Not to be confused with the Hopetoun in Victoria, Hopetoun is a town on the south coast of Western Australia.  590 kilometres from Perth, Hopetoun is located on Mary Ann Haven.

The town was once a terminus of one of the Western Australian Government Railways.  Around the same time, it was an important port town for the mining industry.


However, when the railway closed in 1925, the port followed suit, closing in 1936.

Now, Hopetoun is a quiet holiday destination with a number of white sand beaches and the protected Fitzgerald River National Park wilderness to the east.

What to Do

        One of the primary attractions to Hopetoun are the many walk trails, drive trails, and scenic lookouts in the area.

Here is a quick rundown of all the best ones in the area.

1)   Hamersley Drive: This road takes visitors through the Fitzgerald River National Park forest.  You will pass coastal headlands, inlets, mountains, valleys, and will have the opportunity to see a variety of native wildflowers.

This park is one of the most diverse botanical regions in the world, with more than 1800 species of flowering plants in addition to a variety of lichens, mosses, and funghi.

The park is also home to a variety of threatened animals, and unique and distinctive landforms and rock formations.

 From this road there are optional side trips to East Mt. Barren, Mylies Beach, Cave Point, Hamersley Inlet, and Quoin Head.


2)   Southern Ocean Road: This road can be as long or as short as you want it to be.  It showcases wonderful coastal scenery and passes many scenic lookouts.

It also passes access points to beaches, including 2 Mile, 5 Mile, 12 Mile, and Mason Bay beaches.

3)   Beacon Hill Lookout: A 3 kilometres trip, this lookout provides views of Hopetoun, the seascape, mountains, and the surrounding plains.

4)   Phillips River: This 8 kilometre drive takes you to a wonderful picnic spot.

5)   East Mt. Barren: There is a moderate walk trail that passes interesting rock formations, unique native wildflowers, and wonderful panoramic views.  The walk will take you about three hours.

6)   Sepucralis Hill Lookout: It only takes 15 minutes to reach this fanstastic lookout that gives a panoramic view of the Fitzgerald River National Park and Hamersley Inlet.

7)   Railway Heritage Walk Trail: The Hopetoun Trail Head Loop, which is 14 kilometres, can be walked in sections with multiple entry and exit points along the way.Hopetoun


Of course there are other attractions in Hopetoun outside of bushwalking and scenic drives.

The area is home to some wonderful fishing, both onshore and offshore.

In fact, each Easter, the area is home to a fishing competition.

There are also a number of wonderful white sand beaches in the area.

These beaches are very popular attractions to the Hopetoun area and are perfect for everything from swimming, snorkeling, fishing, and other watersports to just relaxing in the soft, warm sand.

Where to Stay

        Hopetoun offers a variety of accommodation options.  The town is home to a hotel, motel, caravan park, complete with campsites, caravan sites, and chalets, holiday cottages, and multiple bed and breakfasts.

Visitors can also camp within the Fitzgerald River National Park.

How to Get There

        Hopetoun is a 45 minute drive from Ravensthrope or, a 7.5 hour drive from the Western Australian capital of Perth (which has a major international airport).

 Travellers can also take a coach from Perth to nearby Munglinup, which is around 30 kilometres from Hopetoun.

However, there is no public transportation connecting Munglinup to Hopetoun.  It would be required to rent a car or possibly take a taxi, which could be quite expensive.


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