Melbourne Best Sex Brothels, Sex Massage Salons & Red Light Districts for Casual Sex Fun in Melbourne!

Maybe you are looking for a brothel in Melbourne to enjoy an evening of pleasure, aren’t you? The Melbourne City is offering some of the best $ finest Red-Light Sex districts in Australia. The Best Red-Light districts are South Melbourne, St. Kilda, Prahran, Collingwood and Commercial Road.

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Melbourne Sex Best sex Red Light Districts and Places info Guide for Travellers.

Hey friends! Here are some good tidings of mesmerizing nature. The Australian city of Melbourne Sex fun guide. Well, its own trumpet of having the finest sexy ladies. Wow .. what a nice opportunity for you the insatiable travelers to achieve your diverse sex fantasies.

Let me put it this way. Maybe you wish to get a GFE ( girlfriend experience) or maybe you hope to have a 15-minute quickie before or after work.

You see, you have some locations for such needs. Read our guide about such places of utmost satisfying Melbourne Sex fun.

Melbourne Sex Guide has Contained All Valuable Info to Find Prostitiotions & Best Sex in the city. Such as

  • Online Sex providers
  • Best Sex brothels
  • Erotic Massage Salons 
  • Street Hokers
  • Melbourne Sex Red Light Districts.

Best Escort Agency For Sex in Melbourne

Escort service like is one of the best. I did order a girl when I was in Singapore. One of the most beautiful Asian delights, I ever had online. Finally, This site is coming to Melbourne soon. Best about this efficient, genuinely live escort booking — also, verified reviews. Importantly, the site is offering cheap premium memberships.

Melbourne Sex with Street Hokers

Wanna you have casual sex fun in your car? Maybe it is not a very comfortable place for that, but street sex workers who are from the inner city suburbs of St. Kilda haunt the streets in order to make money from their beautiful hot and horny bodies. When you get the service of ladies in your car, you have got to find a dark car park similar to St. Kilda beach or drive in search of a place like Albert park lakeside.

Pick up a hooker from St Kilda and drive down to Albert park car bay. By the way, the best-isolated parking is behind the Alber lake.

If you wish to be accosted by them you gotta get to the streets as early as possible. When it is 8.00 p.m to 10 pm, they are up and about and they continue their sex vending until early morning.

Mostly these sex workers are addicted to some kind of drug. You will witness evidence of this as you see the nailing point over shoulders or just top of the Elbow.

The well-experienced babes called Rene, Sandy, Emma, Jess, kinky, Mill and Linda and many more who are the most attractive one on the street is said to earn $100 for sex and $70 for oral. You can never ever get it at a less price.

St.Kilda is the Melbourne Sex Paradise

However, as the sun sets and disappears in the Horizon, it is one of St. Kilda’s most infamous strips.

So in Grey Street, that assumes notorious status as the home of ones engaged vending sex, pimps, and johns.

In fact, Grey Street can be called the most outstanding location among sex workers. Where, do you think, you can find the exciting babe or a pimp if not around Grey Street or around cross streets. These notorious people sell their bodies for sex just for a song in the Melbourne Sex area.

Top Steet Offers Selection of Melbourne Sex Brothels

The street called Tope Street which is conveniently located between York street and Coventry street possesses in South Melbourne, some Asian Cat Houses so that those who crave to engage themselves in sex with Asian ladies get their expected sex fantasies there.

International Students and Working Holiday Ladies

Of these Ladies, the majority of them are Asian backpackers, International Students or visit VISA holders. Among them are English learning students who earn out a living by selling their bodies for the satisfaction of sex fantasies of many sorts of individuals who are both local and foreign

This lane could rightly be called one of the greatest street sex lanes in Melbourne city for the ones who are desirous of engaging themselves in sex with Asian Ladies for Melbourne Sex. Well, thanks to the availability of so many of brothels only within walking distance.

They are located in great proximity to leaving you with a wide choice of places. The ones offering services in sex are aged between 18 to 30 at the most.

Commercial Road Brunswick and Collingwood Suburbs

In reality, these locations do not belong to the Red Light District in Melbourne city. You can see that many sex workers are readily available here.

This situation is true about in some of the best nightlife outlets in Melbourne city.

Commercial Road can be called a popularly haunted gay and lesbian nightlife districts in Melbourne city.

They also enjoy popularity as they have brothels with Australian and European Ladies.

Melbourne Sex in CBD and Around Best Brothels for Best Casual Sex

The sex parlours mentioned below find themselves located or in close proximity to Melbourne’s Central Business District (CBD).

Here is a list of price ranges. $100 for 20 minutes, $120 for 30 minutes, $170 for 45 minutes, $220 for 60 minutes.  The prices depend on factors like age and the kind of service.

Melbourne Sex Fun- The Top Of The Town

Let me call this one of the hottest and ceaselessly active places of its kind. Top of the Town is jam-packed among the buildings.

The distance, it has from the Yarra River and Crown Casino is only 150 meters.

Your sex needs are well attended to by up to 25 girls at a time. This is on Fridays and Weekends. There are both house outcall services and incall services here.

The roster is bigger numbering more than 80 ladies. Well .. if you fancy having a drink at the Waterside Hotel next door for a drink or a meal prior to visiting this place, do not miss out on paying a call on this place. 

The address is 516-518 Flinders St we’re next door to The Waterside Hotel on the corner of King St and Flinders St

 The Boardroom Brothel

The boardroom is to be called one of Melbourne Sex, most current and premium adult clubs.

This establishment caters to the needs of males, females, and couples. It has also been awarded best brothel at the 2013 Ero Shine Awards.

It has also collected many other awards. It possesses a private club vibe with its leather lounges, mahogany suites and more important than all that the most enticing and tantalizing horny babes.

53 Market St, Southbank VIC 3006

Best Fun – California Club

Calling this place a Cali themed establishment with sexy ladies from the world over is really a true statement.

You can see Australian, European, South American ladies and ladies from many other countries here. For the CBD hotels, they provide escort services.

So many backpackers try to make their dollars here by providing their hot, horny sex services.

Some are waitresses working next door while some others are hookers. Girls found here have come hither looks and entice you with their horny selves.

They are not very clean as they come here just after finishing their work, though.

I have picked some of the best ladies here. One backpacking lady from the USA, one from the UK. Also, another one was dutch.

If you happen to make a reservation you have to make sure that separate between the night rules and the day rate specials.

They add $40 for night bookings in addition to $20 per service at weekends and on bank holidays. 30 St Kilda Rd, St Kilda VIC 3182

The Daily Planet

For more than four decades this establishment has been known as one of the best-known brothels in Australia. As well as top of the list in Melbourne Sex provider.

The Daily Planet is replete with a large and roster of variety horny babes waiting in readiness to take you to the seventh heaven for the satisfaction of your sex fantasies in Melbourne Sex topic.

Being pretty old and well known as a deep-rooted establishment in the sex industry it has received a lot of attention of outstanding ilk over the years.

This you can see in the feature mentioned underneath. What it is like inside daily planet Melbourne’sSex most notorious brothel.

It is a huge place that becomes complete with its pool tables racing games and state of the art jukebox.

The Daily Planet owns a very informative website. So, why not surf the net and find out for yourself who is available on what days and kinds of services offered there for good money. You can learn about the rate of each lady from their website. 

7-12 Home Street, Elsternwick, VIC 3185

The Main Course

In what way should I introduce this place to you mate? Let me call it one of the most notorious sex parlors in Melbourne Sex vender.

It is nestled on the edge between famous kings street and William Street. Main Course has been earning its popularity for more than 40 years. They possess many sorts of ladies from every part of the world.

58 Dudley St. West Melbourne VIC 30003

Best for Melbourne Sex – Colosseum

Here, you find a sex hub of Melbourne Sex with a large selection or choice of nymphs providing satisfaction in sex. I have been here a few times and most ladies from Asia. And the best of Melbourne Sex fun.

It is conveniently located and is just a quick 10 minutes’ drive from the CBD.

Come here at the time when it is most active and live you will witness the availability of up to 25 girls who are readily available for the satisfaction of your insatiable cravings for sex.

Even otherwise, in downtimes and shifts in the morning, they still have many girls in the lineups. You can hope for nothing but perfect satisfaction from them in Melbourne city.

Melbourne City  Colosseum caters to your craving for young Thai girls. They are attractive and horny.

The facilities they offer are really great. This place provides you with clean rooms though they are small.

They are blessed to possess a private shower and a large bed. Melbourne Colosseum is open from 10.00 a.m. till late 7 days a week.

45-47 Tope St, South Melbourne VIC 3205

Studio 466

Studio 466 is a venue that caters to the needs of ladies with an oriental taste. Being known as an Asian style brothel located near Crown casino, it has been enjoying a good place in the sex scene. The ladies here speak various tongues.

Also, they are inventive in matters of sex and caters to your burning needs in sex. If you have any kind of special fantasies negotiate with the lady of your choice. It is open from 10.00 a.m. to 5.00 a.m. throughout the week.

20466 City Road, South Melbourne (Near Casino Crown)

Pink Palace Is Best of Melbourne Sex

It lies just a short distance away from a king way. It owns 12 rooms and there is a wide choice from a variety of working ladies. Among them, you find celebrity ‘lookalike’ for Julia Roberts, Kat Von D, Paris Hilton, Beyoncé and many more. As the availability of photos is not to be seen on the web you have to contact them and arrange with ladies with such likeness here in Melbourne city. ( Travellers are able to sit down & have a drink or play pool table with the lady you like) 

Pink Palace is open 7 days, 11 a.m. till late.

20 minutes $140  , 30 minutes $170   , 45 minutes $220 , 1 hour  $260 – These are the rates at night. You get a 10% discount during the day.

8/16 Palmerston Cres, South Melbourne VIC 3205

The Harem

Where do you find this hotspot of sex? Find it after a 5 minutes ride from the heart of CBD. It is known for its high quality and high prices, but it has been in Melbourne city for more than 25 years. It enjoys an outstanding place among its counterparts.

You will also find it more expensive than other brothels in the region. Despite being pricy it possesses style aplenty and its ladies enjoy a high name. It is open from 10.00 a.m. to 4.00 a.m. 7 days a week.

30 minutes $150 , 45 minutes $200, 60 minutes $240

55 park st, South Melbourne VIC 3205

Gotham City

It blows its trumpet as the first and the only 6-star brothel. Nobody knows as to how they earned that position and from where this award came on them.

However, it is of premium quality service and is a popular place with a big choice of sex queens of all ilks numbering over 120 in total.

Gotham City a very good website becoming to its name as a notorious brothel. You gotta surf the net and look for this, that and every aspect to make sure that your fantasy reaches the peak point in this location in Melbourne city. 70-74 Clarke St, South Melbourne VIC 3205

Manhattan Terrace

Let me call it a new cathouse which is web-savvy. It owns girls in plenty to pick and choose from.

There are hot summer specials to be vigilant and be on the lookout to grab at them. It is possible to get 30-minute bookings for $120 (Saving of $30 )

If you go for a threesome you need $2000. That is for 30 minutes with two ladies of your choice.  554-556 Swanston St, Melbourne VIC 3000.

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Well, have a nice time having sex in Melbourne!

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    I actually want to be a worker not a client I did work a men’s gallery a few years ago and I actually miss the industry a little older now but still want to get back into it in a different way x

    • Veronica Ashley says:

      Hi Katrina. I have work for you. Interested in doing doubles? Veronica (Prahran)

  2. Rachel says:

    Hi, many of these listings are outdated. E.g. Pink Palace, The Harem and Melbourne Colosseum in South Melbourne have permanently closed. The Daily Planet in Elsternwick has also been closed now for many years.

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