haven for the beach holiday lovers!

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Beautiful Tranquil Beaches in Tanzania!

The East coast of Tanzania home to number of beautiful tranquil beaches as well as the East coast of Tanzania is perhaps most famous for the Zanzibar Archipelago and it is beaches.

mbezi beach

Beautiful Tranquil Beaches in Tanzania:  Mbezi Beach

Mbezi Beach is the beachfront suburb located along the northern Dar es Salaam Beach bordering the beautiful Indian Ocean.

It is noted for its beautiful beaches, exotic sceneries with several touristic hotels, and also as a place of residence of people of high social status, it is one of Dar es Salaam’s most visited destinations.

How to get there; Mbezi Beach

It is located about 10km north of the city centre between the New Bagamoyo Road and the Indian Ocean, if the traveler is arriving to Dar Es Salaam by plane it is 20km from the Julius Nyerere International Airport.

The convenient means of transport is by road whereby the traveler can either decide to use the public transport services commonly known by the locals as “dala dala” which are relatively cheap whereby the price of a bus ticket is less than 1USD or to hire a taxi from the various car rental services which are readily available at the airport immediately after landing at a cost ranging between 30-35USD.

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Services; Mbezi Beach

Services and amenities in the area include White Sands hotel and resort with its good sports and recreational facilities, Kunduchi Beach hotel and Karibu art gallery. The nearest shops are at Kawe to the south, where there are also transport connections.

There are taxis at White Sands junction in the north and it is possible to hire bicycles here too. Silver Sands and Bahari Beach are to the north.

Yaht Club beach

Tranquil Beaches in Tanzania: Yaht Club beach on Yacht  cube drive road

Situated within Dar es Salaam city, the hub of Tanzania’s commerce and diverse cultural centre. The beach is a serene oasis along the Msasani Peninsula that borders the prestigious and beautiful Indian Ocean.

The beach is adjacent to the historically rich and famous Dar es Salaam Yatch Club. The yatch club offers day sailing and sponsors various exciting events. The club also has a swimming pool, bar and restaurant for a traveler to enjoy.

Yaht Club beach

How to get there; Yatch Club Beach 

The beach is located 30 minute drive away from Julius Nyerere International Airport depending on the amount of traffic of that particular day along the yatch club road.

The best and convenient means of transport is by road whereby car rental services are at the traveler’s disposal within the airport’s premises.

From the city centre it is a 5 mile journey, here the traveler can either decide to take a public transport services commonly known as the “dala dalas” by the locals or hire a taxi to get there.


Due to the presence of the yatch club near the beach, sailing is a major activity that takes place. Other activities include: snorkeling, scuba diving, sun basking, sunbathing to enjoy the beautiful weather Dar es Salaam has to offer, boat tours, sea food cuisines and souvenir shopping.

 Western Coral Beach

Tranquil Beaches in Tanzania: Western Coral Beach

Situated on the shores of the Indian Ocean in the exclusive Msasani Peninsula area, set amidst the clear beautiful waters of the Indian Ocean.

The beach is just 15 kilometers from Julius Nyerere International Airport, the beach positions the traveler within easy reach of the city center and some of Dar es Salaam finest attractions.

In the vicinity is the Best Western Coral Beach Hotel located on a prime location with the most ravishing ocean sunsets on the eastern coast making it the perfect base for both business and leisure travel.

The Oyster Bay also home to beautiful white sand beaches 

The hotel offers 62 rooms with balconies offering attractive sea view, all equipped with outstanding facilities such as Flat Screen TV, mini –bar, safe box, tea and coffee facilities and WiFi. Living rooms are available on Suite rooms.


A wide range of sporting activities take place on the beach including: scuba diving, snorkeling, beach volleyball, sun bathing and beach rugby.

Coco Beach

Tranquil Beaches in Tanzania: Coco Beach    

Coco Beach, also known as Oyster Bay, is a stretch of beach located on the Msasani Peninsula of Dar Es Salaam. It is an open public beach on Toure drive Road, it is a place usually packed with locals and Asians.

The open area of the beach is a place where frequent concerts and parties take place especially during the weekends. If you are an outgoing person then the Coco Beach is just the place for you to mingle with the local people and enjoy the cool sea breeze, white sands and ships waiting to dock at the Dar Es Salaam port.

There are plenty of street food snacks present at the beach itself where the food is cheap. The beach sometimes gets crowded especially during the weekends but is still a nice place to go to and hang out.


At coco beach the various activities which take place there include: Beach football, Beach volleyball, Beach rugby and a place for lovers to roam the beach.

Swimming is not really recommended at Coco Beach, though some choose to wade in the water. The beach is also famous for beach-jogging. Hotels near the coco beach include the Golden Tulip Hotel and the Sea Cliff Courts.

How to get there;

Located 6.6km from the city center it’s a 15 minutes drive depending on traffic via the Ali Hassan Mwinyi Road. From the Julius Nyerere International Airport its located 18km away which is a 43 minutes drive via the Julius Nyerere Road.


Tranquil Beaches in Tanzania

Tranquil Beaches in Tanzania: Mikadi Beach

Situated within the south coast of Dar es Salaam in Kigamboni ,it is easily accessible by car or boat with untampered white sandy beaches.

Mikadi beach is 1.9km from South Beach Markets also in the vicinity there is the Mikadi Beach Lodge which offers all necessary amenities to make your stay as memorable as possible.

The Mikadi Beach is 2.3km from the Kigamboni Ferry and 2.6km from the bus station In Dar Es Salaam, also the beach is 14.5km from the Julius Nyerere International Airport.

 How to get there;

The two convention methods to be able get there is either by road or boat, by road the traveler can either hire a taxi or take the public transport service known as “dala dalas” from the city centre via the kigamboni bridge, which is a magnificent sight to gaze upon at night, the cost by taxi ranges between 20-35USD. By boat you have to board the ferry at kigamboni which is a 10-15 minutes journey.


The various recreational activities which usually take place at Mikadi beach are such as: snorkeling and scuba diving along the clear blue waters of the Indian Ocean.  

Tanzanite Beach

Tranquil Beaches in Tanzania: Tanzanite Beach

The Tanzanite Beach named after the most beautiful precious stone of Tanzania, the traveler will find a private and secluded beach along the south coast of Dar es Salaam which offers peace, harmony, leisure and entertainment all under one roof to give the traveler an experience worth remembering.

Within the vicinity Tanzanite Beach Resort is situated which offers hospitality of the highest standard, with a wide range of facilities such as: swimming pool, gym area, restaurant, a shared lounge and a ticket service. This resort is 55 km from Kisauni Airport.


An array of activities can be enjoyed on the beach or in the surroundings, including cycling, fishing, scuba diving, sun basking, snorkeling, sun bathing and beach volleyball.

How to get there;

Some 17km away from the Julius Nyerere International Airport the Tanzanite beach is a 90 minutes drive via the Julius k. Nyerere Road this route involves boarding a ferry. Transport is available within the airport premises at affordable rates.

Tranquil Beaches in Tanzania: Bakhresa Beach

 Tranquil Beaches in Tanzania: Bakhresa Beach

Located on the south coast of Dar es Salaam in Kigamboni, this is a fairly new and private beach that has been opened a few years back by the Bakhresa Group of Companies as one of its business ventures, it’s an ideal place to sit back, relax and enjoy the cool breeze of the Indian Ocean.

The beach boasts clean, clear sandy beaches. The various activities taking place on the beach include swimming, beach volleyball, sun basking and sunbathing.

How to get there;  

From the Julius Nyerere International Airport the Bakhresa Beach is 18km away, a 90 minutes drive via Julius Nyerere Road. This route also includes boarding a ferry to enable the traveler to reach the Bakhresa Beach. Taxis are easily available at the airport at costs ranging between 20-35USD  

Chadibwa Beach

Tranquil Beaches in Tanzania: Chadibwa Beach

Chadibwa is a white sandy, blissful beach along the coast of the Indian Ocean, it is situated about 2km from the kigamboni ferry.

Within the environs is the Chadibwa Beach Restaurant which offers a wide range of delicacies such as; barbeque, grilled fish and chicken, French fries and a variety of drinks ranging from sodas, juices and wines at reasonable rates.

The restaurant also has a similar name to the Resort in the area designed to cater to the travelers every need with a well trained staff to top it all.


An array of activities including snorkeling, beach volleyball, scuba diving and sun basking take place at the beach.

How to get there;

The beach is a 42kilometres journey from the Julius Nyerere International Airport via kilwa Road across the kigamboni bridge, transport is available within the Airport premises whereby it will take the traveler approximately 90minutes to reach the beach.


Malaika Beach

Tranquil Beaches in Tanzania: Malaika Beach

Situated along the shores of Lake Victoria, the beach is a wonderful scenery to relax and enjoy beach life. In the vicinity lies the Malaika Beach Resort which is built on an imposing rock foundation with stunning views over Lake Victoria shoreline.

The resort is located minutes away from Mwanza Airport and a stone’s throw from Mwanza Central Business District, providing easy access to attractions such as Rubondo Island National Park and Western part of Serengeti National Park.

This makes the resort ideal for business and leisure travelers alike. The resort offers a complimentary airport shuttle and features an outdoor swimming pool, spa and restaurant. Mwanza Airport is 10 minutes’ drive away.

Kijiji Beach

Tranquil Beaches in Tanzania: Kijiji Beach

The ideal beach utopia: a short trip from Dar es Salaam city center, kijiji beach has white sandy beaches, cool breeze from the Indian Ocean and a quiet tranquil environment which is the ideal place to escape the hustle and bustles of the city center.

Situated on Dar es Salaam’s South Beach, 5km from the Kigamboni Ferry, Kijiji Beach is a convenient escape from the city. The beach offers an escape paradise for family vacations, romantic getaways, and business travel.

Also In the vicinity there is the kijiji beach resort which offers an array of amenities including swimming pool. Restaurant, gardens and accommodation.

Set amongst lush, tropical gardens, the resort leads onto the white sandy beaches of the Indian Ocean. The resort is emphasized by a custom-built swimming pool.

The unique pool design, with gentle curves, a waterfall, and both built-in and surrounding plants, invites fun and relaxation both in the water and poolside.

Kijiji Beach Resort is equipped with an open-air, thatched-roof restaurant and fully-stocked bar which overlook our gardens and private beach. The resort of 15 rooms is comprised of cottages, bandas, and cabin rooms, with an additional tent area for Tanzania’s best beachside camping.


Barracuda beach

Beautiful Tranquil Beaches in Tanzania: Barracuda beach

Located in Dar es Salaam at Kigamboni 6km down the road after crossing the Kigamboni Ferry or after crossing the Kigamboni Bridge.

On your left hand side of the road you will find a gas filling station with a sign which will lead you to the Barracuda Beach. It is a fairly secluded beach for a quiet getaway from the hustles of the city which I guarantee you will enjoy.

The activities which take place there include snorkeling, scuba diving and there is the possibility to spot dolphins in the area.

Dar es Salaam Beaches: How to get there;

Located some 39 kilometres away from the Julius Nyerere International Airport, it is a 80 minutes drive via the kigamboni bridge. From the city centre it’s a 60 minutes drive via the kigamboni ferry, transport is available within the city centre.


Dar es Salaam, south beach

Tranquil Beaches in Tanzania:  South Beach

Located on the south coast of Dar Es Salaam in Kigamboni. The beach is easily accessible by car or by boat, having unspoilt white sandy beaches.

The south beach overlooks the Indian Ocean where it is nice, cool with an ambience above all close to the city. There is a wide range of tourist hotels such as sunset beach resort, kipepeo beach hotel and barracuda beach resort.

The beach boasts of its pristine ribbon of powdery sands and aquamarine waters.

Dar es Salaam Beaches: How to get there;

From the city center and the Dar es Salaam Zoo it is about 8km away. In order for a traveler to get to south beach, one has to board the kigamboni ferry which will take about 10-15minutes. A traveler, optionally can board a taxi from Kigamboni Bridge which is 15km from the city center which has been constructed recently in order to ease connection between the city center and kigamboni. The price of a taxi ranges between 20-30USD.

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Tranquil Beaches in Tanzania: Islamic Beach

The beach is perfectly placed, some 15 kilometres from the ferry at Mbwamaji, Kigamboni offering a stunning view of the Indian Ocean.

The beach is in close proximity to the Islamic Beach Club. It is a place where Muslim millennials go to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Indian Ocean has to offer without breaking the Islamic morals. Furthermore the food in the Islamic Beach club is Halal which is ideal for the Muslim community.

Prayer Facilities;

Within the Islamic Beach Club, prayer mats are available with kiblah directions and local mosques are also in the vicinity.


Beach volleyball, snorkeling, scuba diving and much more to be offered at the Islamic beach.


Tranquil Beaches in Tanzania: Bamba Beach

How to get there;

From the Julius Nyerere International Airport the beach is 49km away via Kilwa Rd across the new kigamboni bridge. It is a 95 minutes drive depending on the amount of traffic on the road. Transport is available within the airport at reasonable prices.

Bamba Beach

Tranquil Beaches in Tanzania: Mbutu Beach

Just 24km from kigamboni creek near the heart of Dar es Salaam, lies the area called Mbutu. From Ras Ndege,the beach stretches 4km South to Ras Kutani. The white sandy beaches meet the open water under the African sky.

This beautiful beach has largely been overlooked by tourism and other developers who have instead flocked to nearby Zanzibar.

Just 4 hotels exist in the area which remains almost untouched.Now, a new bridge across Kigamboni creek is about to change all that, with the land to the South East of Dar es Salaam becoming prime property for the expanding city.

How to get there;

A tarmac road leads Southeast most of the way from Kigamboni along the coast for 20 kilometres to the beach plot.As you approach the beach there are only a few scattered villages along the road, the closest of which is 2.5 km from the plot.

Traffic is relatively light from the Julius Nyerere International Airport the beach is approximately 55 km away which is a 2hrs drive via Kilwa Road Work was recently commissioned to construct a 3-lane (in each direction) bridge in addition to the existing Kigamboni ferry. The new bridge has been operational since 2014.

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Written By  Brenda Mboya, Diploma in wildlife tourism- College of African wildlife management Mweka, Current job: Eco- Assistant camp Manager at Asilia Lodges and camps

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