Interesting Locations in Sweden – Travel Tourism Info! Most Popular Travel Destinations in Sweden.

Interesting locations in Sweden! Don't often come more perfect than they do in Sweden!

The most -visited Interesting locations in Sweden  as reported by VisitSweden statistic. The country is a Scandinavian nation with thousands of beautiful coastal islands, hundreds of inland lakes, along with vast evergreen forests and glaciated icy mountains

Interesting locations in Sweden

 Interesting locations in Sweden 1: Skåne area

Skåne is a special area in its own way. It is the very south of the country and that being said, it brings a completely different weather and nature conditions that the rest of Sweden.

The Skåne county includes the major city of Malmö. The typical picture of the countryside is vast green pastures, forests, farms and hundreds of smaller lakes and fishing villages.

The entire area is significant for its diverse terrain and rich history thanks to the relatively mild weather in comparison to the rest of Sweden.

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The south of the country is also well gifted with number of castles and beautiful gardens surrounding them, some of them coming even from the 12th century. One of the popular cities of the county is the picturesque small city of Lund.

Lund is a compressed chunk of history within the cobbled streets and colourful walls. This university town with famous Lund Cathedral, which belongs to the top Swedish attractions, is facing a great popularity among tourists.

The southwest and southeast of Skåne can be then described as picture-perfect landscapes, culture full of art festivals and local farm delights, and – last but not least – some of the most beautiful beaches you wouldn’t even believe are actually a piece of Swedish land.

Interesting locations in Sweden

Interesting locations in Sweden 2: West Coast area

Romantic sunsets over the ocean, delicious seafood, endless number of islands and fishing villages..

What else do you need to hear to head straight to the Swedish west coast? West coast is the part of Sweden stretching all the way from Gothenburg up to the Norwegian borders.

The sea offers plenty of possibilities for various activities (such as kayaking, sailing, swimming, fishing or technically any kind of water sport and that not only during summer (sauna is a great thing to do when the snow covers everything with its white blanket).


The salty sea waters shelter the most delicious seafood including mussels, lobsters, salmon, shrimps or oysters. The whole coast is actually dotted by small islands from which some of them are natural reserves and offer spectacular hikes, cycling trails and gateways in their small wooden houses.

The entire archipelago is beautiful all year round, whether it’s perfectly sunny and warm or when it’s freezing cold and water surface turns into a one huge chunk of ice, the West coast is a perfect place for a visit.

Interesting locations in Sweden


Interesting locations in Sweden 3: Gotland – Visby

The largest island of Sweden, Gotland, appears to be a magical place with unique vibes. Almost everything you see on the island seems to be like completely from a different world.

Gotland can be reached by a ferry or air from the coast. The main city of Visby, where most of the population is situated, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site itself. The medieval walls of the city and cobbled streets breathing the history are both charming and fascinating.

The Visby City Wall (Ringmuren stone wall) surrounds the whole city is a remarkable and popular tourist attraction. Gotland is known for its history tangled with Vikings and their era. Vikings left many remains and sites, such as picture stones, Viking village or Trullhalsar graves.

As a former major Viking trade settlements, the whole island has developed its own legends and traditions. The small islands of Fårö and Gotska Sandön are also a part of the Gotland province. Fårö is located across the strait and offers breathtaking sandy landscapes.

The north of Gotland offers large natural reserve with sea stacks standing in the sea, thus creating stunning scenery. Similar places can be found across the entire island. The pictures from the beach during the sunset time are incredible!

 Dalarna area

Interesting locations in Sweden 4: Dalarna area

Dalarna is, said by many, the most beautiful part of Sweden you can visit. All those typical red houses, pristine nature, wide lakes and cultural heritage can be found in Dalarna.

It is a region / county located in the central part of Sweden. Its capital city is Falun. Sometimes, Dalarna’s nickname is the “Sweden in miniature”, and that is exactly what it is.

Most of the famous pictures of the country with charming villages and picturesque nature come from there. The red cottages are popular summer getaway for all Sweden, because there is nothing more peaceful than spending a week in your own cottage in the beautiful nature right by the lake.

Its capital Falun is known for a world class copper mine which also belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage list. Another famous thing from Dalarna is the little hand-made red wooden horse which is called the Dala horse and can be considered as one of the symbols of the entire country. The Dala model horses are made in the small city of Mora.


Interesting locations in Sweden 5: Icehotel

The little Swedish town of Jukkasjärvi is a destination for many tourists thanks to its world class attraction – the ICEHOTEL.

The Icehotel is a facility build every year ever since its first opening in 1990 and it is the first ice hotel ever build in the world. Jukkasjärvi is located in the very north of the country, only about 17 kilometres from larger and popular northern city of Kiruna.

The icehotel is in service from December till April, pretty much as long as the snow and cold weather stays. It works as a usual hotel, rooms include beds and chairs, all made of ice blocks brought from the frozen river Torne nearby.

All other decoration is made of ice as well. The inside temperature stays below zero, usually around negative five. The luxury suites are designed by artists and are well equipped and beds covered with fur that the overnight stay will be a pleasant experience.

Each year, there is a different design of the Icehotel as its build from a scratch every time. Besides the accommodation there is also an Ice Bar and an ice chapel.

The speciality about the Icebar is that they have actual frozen glasses (glasses made of ice). The whole venture started by a single ice sculpture in 1989 which eventually turned into a much better project, famous all around the world.

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Interesting locations in Sweden 5: Marstrand

The city of Marstrand serves as a great escape from the rush of everyday life. Located right on the beach, it gives you the feeling like you are completely in a different country.

Packed with options for various summer activities including sailing, bathing, sunbathing, kayaking, fishing, various boat adventures and many, many more – you would probably have a hard time to find a better summer destination in Sweden. Marstrand is a seaside town / island with little over one thousand people.

The main attraction, besides the beaches, is the Carlsten fortress coming from the 17th century which dominates the panorama.

Marstrand is also well known for a sailing event – the popular Match Cup Sweden (part of the world racing tour) which takes place every year. And if you eventually get tired of all the coastline beauty and harbour rush, you can hide in one of the cozy shops or cafés and soak in the summer vibes.


 Interesting locations in Sweden 6: Malmo

Modern, neat and beautiful city right by the coast, surrounded by the sea water and flooded with sunshine like no other city in Sweden. That is Malmö, the capital city of the Swedish Scania county.


Malmö is the third largest Swedish city. As such, it is home to over 300 thousand people within the urban area. It is located in the very south of the country, separated from Denmark and its capital Copenhagen by a strait and the famous Öresund Bridge.

The history of the city dates back to the 13th century. Thanks to its location on the coast, it has served over the history as an important port and a frequent marketplace. Its importance was growing also as a fishing town.

Malmö as a city is much industrialised, which can be observed on almost every aspect of the urban area. Both unique constructions of the Öresund Bridge and the Turning Torso skyscraper are nowadays the biggest attractions and bring tourists from all over the world, showing the architectural development of the city.

This major Swedish city is also the most multicultural of them all as this metropolis is home to more than 150 different nationalities, with the majority from Middle East. The European culture is blended with the Swedish one and the Middle Eastern one, creating an interesting mixture.

Malmö is a place with some excellent restaurants and delicious cuisine, incredibly good smelling and tasting coffee and plenty of shopping opportunities, all with the Baltic Sea in the background and seagulls above your head. Another perk of Malmö is its number of lush green parks and resting areas for both locals and visitors.

Last but not least, this metropolis is also home to a major educational institution which is the Malmö University, specialized in IT, biotech and architecture and rural development.


Oresund Bridg

Interesting locations in Sweden 7: Oresund Bridge

Öresund Bridge is undoubtedly a signature landmark not only for Malmö (Köpenhagen), but also for the entire Scandinavia.

It is the bridge connecting two countries – Sweden and Denmark, stretching all the way from the Danish capital city of Copenhagen to the Swedish coastal city of Malmö, which both serve as countries’ metropolitan centres.

The bridge itself is almost 8 kilometres long and after those 8 kilometres, the construction transitions into an underground / underwater tunnel starting on an artificially made island. The tunnel is then nearly 4 kilometres long.

The Öresund bridge is an award winning construction with a double track railway and a motorway. It was opened in 2000 and designed by a Danish architect George K. S. Rotne.

Turning Torso

Interesting locations in Sweden 8: Turning Torso

The Turning Torso is signature building of the entire city, portrayed on many postcards and skyline city views and it towers from the distance while approaching Malmö.

The construction is a in neo-futurist style built high rise building for residential purposes. With its 190 metres height, it is the tallest building in the entire Scandinavia.

Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava designed the building between 1999 and 2001 and in 2005, the tower abstractly portraying the human movement was erected. Nine cubes (box units) are set around the steel core. The top floors are having several meeting rooms.


The Kungsparken (in translation the King’s Park) is the oldest park in the city. Kungsparken is a green oasis full of grassy areas, exotic trees, beautiful view points over nice scenery, as well as several playgrounds for kids. The park was opened in 1800’s and, thanks to its central location, as a popular getaway for locals during not only sunny summer days.

Lilla Torg

Lilla Torg means a Little Square in Swedish and that is exactly what it is.

This Little Square is located in the heart of the city and attracts both tourists and locals seeking gourmet experience, a bit of shopping and a great coffee.

The main attraction of the place is the statue of The Giant Lamp installed there in 2006. This giant lamp serves as a curiosity and a bench and provides lamp when the dark comes.

Malmo Castle

Interesting locations in Sweden 9:  Malmo Castle

The smaller city of Malmö is also home to several cultural buildings and institutions. One of them is also the Malmö Castle (Malmöhus Castle) build in 1530.

The Renaissance Castle is one of the oldest ones of its kind in Scandinavia. Historically taken, the initial fortress (which stood on the site now occupied by the castle) build in 1434 had a very strategical position for the entire kingdom of Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

The building is a home to several museums including the City Museum, the Malmö Art Museum or the Museum of Natural History.


Sankt Petri Church

The Sankt Petri Church build in the early 14th century is officially the oldest building of the city. This large church has a beautiful and preserved exterior in a Gothic style (specifically the Baltic Brick Gothic) and interior with medieval paintings. The dominant tower is reaching 105 metres. The construction was restored during the 20th century keeping the current look still presentable.

Malmo Opera

Interesting locations in Sweden 10: Malmo Opera  

Like almost every other Scandinavian metropolis, even Malmö has a significant Opera building.

The Malmö Opera House is a building opened in 1944 with stunning foyer and large auditorium with up to 1508 spectators’ seats. The Malmö Opera hosts several music performances such as opera and operetta.

Significant is also the Tragos Fountain located right in front of the entrance of the Opera building.

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