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Last updated on September 5th, 2017 at 05:40 am

 Thailicious, Thai cousins in Perth. THE GREAT happiness  of eating hot Thai food is the great variety of taste, the exotic fresh spicy aromas, plus all the spices and fresh herbs that go into even a simple dish. All of these make Thai food a fascinating treat, but do you really know anything about Australian’s Thai Food?? 

Thailicious:  Pad Thai

Thailicious in Perth

Probably the food most often tried by tourists in Thailand as well as at Thailicious in Perth. And certainly a Thai food for beginners, Pad Thai can be delicious or either dodgy food in Australia. When I was in Thailand few years ago, bought Pack of Pad Thai at a street-side restaurant in Bangkok was incredibly good. Then, I back from Thailand  and tried in Australia and it was rubbish. I’ve also had some other food that I just couldn’t eat, greasy with pig fat or what ever oil and some sort of toxic orange sauce!

Aromatic Thai Curries! 

All Thai curries are fresh coconut milk based cooking. Coconut milk isn’t the clear liquid inside a young drinking coconut, that’s coconut water. Coconut milk is actually milky white made from the flesh of the grown coconut and can be made thick or thin.

The eponymous colours of the curry comes from verities of curry paste and ingredients, all contain fresh chillies and aromatics herbs. The Thai curries all come with a choice of protein base or just vegetable. The main curries you will find are:

Green Curry or Red Curry 

The green curry paste is green because of the fresh green chilli  and fresh great herbs content in the paste traditionally. Green curry is not  normally sweeter like  red curry, and Traditional Thai Chefs would add Palm surge into Thai green curry. but I’ve  noticed that Fresh coriander, basil and kaffir lime leaf can enhance the paste’s greenness.

Thai Red curry just exactly the same as green curry, only the difference just red chillies in the past !


A$80 for two people (approx.)

Thailicious: LUNCH MENU

A$30 for two people (approx.)
Cash and Cards accepted
Written By Solo Traveller ( Chef) Sam Navarathna
Breakfast no
lunch yes
dinner yes
Alcohol yes
Bar yes
Vegetarian yes
Take away yes
Outdoor seating   yes

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