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Known as the Europe of North America, Quebec is said to be the beautiful province of Canada, the vibrancy and multiculturalism along with the alluring nature is much to be desired.

The name Quebec originated from the native Aboriginals, meaning “ straight, narrows” in reference to the St Lawrence River, which narrows near Quebec City .

Although the name originated to be solely used for the City of Québec , the British were the first to use in a broader sense. Quebec is said to be one of the first areas to be explored by European settlers, with the first encounter in 1534, with the largest successful settlement occurring in 1608. Whilst french settlement occurred, the mid 1700’s caused to be a recognizable time of transition, with a succession of battles, in which the British won. This marked the transfer of territory from French control to British Control.

As the largest province by area, Quebec holds 15. 5% of the surface area of Canada, sharing borders with Ontario, New Brunswick and Newfoundland as well as 4 American States.

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With such diversity in linguistics and landscape, Quebec stands out as if it was its own country within Canada.

Québec remains highly influenced by not only its historical background along with Aboriginal influence, but a combination of modern day immigration and settlement.

The supported cultural diversity has highly influenced the heritage, arts and culture of Quebec that’s seen today. The vast french impact on the province has widely influenced the province still to this day, causing it to be the only province with french being an official language.

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Not only does Quebec stand out due to the cultural diversity when travelling Canada, it also encapsulates a vast beauty, which is unique to the season and region. With each passing season presenting a stark difference to the last, there is much to be seen and appreciated throughout the 20 regions of Quebec.

With an array of adventures to be undertaken, whether a culinary or cultural experience, observing the local wildlife, or an outdoor adventure in the many sports available,such as water activities in the Laurentides region, national parks, such as the notable La Mauricie National Park, Forillon National Park and Mingan Archipelago National Park. Hiking, or just appreciating one of the 22 tourist regions such as Montreal, Quebec City, Laval, Gaspesie and Nunavik to name a few.

Written by Solo Traveller Emily Matthews and Images 

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