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Characterised by its diversity and variation of landscapes, British Columbia (BC) is known for its picturesque views and outdoor activities. Being the most western province of Canada, BC is surrounded by stunning pacific coastlines and the beauty of evergreen mountain ranges, with spectacular forested upland!

As the the third largest province in Canada, British Columbia occupies 10 % of Canadian land. With the western part of BC bordered by the pacific Ocean, British Columbia is neighboured by Alaska at its North west, Yukon and Northwest territories to its North, Alberta at the East and a southern border of USA states Washington, Idaho and Montana.

The first British settlement in 1843 was  of Fort Victoria, which was named after the Queen and is part of Vancouver Island. Subsequent british settlement occurred on the mainland onwards from 1858 and in 1866 Vancouver Island became part of the British Columbia colony, making Victoria the capital of BC, which still remains.

British Columbia

It is hard not to see the beauty of British Columbia throughout all seasons.

With a dynamic range of landscapes, there is much to do throughout BC, all year round. Vancouver being the metropolitan centre of a vast stretch of nature,it has something for everyone, with beaches along its cost, Stanley park, mountains and a wide variety of cuisine, coffee and shopping.

The capital of BC, Victoria lying in Vancouver Island upholds an unusual balance of old world architecture and character, with bright gardens, seasonal outdoor adventure, with something for the diners, maintaining a culinary and social atmosphere.



The Canadian Rockies, prove to be a beautiful spectacle through all seasons, the landscape of towering mountains, beautiful lakes and vast stretches of forests is one for everyone. With vast seasonal activities of skiing, hiking, or just appreciating the view.

The extensive stretch of beautiful land holds an amplitude of activities and sites, with skiing in the winter at Whistler, Kelowna, Okanagon and Kimberley, to name a few.

Wildlife parks and lakes, in Kamloops and Yoho National Park, Wine regions in Okanagon and Kamloops, even Bungee jumping in Nanaimo. Throughout the BC area, camping, walking, hiking and cycling are just a few of the common past time activities.

  Written by (Solo Traveller) Emily Matthews & Images 

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