MOSCOW CITY Sex – Hook Up with Russian Girls in Moscow info Guide

The top 5 Moscow city Nightclubs to hook up with sexy Russian Girls - The ultimate Moscow City Guide to Dating Russian Women.

MOSCOW CITY HOOK UP Guide for Single solo Travellers!

 Enjoy Your time in Moscow city with some of the sexiest ladies and friendliest humanity in the world. DON’T TRUST WESTERN NEW PAPERS. 

MOSCOW CITY is the capital and the largest city in Russia with about 13 million residents and also many undocumented individuals live in Moscow city from central Asia.

Moscow city girls

Moscow city is actually the largest city in Europe and the most important Russian city in terms of politics, culture, and business.

Undoubtedly, in terms of beauty and women, Moscow city is the top city in Russia to visit.

A guide for solo travellers to Moscow City who wishes to get hooked up with Russian beauties during their stay in Moscow City.

Many travellers dream about Russia and its SEXY ladies. That is to say, they wish to get hooked up and have a wonderful time because they are of the view that Russian belles are the most beautiful in the world.

Here, let me unroll a full and exact Moscow city travel guide on what you should do to hook up or date Russian beauties.

ladybirds sex fun

Knowing as I do about, the Russian city of Moscow inside out I can tell you where it is possible for travellers to pair with ladybirds of Moscow city.

There are diverse places for that you know. Yes, you could try your skill at hooking in nightclubs daytime parks, shopping centres or Metro stations.

Women or Russian Girls in MOSCOW CITY 

Moscow sex fun

Let me call you a person that has been living in some extraterrestrial quarters if you say that you have no knowledge that Russian women are about the most beautiful ones in the world. Sorry mate.

But it is just the right way of interpreting your ignorance about Russian belles. They are slender blondes.

In Moscow city, you find them in a variety of beautiful feminine form. Most people from all parts of the former Soviet Union have settled down in Moscow city and attend university. Some also engage themselves in some kind of trade.

You may prefer diverse things here, in Moscow city, but you will be able to choose from the opportunities available here. That is to say, your preference will be rewarded here.

The girls in Moscow city is a little below the belles in Kiev, Ukraine, but they have some of their inherent flavour and taste which make them pleasing.

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I found it that they have bodies which are a little better. The difference between Moscow city girls and Ukrainian girls is not an easy thing to detect. It is a task which is similar to splitting a hair into two.

I dated Russian women and enjoyed the moments in the same way I enjoyed with Ukrainian ones.

These Moscow City women are not attempting to leave their country desperately. They would like to do it if they find the right man, though.

They have their feminine characteristics to the core and it is also the man who should lead. They would like a man to take decisions and are discretion that they should be able to total trust in man.

Moscow city girls

When I think of Moscow city girls comparatively with Kiev ones I should say that the Moscow city girls are much cleverer.

They are cultured and a lot modernized that they enjoy the finer things in their life.

Most Russian women can play a musical instrument or have studied performing arts. They are also better known for their creativity.

My personal advice if you are really after a Russian lady to be your better half it is important that you entangle her when her nature is truly in the display without any artificial or assumed airs. It is advisable that you do not count on dating sites.

It is better if you yourself pick and choose her from a multitude of ladybirds here in Moscow city.

I happen to work with a chef from Australia. He is an ugly, Also stupid man without any creativity whatsoever. He went online and paid a lot to hook up his wife. He found an Aeroflot air hostess.

Well .. she was attractive and sexy. She gave her consent because this man was Australian. The marriage did not go on for long. It lasted only for the last few months.

My FUN Time in Moscow City Nightlife

Pick Up Ladies

How Did I Pick Up Ladies in Moscow?

“So, I just invited her to come to my apartment because it was really close to where we were and how about her friend.”

“We wanted to take her with us. My idea was that she had hooked up another fellow already. She was really of no use. It was a shame. Had we taken her with us too, it would have been wonderful. “

“ Yeah mate that girl is hotter and sexier than all the girls in the club here”

“I know it right? And look at what she sent me yesterday”

I am sure it sounds like a dialogue at a location in Moscow in Russia and you would opt to have one like that here in Moscow City.

If it were not the case you would not be reading this site. In fact, dialogues of this nature sound really very close to my life.

You see if ever you happen to find yourself in such a happy. The sexy vibe in Moscow city you would have a story to relate later.

That would be the case and I tell you the reality. Take my word for it.

There is only this problem, though. It is important that you know exactly where you got to go and what you got to do to meet your nice sexy looking Russian girls.

Today, let me guide you to help you to achieve the first part. Any guy who is sane with a hunger for sex quite naturally dream about coming to Moscow city and get entangled with a pretty much hot and sexy Russian girl.

To get one of the best girls you have got to make an impression on them with your foreign passport. Well .. it would be an extra attraction.

However without having any serious intention of seeking your lifetime partner here in Moscow city and having only hoped to enjoy a joyous good time, then why not get a pen and paper out now?

Why is it so? Well, I am about to furnish you with some of the top clubs where you can hook up with a Russian girl in Moscow city.

Please Note

I have tried my best to get information on how and where it is the easiest for foreigners to meet someone.

This may not be the location to find the hottest girls in Russia, though. I should also make it clear to you, you may not definitely get laid left and right.

If you are not social forward and do not know how to hook up with tactfulness, please do not come to say how you had a really bad time and a dull sex experience.

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Day Game in Moscow City Hook up Tips

I am not telling you anything untrue if I tell you I have had the most surprising success meeting my dream girls during the day.

Yes, I had to put forth a lot of effort and energy into it, though. In fact, it resulted in achieving what I really wanted. I made a recent visit.

Sexy girls in moscow

I could have a three-girl rotation in the high 7 to low 8 range. In fact, they were indeed types of women who have high-quality relationships.

Yes, I enjoyed the time I had with them really well in Moscow City.

Moscow city is so open that Day game could really fraught with frustration. This is so from a logistical standpoint.

You got to be watchful in the Metro. You could make use of it for making approaches and as a means of transportation. (Moscow Metro is the best place)

Metro in Moscow

I advise you that you go to a busy metro station and find a few ladies. Just pretend to ask for directions. Some may hold their hand with you and take you there.

Be on the lookout, you got to use your personal skills to make her feel comfortable. Next, say you want her phone number which you will get along with so many forward-looking happy moments still to come on your way in no time.

Oh yes, you gotta use your personal skill with that slyness to attract them to you in, sort of a magnetic effect.

Depending on how successful your approach has been you might ask her to go to have coffee with you. Maybe, this will be a prelude to your first date with her.

I am golden brown and as you know ladies love it. In fact, the best day game venues are the malls, the metro, and the parks.

Moscow city girls

Nightlife in Moscow City &  Hook Up Tips

It is such a large city that it’s having few night options from Sunday to Wednesday is not anything amazing.

Nightlife which starts on Thursday start to heat up. It is possible to get access to every kind of places from the local bar to the super high clubs.

To find your dream beauty will make it necessary to have some kind of experimentation. You will achieve the fun part of it and will be able to enjoy your Night Game here in Moscow city.

To spend the evening fruitfully I recommend the following.

Gipsy Nightclub

Gipsy Nightclub in Moscow City

It lies on Moscow city island which is right in the middle of the Moscow river. This is a club which gets packed and becomes loud like mad.

It is a free location with all freedom granted to all its clients. A mixed crowd which consists of foreign and local clubbers haunt Gipsy and add to its vast popularity as a hooking venue for fun lovers in Moscow City.

Time Out Roof Top NightClub in Moscow City

It happily nestled on the top floor of the Peking Hotel by Mayakovskaya Metro. It possesses a huge bar inside and also it is blessed to have a rooftop patio with a DJ.

The talent and crowd are of a diverse kind. This is a wonderful way to start your evening in Moscow City. It is a place open to women.

Icon Nightclub

It is in Moscow city island and should rightly be called the number one club for younger girls. If you are looking for a one night stand this is a location to get that.

You can also find a number of paid-eye candy girls in the club. You can detect them as they come on your way too easily.

They come here early and late and have drinks free. They are best to be avoided as they are just a waste of your valuable time which can be diverted to attaining complete enjoyment.

Moscow hook up places

Strelkov Bar – Moscow city island

This is also situated on Moscow city island. It, indeed, is a place you should not miss out. Start your evening of clubbing from this location.

It happily lies within the reach of all major clubs on Moscow city Island. Yes, just a walking distance away from them.

It is adorned with a huge indoor bar and an outside ground level patio and upstairs you can find a large deck with a bar and restaurant.

This is a good place open to women in the early evening. The people coming there become hipsterish as the evening continues to mellow.

Soho Rooms Club 

It is a famous club venue. It is popular among people of Moscow city who are after fashionable parties and ones who pretend to do so.

Many of the hottest and sexy girls are paid to make their presence there. It is not a suitable place to have in your nightlife rotation, but you could go there when they have a special band or DJ Siberia.

Formerly in the same kind with Soho Rooms. It was formerly functioning as a restaurant, but later it was turned into a club, now happily known as Soho Rooms.

Occasionally famous Russian singers happen to sing here. If it is not for such delights, it is a complete waste of time and it is advisable that it is well avoided.

Chips: It is a very good venue and is within walking distance to the Red Square. It has a solid rooftop layout making you assume it to be a venue that is home run.

But in reality, it does not help satisfy the kind of enjoyment you seek. Yes, it underperforms and lacks quality which does not match such large space.

Looking Rooms Club 

Nestled by Pushkinskaya Metro it enjoys its place as a hit or miss hotspot. When you have no idea as to what you should do you may go there.

As it is situated in one of the most well-liked streets in Moscow City many go there to have fun.

Moscow city at Tverskaya St, 18 CMP.1 Moskva, Russia, 103791

Arma 17 Club 

Arma17 is the best techno club in Moscow city. It is the only dance spot in Russia to be listed as one of the top nightclubs.

It was ranked three times as such. It indeed is a decommissioned factory and has a dance floor made for 1500 people.

Cuba Libre Club 

It is very near Chips and a wonderful spot for drinks during the week. They sell two for one happy hour drink specials. Once Cuba Libre situated at Pokrovka Street, 17/1

Jagger Bar Club 

It has an out of the way location. It is nothing but a good rock and roll club. It is a good pick up place provided you are able to manage with loud music and the highly packed crowd.

It is a really good place if you are really tired of Moscow city Island.


Could it be called the best secret spot in Moscow city? Well.. indeed, it could be! There has never been a better ladies’ night venue in Moscow city than Chesterfields.

On Wednesday nights you find ladies’ drink free here. This place gets really wonderful on such days. You can have an enjoyable time if you frequent this place.

Mendeleev Bar Club 

It is in Petrovka Street and a first timer finds it a bit difficult to locate it. You find the entrance to a Chinese restaurant.

It is unusual, of course, but you see this is Moscow city. This is an avenue that is chic or fashionable.

It is better if you choose it as a dating spot. Not only that, you may go out with the beauty of your choice who you have just met in Moscow City.

Note: It is blessed with a nice open roomy place and has the opportunity to select from a good wine selection on Tverskaya.

This is not a greatly adorable pickup hotspot but it is really a very good dating venue.

Ugolek Club 

You should rightly call it a restaurant and an excellent place for dating. Come here to have a drink from 6.00 to 8.00 on weekdays.

It has a very good ability to cater to your tastes. You can pay only in cash, though. Where is it really located? Just at Bolshaya Nikitskaya Ulitsa, 12, Moskva, Russia, 125009

You can have one night stands here in Moscow city. Let me express my genuine sentiments of it.

Well .. calling it one of the few cities where you can crack the 8 range with Night Game is really an apt expression. Yes, indeed, it is more than fitting to say so.

Night Flight Nightclub 

Night Flight is to be called Moscow city’s world-famous club for people who are born for the night.

This iconic club is a landmark in Moscow city. It is so well known that just a mention of its name brings back happy memories to people who have been there.

Well, be on the lookout to detect the smile that enriches the individuals face with just a mention of it.

It also enjoys its status as the best and the oldest club and restaurant for international business, tourists, local expats and a selected group of highly sophisticated Russians come here.

It is because they are into its food and drinks coupled with the beautiful company. Everything is in a backdrop of a highly modernized and entirely safe vibe.

Your looks, game, and bankroll will be really of significance. You see, do not ever think you should be a millionaire to come into the 8 range.

Come to Moscow City and make much of your visit, visiting bars, clubbing, trying out your talent in daytime game or night time game, dating and ultimately if you find it satisfying and well suited for you, choosing your lifetime partner here in The Russian city of Moscow.

We have tried our level best to furnish you with the best of tips and proper guidance to located the place with the suitable vibe.

It is our intention that our blog will get across to you the best of travel information.

Good luck with your visit to Moscow city – a place adorned with a unique experience!

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