Brampton Island - Sparkling Azure Waters - Twelve Golden Sandy Beaches


relaxationBrampton Island is a relatively large, 770 hectare island located at the entrance of the renowned Whitsunday Island Passage.  The island is 32km north of Mackay, and 50km south of Hamilton Island.

The island is distinguished by its great variation of vegetation, with sections of lush rainforest giving way to areas of loop pine and coastal mangroves.  Brampton is also known to be a little more peaceful than the other islands in the Whitsunday group.  

This is due to the fact that the Brampton Island Resort has fewer rooms than many of its Whitsunday counterparts and because Brampton hardly gets any day trippers.

These two factors lead to a more peaceful, and less busy, getaway experience.      

Between the natural attractions of the island and the activities offered by the Brampton Island Resort (the accommodationBrampton Island on the island) there is an endless array of things to do on the island.  Just off shore there is a diverse range of fringe reefs teeming with all sorts of marine life and soft and hard corals that visitors can snorkel and scuba dive around.  

Additionally, Brampton offers water skiiing, sailboarding, guided jet-ski tours, catamaran sailing, a chip and putt golf course, tennis, archery, and fishing.  

Of course for those who want a more relaxed experience, they can relax by the swimming pool with a cold drink, or visit the Sea Spa for a relaxing massage, or any other number of spa treatments offered there.  

Brampton IslandAs previously mentioned, the accommodation at Brampton Island is the Brampton Island Resort.

In addition to providing a number of activities, the resort provides four grades of accommodation, each with views of either a tropical garden or the sea and a patio (if on the ground floor) or a balcony.

The daily cost of staying at the resort includes not only your room and a number of daily activities, but also all buffet breakfast, lunch, and a three course dinner.  

Brampton Island can be accessed from all major Australian Capital cities via Mackay.  Additionally, helicopter flights are available from Mackay to Brampton Island can be purchased.  These flights take around 15 minutes.  

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