Moscow Sexy Nightlife Party – The Manner in which a New Generation of Nightclubs act as Agents Breathing Life Into Russian Capital Party Scene

Nightlife in Russia is developing at its initial stages. That is to say, it is quite young still and so are most people who visit the nightclubs. The wave of club movement came into being in Russia in the 1990s and it has reached the zenith of it.

Here is Moscow Nightlife information guide for you to have best of fun in Moscow City in Russia. I am a person who has worked in Moscow. The nightclub such as GIPSY, Pizza express and so on have been set up by our team.

Don’t trust western News about Russian People, just go to Russia and have sexy fun Moscow Nightlife with beautiful Humanity in Moscow.  

I have experienced what some nightclubs have to offer for our enjoyment from USSR  style underground to modern American Nightlife in Moscow Nightlife.

In those places, I met so many Russian ladies of considerable beauty and charm. In fact, I have first-hand experience about Moscow nightlife culture and the ways of having fun to the heart’s content.

Moscow sexy night out

It is a city that never goes to slumber. Rather, it is always active and vibrant with so many opportunities of fun and frolic.

Its beautiful architecture is yet another thing that takes your heart. You have a wide choice and invariably you could be in need of proper guidance once you decide to experience the marvels of its booming nightlife culture.

I suggest you read on so that your understanding is made clear and lucid and it will help you pick and choose the best locations where nightlife is at its zenith with so much to offer for you.

Moscow Music

Moscow Sexy Nightlife Culture

You are able to see the presence of a large chandelier which is covered in Swarovski crystals that hang above.

This is the centerpiece in any other room in general. However, this is not yet another room. Interestingly, the chandelier shows its presence from the high ceiling in the bar, but that is not everything taking your heart. As you look around you will detect its stone fireplace.

What is more? The Brown leather settees which are really a large row of custom made ones. Also, the flight of marble stairs that lead up beyond the floor is to be considered as attractions.

Women wearing scanty clothing dance on the dance floor all night along in the thick window sill of the Soho rooms. It is yet another thing that takes your heart.

As they do everything possible to make it a great night just look attentively out into the street. You will be able to see people getting off Lamborghinis, Porsche, and Ferraris.

As they just try to read the time in their extremely expensive watches they hardly ever notice you.

This Moscow community is really affluent and their state of being rich is a vast contrast to us whose economic circumstances are not that noteworthy.

Many who have witnessed the nightlife in Moscow profess that Moscow’s nightlife is to be rated as the best in the world.

That was not the case in the past. The present trend of nightlife culture in Moscow was not present in 1991 with Russia having not nightclubbed all.

There wasn’t a presence of nightclubs of extravagant nature, nor were there $15,000 VIP tables.

There, indeed, were no after parties Joseph Stalin’s boat. The Maxim Gorky with and a great multitude of crystal and beautiful women.

In fact, vague was the possibility to detect any suggestion that New Russians would appear to exert their influence in Moscow nightlife culture.

With the end of the Soviet Union at the end of 1991 a new period of time dawned in Russia and in its capital, and in Moscow, it boomed most vibrantly and conspicuously.

People began to be overjoyed at having the opportunity to enjoy a vast freedom which during their Soviet-era they had not experienced.

Moscow Nightlife sexy girls

 Sexy Rssian Girls and Moscow Nightlife

I have come across many men who travel to Moscow because they wish to entangle themselves in sexy hookups with Russian girls with come-hither looks.

To tell you the truth Russian girls are horny and beautiful and they enrich the Moscow nightlife culture.

In fact, language barrier becomes a problem for the travellers from the West. As a result, they fail to get any hook-ups thanks to the inability to communicate and deficiencies in personality. For the easiest way would be looking for sex vending prostitutes.

Russian girls charm you with their beauty to the very marrow of your bones. It is as if they possess a kind of mysterious charm about them to attract you. In addition to being stunning, they are strong-willed too.

To be honest, compassion, dedication, tenderness, and mysteriousness are outstanding adornments they possess.

What follows as a resultant outcome is their appeal which is like that of nymphs. Now let me unroll the list of some of the most charming girls in Russia. Oh man! They creep into the heart of many people and enchant them.

Sexy Nigh club in Moscow

List of Best Nightclubs and Bars in Moscow Nightlife

GIPSY – highly recommended for Moscow NIghtlife

What is Gipsy if not one of the best nightclubs adorning nightlife culture in Moscow? This location is blessed to own a restaurant for you to go prior to starting your evening night out to a club.

In this massive hospitality group chef, Jay Miller who is a renowned Australian and who is also one of the most famous ones of his caliber dispenses his culinary capabilities. I have visited this club when it was in its early developmental stages.

The vibe the club offers you is that of large and happy one and in this ambiance, you could feel free to remove your jacket and go ahead enjoying good music and good alcohol. Mind you! That is all at a reasonable cost.

One of the Best in Moscow City

Yes mate. With good prices. Well, do not prices matter provided you are a traveller looking for budgeting.

It indeed is a large bar and club which possesses interiors that are colorful. It also owns a lit dance floor.

Most importantly the menus of food from all over the world is really a noteworthy and praiseworthy characteristic of this club.

While in Moscow, this was my favorite nightclub. It is cool and has a nice terrace. On Fridays and Saturdays, it is full of people who are fun to seek, fun loving kind.

Oh yes, it really is a nice place. The other thing that is worth mentioning is that it is full of people from all over the world. You feel you are in the whole of the world being in one place.

Please Note – It is with difficulty that you get entrance to this place sometimes. That is especially if you are with girls.

You see, somehow or other I always managed to get inside. Lucky me! I myself saw how many of many others were turned back.

This Moscow nightlife location is close by the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour right on the Moscow river drive (Moscow Island)

P.S. – On Sunday there is hipster night. Sometimes paying an entrance fee is necessary on Sundays.

Propaganda club in Moscow

Propaganda – The Elegenery in Moscow Nightlife, One of the Oldest in Moscow

Propaganda could be called a nightclub with a long-running history. It has been providing its service to Moscow nightlife scene since 1997.

If you opt to go for delicious food at reasonable prices come to propaganda. Oh yes, you should try their salads and sandwiches.

As nightfall comes and envelops the city this place is turned into a nightclub which is renowned for its parties.

It is open every night from Monday to Sunday. Techno and electronic music is an availability and is most frequently played for the entertainment of its fans. Its vibes assume the difference in appearance depending on the days of the week.

For example, on Tuesdays, you have soul music. As you know Propaganda adorns Moscow nightlife with its ‘ soul parties’.

Then on Thursdays, we have famous ‘ Sanchez Thursdays’.  There are also gay parties every night.

Looked at in this manner, it is really becoming to say that the contribution Propaganda makes to enrich Moscow nightlife is really wide in scope.

Jagger Bar

Jagger Bar Club for Best Moscow Nightlife Fun 

Jagger is a great party place with great energy and a slightly bar-ish culture. If you don’t like super loud and dark nightclubs, but prefer a place that has music and romance to dance and you still can talk, then this will be a good spot for you. It has an inside and an outside area, so you can dance open air in summer.

Jagger is one of the most popular as well as the sexiest clubs in Moscow and a great choice if you are looking for a wild night out that ends only in the early morning.

It’s always packed and the people that come are there for parties. Don’t come if you plan for a quieter night.

Best Fantasy

ICON Clubs for the Best Fantasy Night out in Moscow Nightlife

ICON Moscow is one of the most ambitious and successful club projects for local as well as travellers. The club opened in autumn 2012.

The club is focused on the premium audience and pays attention especially to the events, show programs, fantasy life and the newest musical trends.

The first and only club in the luxury Moscow Nightlife with a capacity of more than 2.000 people on the dancefloor and over 500 guests in VIP lounge.

Each week there are parties with world sexiest ladies, famous DJs, Russian and foreign stars and as well as creative thematic events

Moscow, Red October, 
Bolotnaya embankment 9/1

Arama 17 Club in Moscow 

This is really Moscow’s best techno club. This is also the only Russian dance spot which featured three times on the DJ mag world’s top nightclubs list.

The place itself is a large former factory modified to suit its present condition. It is huge and has a dance floor designed for 1500 people.

It has been visited by almost all international techno music stars. Ricardo Villalobos, Sven Vath, Ellen Allien and Guy Gerber are only some to name.

If you are a fan of techno and huge underground raves come to Arama 17. The cost of concerts and party tickets cost $16 and you start your beer at $4.

Kamchatka Club in Moscow 

This is located in the city center. This pub has a wonderful location as it is right in front of the city’s most luxurious department store – TSUM.

This is a two story bar and is decorated with utterly meticulous care in the Soviet style. If you ever happen to come to Moscow, well. you must make it a point to visit it. It has all the drinking and eating habits of the then communist Russia.

There is a menu at Kamchatka which really matches with its character in vast agreement. Soviet pop songs of 1the 980s are played here.

They are played non stop at quite affordable prices. The house has a special kind of beer costing you $3.

Aglomerat  Club in Moscow 

This is a former Mars factory modified and adjusted to suit this multi-purpose space. It has outstandingly dystopian interiors and it plays has in it all sorts of events ranging from movie screens and art exhibitions to metal band shows and rave nights.

Best Looking Ladies in Moscow Nightlife – ICOW Nightclub and Bar

This nightclub is one of the most classy club projects that has been highly successful. It was opened in autumn 2012.

This establishment attempts to cater to the needs of its premium audience and concentrates on show programme.

It supports ideas of events and current trends in music. With its capacity to house over 2000 people and lodges to house more than 500 guests, it enjoys its place as the first and only luxury club in Moscow enriching Moscow nightlife.

You can enjoy the availability of famous DJs, both Russian and foreign. Also, there are creative events with various themes that happen to come about according to the needs to cater to various tastes of its guests.

Roof top club

Rodnya Club in Moscow 

Rodnya is a rooftop club. You can enjoy resident DJs and music of international bands on tour. Come here and dance until sunrise on the club’s rooftop terrace.


Hard Rock Cafe

This is a place to enjoy rock and roll. It is recognized as such traditionally. Come here to enjoy American food and drinks from many varieties. You should also come here if you are into live concerts by bands and musicians.

Best Casual Hook up in Moscow Nightlife – Night Flight

Night Flight enjoys a great place and is a world famous nightclub in Moscow nightlife culture. Many people talk about it as “ that great club in Moscow”.

We can see a smile which enriches in the faces of the individuals who have been to this club when someone mentions it.

This place has been one of the oldest clubs and restaurants entertaining international businessmen, tourists, local expatriates and some segments of highly modernized Russians who wish to enjoy fine food and beautiful company.

Casual Hook up

What you find here is a highly modernized and entirely safe atmosphere. It lies on Moscow’s main Tverskaya street and a short distance from Red Square.

The management is Swedish and the restaurant is centered around city’s nightlife. This has been a Moscow landmark since 1991 and it is the originator of nightclub era in Moscow.

Come to this nightclub with your colleagues, clients, partners, and friends. In fact, Night Flight can aptly be called the home of entertainment and a place to have a wonderful time. The opening hours are from 20.00 to 05.00

Pluton club

Getting Popular in Moscow Nightlife – Pluton

It is a new arrival to the nightlife culture in Moscow. It lies on the premises of a hip design center Artplay.

It has a high ceiling as it was a former industrial building with tiled walls but Pluton gives you a vibe which can be called homely and comforting.

If you call it a nightclub, it is apt only in a traditional sense. It was opened in 2017. It provides you with all kinds of events which range from cathartic ambient and jazz to art performances.

Crazy Daisy – Party Everyday

Crazy Daisy is ideal and awesome if you are into dancing on the bar. It is, indeed, true to say so. It opens from 18.00 until the last guest leaves.

Oh, the happy man goes to the whole hog on the 1st floor. You can do it as others make themselves comfortable downstairs.

Oh, they engage themselves in chatting and what do they as they chat about? Well .. they sip cocktails and smoke shishas.

If you happen to be in Moscow during the weekdays come here to experience what you have here.

If you call it a quiet pub it is really an apt statement and comes here to relax in a good atmosphere.

Special Tips – On Friday and Saturday, you have to incur a RUB 200 to 250 entry free if you are a mate.

Gogol Club in Moscow 

Gogol is a wonderful music club and here you get the opportunity to have fun and enjoy tasty food.

This club restaurant has been opened to show Russian hospitality and is a gorgeous display of Moscow nightlife.

Because of its architectural value, you can get the living breath of Russia and experience its Russian soul.

The Gogol Club possesses a marvelous comfortable interior with so many interesting designs and they speak for themselves of the reigns in the Gogol stories. Internally the club is divided into several halls.

The Gogol Club finds itself located in the center of the capital. It is nestled in the Stoleshnikov Lane in building NO 11. It is one of the architectural landmarks in the city of Moscow.

Squat ¾ Club in Moscow 

One of Moscow’s strangest nightclubs. Well is this an apt statement. Indeed it is. Squat ¾ is located in the basement of the former Central Baths building.

The club is well known for its famous gothic techno-balls and bohemian and large parties or carousels.

This club also houses a Greek cafe, a barber shop, and a fashion store. This is an important club in Moscow nightlife culture.

16 Tons Club in Moscow 

It is famous for concerts and renowned as a good pub. It is one of the most sought-after concert locations it is both vibrantly young and old in spirit. Sometime back it was known to be just a pub.

However, it took a new step ahead when they introduced guitar bands in Moscow. Come here enjoy rock music mixed with electronic, jungle and instrumental music.

Rolling Stone Bar

Locals love it for they can enjoy themselves while having a chat over a cocktail and also you can dance if you so choose on the second floor. Its beautiful a roofed platform is open throughout the year.

Do you think there could be any special reason for you to visit it? Of course, it is a venue beset by attractive people.

Once they visit here they dream of a revisit to it. Come here and enjoy the spectacular view of the embankment and the monument of Peter the Great.

Sexton night club

Sexton Club

What is Sexton? Well. It is engaged in providing dance entertainment with all possible current trends in the field of musical entertainment.

It employs modern light and sound technologies and changes the place into a venue of live concerts and shows.

It lies in the Area of the Bike Centre and in the Sexton Club. There are events for various eventualities.

They range from motorcycle holidays to carnival and parties for adults and New Year trees for children.

It also entertains the guests with its discotheques of every sort. It has a live concert from locals and foreign scene. Also, the most talented musicians who make their debuts.

In fact, Sexton takes you back to 80s – The time when Alexander Surgeon visited West Germany.

This club at that time was renowned for as one of the best locations which were really indispensable for concerts.

West Berlin which was unique with its own atmosphere and to which friendly people from all over the world came.

This sort of place which many people like to visit was already inside Berlin. In fact, the Kreuzberg district was a headache for local powerful people.

The street, therefore, had inscriptions hung that ‘All the walls of the houses and fences the portraits of the Che Guevara and Karl Marx and red stairs’. It was in the 90s after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Golden Girls Club

The sun sets but does life stop? Not at all! When nightfall comes dip yourself in an exciting nightlife vibe here at Golden Girls.

What you would see is nothing but the charm of talented dancing. Come here also to satisfy your taste buds from the dishes that the local chef prepares.

In fact, here you can taste cuisine from Europe, Russia, Japan, and Italy. There, of course, is a dress code in the club.

If you are interested in finding more information you can do so on the site You can come to know about proposed programmes and the free tables available.

The club is situated next to Belorusskaya station. It is open for guests from Mon-Sat from 22.00 till 05.00

Shop and Bar Berus Simachev

This is yet another famous place frequently visited by the cool crowd. It was founded by a Russian designer who is well known.

It is more elaborate and expensive than Propaganda. If you fancy electric interiors and salmon pizza it is really worth visiting.

Rock n Roll Bar

You can hardly find a day without a party here. If you are after most cheerful parties come to this place on Fridays and Saturdays.

Oh indeed, at nights! You will always find a jam-packed club on such days. Where do you think you find girls dancing?

Well, in the aisles, on tables and even on windowsills. You will be enchanted by this place if you are a real lover of Rock and Roll.

Maybe you love listening to it or maybe you love dancing to it. Whatever the case is, this is the real place for you.

However, there is no chance of relaxing here for it is really noisy. You see a real carousel here.

Vermel Clubs in Moscow 

Oh, it is time to be happy. The renowned Moscow Music Club Vermel which was founded in 1996 is famous.

It is because during the time it existed on stage all the well known national rocks folk and ethnic performers all performed.

It has always remained as a famous place for musicians actors poets, journalists, and showmen.

They come here not only for its performances but also for its lovely food and atmosphere filled with comfort.

How about journalists and showmen? Oh .. they come here as they are into its lovely food and luxury atmosphere filled with comfort.

Petrovitch Club

This, of course, can be called a place of fame in Moscow. It is, of course, half hidden local Russian establishment which is ideal for business people who want to have business lunches and friendly dinners.

Also, it has a club which is half private. For the ones who long for an all night long dance to the accompaniment of Soviet hits with 40 + year old, this is really a suitable place.

It is not only a restaurant or a club. Petrovitch and the ones who frequent it show you a specific way of life. Yes, it has a group of people that make everyone happy.

Are you interested only dining at one place in Moscow? Well .. then this should be one. You can immerse yourself in Russian culture.

Its delicious local food, lovely old Soviet music and a generous serving of vodka are outstanding.

You will have enjoyment as you attempt to find the entrance of the restaurant which is there at the bottom left corner of the courtyard behind scary grey doors. This, indeed, adorns Moscow nightlife with its uniqueness.

Barbado Club in Moscow 

Barbado is a place to have dinner and you can get its service from 17.00. On some nights you can enjoy its fun parties with wonderful dancing from 22.00.

To be frank, I know your tastes are of diverse kinds and Barbados will be in agreement with your insatiable tastes.

It interior is no match to its name, though. Yes, it does not possess the island ‘s inherent atmosphere.

Despite that reality that overshadows it many folks opt to come to this club and it enjoys its specific popularity as a good party venue along with cool music and cocktails.

It is nothing but the reality if I say that this club adds glamour to Moscow nightlife culture.

Mix Club Club in Moscow 

It enjoys its popularity as the most sought after and the best dancing club in Moscow. It is a high-quality club where the most notorious get-togethers of the people in the capital to take place.

Of course, the club has the pride of having the official venue for nightlife in Moscow in its entirety.

The club possesses an unmatchable luxury vibe replete with carefree, easy going fun loving mode of life.

Also, its residents are famous residents and the place cater to your tastes with a rich menu with a solid cocktail card.

Mix Club, a popular place adding color to Moscow nightlife, has all that is essential for the serious recreation of the highly classy city public whose experience make them aware is of the best quality and which is not.

It is replete with the music of monotonous character which is well suited for the ones who are under the influence of narcotics.

It is dark and dreary in the basement. 99% of the people with common tastes appear as hellish in the same way as werewolves during the full moon.

Anyway, entrance is controlled by this club. It possesses good reviews such as cool music. Oh, fun! It is all available.

The atmosphere is of deepest low spiritedness. Well .. here you have yet another aspect of Moscow nightlife.

Tipsy Club in Moscow 

To say that Tipsy Club is different would not be a reality. It is not as famous though. Why is it so?

It has the same ways as a nightclub with a dive bar with uncontrollable teenagers and loads and loads of alcoholic drink.

Oh, yes even truer is it than in other places that you may have heard of before. Let me give you my version of the Tipsy club, I mean, in my own words.

It is a pack of sexy teenagers together in a hall enjoying lots of cheap booze. The club, for sure, may not be as pretty or fancy as you may imagine it to be. It, in reality, is not sophisticated at all.

The vibe is of good quality, though. You may be able to witness all sorts of things taking place at Tipsy.

What happens if you choose to go there is having left at the end empty handed without any sense of success, whatsoever.

B2 Club in Moscow 

B2 is a huge bar with five floors. It has a disco and is also a club. It is located in the Garden Ring. It is, of course, a local favorite as well.

Many events prolific with diverse characteristics inherent to it take place here. Its possession of a restaurant offering you business lunches on weekdays and it also provides you with live music in the evening at weekends.

Interestingly, this place is blessed to own a very nice veranda which is open in Summer time.

On the third floor, jazz concerts are conducted every day. If you are into concerts the fourth floor is where you should go to enjoy yourself.

The fifth floor is a lounge zone and has big leather sofas. In fact, I forgot to tell you one thing, there is also a nice bar for you to dip your whistle on the fourth floor.

Well, this place adorns Moscow nightlife. Oh man! Are you still at home reading this. Come on! Make a move now itself. Be off to B2.

Beautiful Russian girls

Bar Tema Club 

Out of the best and premium cocktail bars, Bar Tema is said to be one of the best. Its long cocktail menu makes a great impression on you with its variety.  It is nestled in the party area and is accessible 24 hours.

You can stop and pop in when your desire requires nothing but cocktails! There are Mashup parties.

They are the main idea here. It does not work here, though. As DJs play pop music you do not get bored with boring numbers.

Where can you dance here? Oh man! Windowsills and the bar itself! Downstairs there is a hall with sofas for the ones whose priority is chilling out.

London Club in Moscow

Calling this club an outstanding venue for English speaking Russian babes wishing to hook up foreign men is very appropriate.

This club got its birth in 2008 to illumine Moscow Nightlife. Since its beginning, it has been adding glamour to Moscow nightlife. It has been given the proud and majestic name – London.

After your Night Out in Moscow 

Interesting coffee shops for relaxation coffee and Breakfast   

Café Artista, Bucer’s Coffee House Pub, Dutch Bros, Einstein Bros. Bagels, Red Star Coffee Company, Java Bug, One World Cafe, Java, Breakfast Club.

Hookup Clubs or Casual fun Places in Moscow Nightlife

Many are the strip, erotic massages, and escort services in Moscow nightlife part of the adult entertainment.

It is up to you to choose if you choose to do so. However, the services are pricy. Yes, Moscow rates an exorbitantly high.

It is interesting to note that most of such nightclubs are owned by locals as well as foreigners. So are the stripes and escort services.

Moscow Nightlife Affordability

How much does it cost to get a visa to Russia? Your nationality, duration, the type and the days it takes for the visa to be processed decide the cost you have to incur. You may keep in mind that it costs you about US$ 200.

It includes your invitation, images, travel itinerary postal and embassy charges. Why not surf the net and check on the Russian website. It displays the kind of visa requirement that your nationality decides.

How much is a Hotel in Moscow ( or Hostel, Airbnb)

Moscow hotels are exorbitantly expensive. Personally, I would stay with hookup ladies or in hostels, Airbnb is also becoming well-liked.

Try to book 2 or 3-star hotels or rather, you could rent an apartment. We highly recommend it.

How much is Transportation in Moscow?

Taxi – Transportation is very cheap in Moscow. Maybe you use a taxi or maybe you travel by metro. My advice is that you use a taxi since they are convenient and cheap.

You can make use of apps for Uber, Gett and Yandex Taxi. If you travel within the centre you will rarely pay over $5 and you might have to pay $10 for a ride between 30-45 minutes.

It is the cheapest option. In some instances, you need an interpreter or use your girl to use the transport you choose.

How much is the Metro in Moscow?

The metro is really cheap. Rather, it is even cheaper. It is convenient and you can rely on it. To travel you can use this way.

The map is intricate. I got lost a few times. That was only to make much of my problem too. Oh yes, I could ask the way from beautiful ladybirds and exchange phone numbers as well.

The best rates for tickets are the ones that are calculated depending on the rides. For example.

  1. Ride  (No Limited KM): 55 Rubles
  2. Rides (NO LImited KM): 110 Rubles

     20 Rides (NO LImited KM): 720 Rubles

     40 Rides (NO LImited KM): 1440 Rubles

     60 Rides (NO LImited KM): 1700 Rubles

To make it cheaper to make more rides. Sharing tickets among several people can be without any obstacle.

If you are in a group why not buy a multi-ride ticket and give it to the next person who opts to use the Metro.

How much is a meal in Moscow ?

It depends on your spending habits. While dating a Russian chick it can be very pricey. As you can see.

Moscow has a very dear quality of life. Having dinner or lunch or breakfast in Moscow can be hearteningly cheap or badly and exorbitantly costly.

Fast food chains make it cheap, though. Your choice could be Burger King, Subway, KFC or Russian fast food chains such as Teremok, kroshka or kartoshka.

You will be forced to spend over 600 Rubles ($10) As you can see a cheese burger is really cheap. Yes, less than a dollar.

The next choice could be a place like canleens. Yes .. Mu-mu which is very basic or Grabic which is more elaborate. A good meal can be eaten for 600-900 Rubles ($10-15)

It depends on your hunger. That is, the amount you choose to eat or drink.

Nightclub Prices in Moscow

Why should you make your Moscow nightlife more complex or knotty? Making it simple with consumption of local alcohol is what you should do.

It also cuts down your expenses. Ask your girlfriend to buy the drinks for you- at your cost of course.

Well.. you will experience that it will be cheaper then. However, like in a restaurant when it comes to nightlife you get almost the same portions.

The basic “rough and real” clubs are so cheap. When it comes to beer prices in these Moscow clubs you can make it come round to about $2.

If you happen to spend 1500-2000 Rubles would mean that you have had a really wonderful time.

If you opt to choose the popular mainstream places you can budget your expenses around 500-800 Rubles ($8-13) on a cocktail and everything you have to spend depends on the nature and the cost of the drink of your choice.

Say, you select the most expensive of clubs in Moscow. Well .. then you have your purse wide open to spend 900 Rubles upwards. (from $15)

How Much Does a Prostitute cost in Moscow?

This is a really hot topic which is notorious in character. Their price deciding factors depend largely on age, their boobs, beauty and other factors such as services and fantasy.

Some individual Escort ladies are online, you can staying with her home, sex, party, airport transport and all services included 

Let me furnish you with a general idea of the price. All you need is your personality like me. While in Russia I always did well in this respect.

Well .. good hits you may call them. It was really easy for me!

As at present, I am into the game like mad. So I am neither into nor after prostitution. That is my personal attribute and as you know it is outlawed in Russia.

In spite of that travellers in large numbers are after information to hunt whores in Moscow. Well.

despite being notorious it has become a part of the excitement in Moscow nightlife for guests. We cannot help it for better or for worse it really is the case.

Let me tell you something worth reading if you are after sexual fantasies in Moscow. Know that they can either be expensive or cheap.

A speaker of Russian can manage by himself and make arrangements to meet via one of many sites offering their services. You are able to get 1 hour of service from 2000 Rubles ($30) on there.

Say, you happen to seek some additional fun in the strip clubs well the rates are as high as 6000-12000 Rubles for the room.

As far as I realize the escorts in nightclubs charge more or less the same amount. There are really high-end options. They can be more expensive than that.

Erotic massage parlors in Moscow do not provide you with full sex. ( At least some do) you can get happy endings and other kinds of perks at those.

They charge 2000-12000 Rubles. Your expenses in erotic massage parlors vary according to your needs and what amount of money you are capable of spending on them.

Your overall cost in Moscow for 5 days with the best fun. If my financial circumstances permit I will not hesitate to spend $1000 and acquire the best fun in Moscow.

That is to enjoy Moscow nightlife with between 5-10 ladybirds of premium quality and beauty.

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A Few tips for Moscow Nightlife :

Before a visit study the event poster of the place. The musical menu of most clubs is really electric and may experience changes according to the day of the week.

Something you cannot foretell is face control in Russian Clubs. Your request to get access can be grossly denied with or without reason.

As you’re foreign – Dress well in stylish and expensive outfits and wear a friendly and calm appearance.

Make sure with your conversation with the security is highly charged with friendliness and decorum.

It is always advisable to get ready for a couple of extra options.

It is better to go with a Russian Lady. Oh my, I happened to go with a bunch of them. How could they have turned me back only to lose the garnishing of their place and the night with the company of those Russian belles? You’ve gotta use your tact and common sense.

If you wear branded clothes it is almost an assurance to get easy access to the club. Sometimes a stylish mixture of non branded garment might be of help as well. This could be so from time to time.

The clubs that are solely intended for dancing and the ones without a kitchen, charge you a bit more for their alcohol. Though they may be really good places they cost you a bit more.

Never ever combine orders of several people into one bill. Large bill could be wrongly calculated and they may make you spend more for nothing.

Though Russian loved Americans the thing has taken a different shape in their attitude making into the direct opposite. Well .. they do not like Americans anymore!

As you know only a few barmen speak foreign languages.

Russian are generally very good people intent upon being helpful to travellers. Anyway, it is better not to try their help as it is always better to be independent whenever and wherever possible.

Be watchful and protect your personal possessions. Sometimes thefts do take place in them.

At clubs and concerts visitors usually become emotional and befriend people they like. Just make yourself free and share the common joy.

You just cannot get the service of public transport from 1 am to 5 am. Leaving the club at such times means using taxis.

Oh yes, there is no other possible choice. It is always better to keep some local taxi numbers with you.

Some, though few, taxi companies provide their services at such hours in Moscow. You can also obtain the services of some illegal taxi drivers of central Asian origin who offer theirs for some money. It will be a bit more than the usual rates.

Take my advice if you will. Never ever use narcotics and get stoned in Russia. Some try to engage in vending them to the travellers.

If caught by police you may have to grease their palms and that means incurring unnecessary expenses and experiencing a situation with depressing nature.

Come to Moscow and enjoy its wonderful nightlife. In fact, it is going to be a unique experience and for sure it will fill you with inspiring thoughts to plan a second or a third visit.

Moscow Nightlife Best Clubs and Places on Google Map here.


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