Situated between Albany and Esperance, Bremer Bay a coastal town in southwestern Australia.  Located at the mouth of the Bremer River, Bremer Bay is 515 kilometres southeast of the Western Australia capital of Perth.

Bremer Bay is very well known for its fantastic beaches with the main beach only being a 10 minute walk from the town itself.

Bremer Bay

What to Do

The Bay is filled with a number of fantastic attractions for visitors.

First and foremost, are the beaches.  The beaches are the primary attraction to Bremer Bay and they provide a wide array of activities for visitors.

 Of course the beaches are great for lounging, beach games, and nice, relaxing beach days, but they also provide so much more.

Some of the beaches offer wonderful fishing.  All the way fro Flat Rock around the peninsula to Reef Beach and the Pallinup estuary visitors will find wonderful fishing where herring, skippy and salmon are all common.  Farther offshore, you can expect to catch nannygai, snapper, grouper, and a variety of others.

The Bremer River is also filled with bream, mullet, crabs, and prawns.

        The coastline is also dotted with a number of fantastic dive sites.  With water temperatures hovering between 17 and 21 degrees Celsius year round, there are a variety of marine flora and fauna that thrive in the Bremer Bay area.

The dive sites I Bremer Bay have an abundance of sponge life, tubeworms, basket stars, and soft corals.

There are also a variety of colorful fish regularly seen in Bremer Bay.

The redlip morwong, western fox fish, blue devils, old wives, scaly fin, zebra fish, and the weedy and leafy seadragon are all commonly seen the waters of Bremer Bay.

The seagrass beds and the large plate corals are also home to a variety of other fish including the damel fish, box fish, horseshoe, leather jackets, and the brightly colored harlequin fish.Bremer Bay

Diver can also occasionally see seals, dolphins, and stingrays prowling the waters of the bay.

Diving in this diverse underwater seascape is a major attraction at Bremer Bay and it draws many guests each year.

        Some of the beaches in Bremer Bay also offer wonderful surfing.  Surfers will enjoy the waves on offer at Native Dog, Peppermint Beach, Bremer Beach, and Blossoms Beach.

Blossoms Beach is a great spot for beginners just learning how to surf.  Also, surfers should be ware that Native Dog has a rip.

  The Bay also has a lot to offer beyond the beaches and the water.  The area is also the gateway to the southwest area of Fitzgerald River National Park.

From Point Ann in the park, visitors can watch the migrating whales between May and October.

The park is also home to a variety of native plant life, including the royal hakea hakea, qualup bells, and Pimelea physodes.

The first five kilometres of the road in the national park is sealed, but after that, all the roads are gravel.  While they are well maintained, drivers should travel cautiously and the roads are likely to be closed if there has been 10mm of rain or more.

        There are also a number of wonderful walking and driving trails.  Here are some of the best:

Arguably the finest walking trail is the Wellstead Estuary Walk Trail.  This trail links the town of Bremer Bay to the main beach at the Paperbark Park and John Cove.

The journey is 4.01 kilometres there and back.  The trail offers visitors both wonderful natural scenery as well as fascinating bits about the area’s unique history.

This walk is wonderful in any season.  However, visitors should be aware that portions of it can be flooded in the winter.

If you aren’t up for walking the Port Henry Drive Trail is another beautiful way to see and learn about the history of the area.

This drive trail includes two of the scenic lookouts in Bremer Bay before following Wellstead Road to Port Henry Peninsula.

The trail both starts and finishes at the Community Resource Centre in Bremer Bay and it is around 60 kilometres round trip.

This trail takes visitors to many of the wonderful beaches in Bremer Bay.  The majority of the trail is on sealed roads.  However, some of the approaches to the beaches can be gravel.

Where to Stay

The  Bay has a variety of different holiday accommodations for visitors to enjoy.  There are everything from caravan parks, tourist parks (in fact, Bremer Bay is home to a fantastic tourist park), bed and breakfasts, a luxury resort, and a huge variety of private listing for self-contained apartments, cottages, and houses.

No matter what you are looking for, there is something to accommodate your needs at Bremer Bay.

How to Get There

        Bremer Bay is easily accessed by road.  Travelling by car is the best way to get to Bremer Bay.

However, there is coach service from Perth to Jerramungup, which is around 60 kilometres from Bremer Bay.  From there though you would have to either rent a car to take a taxi to get to the bay.



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