Bunburry-Dolphine-centerBunbury is the third largest city in Western Australia and the hub of the Geographe Bay Region.

A now cosmopolitan city with many old, maritime legends, Bunbury serves as the gateway to Australia’s southwest.  

Located 175 kilometres south of Perth, Bunbury is a popular holiday destination as well as a significant farming, mining, and timber centre for the region.

In addition to the natural attractions of Geographe Bay, Bunbury offers visitors a variety of city amenities, such as shopping, lovely hotels, and fine restaurants.

Bunbury: What to Do

Bunbury offers no shortage of attractions and activities to visitors.  Bunbury is a place where fantastic white sand beaches, forests of giant native trees, and world-class wine can all be experienced in a single day. The town is renown for the 100 crazy, but friendly bottlenose dolphins that regularly visit the shoreline.  

Visitors can interact with these wild dolphins either on the shoreline, or out in the bay aboard a dolphin watching and swimming tour.

 Visitors can learn more about the area’s dolphins by paying a visit to the very informative Dolphin Discovery Centre.

This is a truly wonderful experience and these dolphins serve as one of the main attractions to Bunbury.  Of course, there are a number of wonderful beaches, both in Bunbury town-black-swan Bunbury and throughout the Geographe Bay Region.

 These beaches are great for swimming, snorkeling, or just relaxing in the sand and soaking in the sun.

for a different coastal experience, head to the nearby Mangrove Cove in the Leschenault Estuary.  Here, visitors can see what the coastline might have looked like 20,000 years ago.

 This cove is home to Western Australia’s southernmost mangroves and makes for a beautiful, untouched landscape.

Golfers might enjoy experiencing the great outdoors at one of the three internationally acclaimed golf courses.

 Of course, there is much to do within the city limits of Bunbury as well.  If you love a good coffee, head to the, “cappuccino strip,” where visitors can enjoy wonderful coffees from a variety of different coffee shops.

The Entertainment Centre of the city is home to a variety of restaurants, as well as a consistently full event calendar.

Bunbury has earned a reputation as something of a cultural hub, with opera, drama, comedy, and a variety of Australian contemporary artists cycling through the city.


Jewel Cave’s

For a wonderful day out, head to the nearby Ferguson Valley.  The Ferguson Valley is rapidly becoming known for having excellent food and wine.

However, it is also home to a variety of stunning natural features, making it the perfect day trip location.

Visitors can stop by Potter Gorge for some swimming, fishing, or hiking.  

Likewise, Honeymoon Pool is another great stop for swimming, camping, or picnicking.

Located on the lower banks of the Collie River, Honeymoon Pool is a great spot to relax.

Hikers will also enjoy the beautiful Crooked Brook forest.  Here, there are four wonderful walking trials weaving though lovely jarrah forest.  it is a great place to see the area’s wildflowers and wildlife.  

There is even a wheelchair friendly trail in the Crooked Brook Forest.  The Ferguson Valley is also home to the rather unique Gnomesville, which is an outdoor, “community,” of over three thousands gnomes.

If you want to indulge a bit more, then head to some of the wineries.

There are at least eight local wineries in the Ferguson Valley, many of which are open for tastings.  The cellar doors of Bonking Frog Wines, Angelicus Wines, Ferguson Falls wines and Saint Aiden Wines, are among those that are open for visitors to come and taste.

There are also a couple of excellent breweries in the area, such as the Moody cow and Wild Bull Breweries that produce wonderful, traditionally handcrafted beers.  After all that tasting, or even before, you might enjoy a wonderful meal at one of the wonderful restaurants and cafes in the Ferguson Valley.  Whether you are looking for a romantic meal for two, a true fine dining experience, a quick lunch, or a nice coffee, there is something for you in the Ferguson Valley.

 Finally, to top off your indulgent day in the Ferguson Valley, stop off at the Highland Valley Retreat and Day Spa, which offers a variety of top treatments and services from a beautifully restored 1915 homestead on a 130 hectare property.

Should you have adequate time during your stay in Bunbry, a day trip out to the Ferguson Valley really does make for a wonderful day out, whether you are looking for peaceful natural recreation, or a day of indulgence.

Another alternative for a day out is enjoying one of the scenic drives either starting/ending in Bunbury, or passing through the Road Trip city.  

The drive between Bunbury, Collie, and Donnybrook is a wonderful introduction to the southwestern Australia countryside.

 There are a number of attractions between these three towns that travellers can stop off and enjoy.  There are also a number of biking and walking trails along the way, including a chunk of the Bibbulmun Trail.  Even the drive to Bunbury from Perth is quite scenic.

Following the Kwinana Freeway and the Forrest Highway south of Perth, travellers will pass the beautiful blue waters of the Indian Ocean.

If you want to spend a day out on the road exploring the beautiful surrounding area, there are no shortage of options from Bunbury.

Bunbury: Where to Stay

        Bunbury has no shortage of accommodation options.

From ideally-located beachfront luxury resorts to city motels, to affordable chalets and hostels and even caravan parks and campgrounds, there is something for every budget and preference in Bunbury.

How to Get There

        Visitors have a variety of options to choose from when planning how to get to Bunbury.  The town is linked by road, rail, and air.

There is a railway that passes through Bunbury, connecting the city with Perth to the north.  There are two departures and two arrivals from Bunbury daily.

There are also stops for TransWA and the South West Coach Lines bus services.  If you are driving, it is only a two hour drive from Perth.

        There is also an airport in Bunbury, which is regularly serviced via Perth.  If you enjoy a cruise, Bunbury is often on the summer itineraries of many Australian cruises.  


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