travelling to the Sunshine Coast As the Sunshine Coast’s commercial centre as well as a little beach town,  is should come as no surprise that there is excellent shopping in Maroochydore.

The town  is home to the largest shopping centre on the Sunshine Coast, the Sunshine Plaza, which boasts an impressive range of retail shops.

 If you don’t like large malls, then check out Cotton Tree and Duporth Avenues, which are lined with boutique clothing stores, homeware shops, and art galleries.


Visitors in the area on a weekend can check out the Cotton Tree Street Markets or the Maroochydore Sunday Markets.  Open on Sundays, these markets offer a range of locally produced goods and produce.

Maroochydore: Where to Stay

  From low-budget to luxury, The town  has a hostel, camp ground, caravan park, motel, hotel, or resort to suit travelling to the Sunshine Coastyou needs.

How to Get There

The town is home to the Sunshine Coast Airport, which makes it easy for visitors to travel by air.

Maroochydore is also easily accessible by car, coach and rail.   


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