Spectacular Diving in Indonesia: Top Extremely Impressive Under Water Nature Attractions in Indonesia

Escape to some of these unspoiled destinations with Spectacular cliffs, landscape, nature and pristine beaches

Papua Diving Resort is Spectacular Diving Location as well as the best place to relax, feel home but away from the crowded and polluted cities. The is the best place for Spectacular scuba diving.

Spectacular Diving in Papua Diving Resort



Papua Diving Resort is situated in Raja Ampat Indonesia. You can take a plane going to Sorong Airport. From Sorong Airport you can arrange transportation with the Papua Diving Resort. You have two options  for this resort, the Krie Eco Resort and the Sorido Bay Resort.

Kri Eco Resort are architectural design of the cottages are based from the traditional houses, wifi are also available. If you are a nature lover you will enjoy the  fresh air from the sea and the  atmosphere is good for you to relax because of the view of  sunrise and sunset. You can have a walk also to explore this place and enjoy the exotic plants and wildlife. Sorido Bay Resort is a private place with complete and modern facilities. All room are air conditioned  and with wifi. Staffs offers a personalized service that any tourist will enjoy.

Spectacular  Papua diving resort is the best place for Spectacular scuba  diving because of its rich coral reefs. More marine species can be found here. Aside from diving, you can also enjoy kayaking,  snorkeling and just enjoy walking and witness the wildlife and the beauty of nature in this resort. Fresh air from the nature that is good for your health that will give you a relaxing feeling. The foods are great and the staff are very accommodating in welcoming the guest.  Sorido Bay Resorts and Kri Eco Resort are both awardees as the most excellent place to travel. Papua diving Resort is the best place for you to enjoy your holidays away from the  polluted cities.  You will also feel the warm welcome from local people to the staff of the resort.

Spectacular Diving

Spectacular Diving & Eco –Tourism Sea Sanctuaries Trust

The Sea Sanctuaries Trust where leisure and learning can be done as the same time.

Raj Ampat, Indonesia  is not only focusing on Resort for leisure but give importance to the Coral Reefs and to educate the tourist on how to protect the marine life and preserve them. Flight are available going to Airport of Sorong and then take a car going to  Sorong Port and from the port arrange ship or boat to Raj Ampat where Sea Sanctuaries Trust is located.

Sea Sanctuaries Trust is the marine conservation wherein they focus on protecting  the ecosystem. This is the place where you can experience leisure at same time learning on how  to take good care of  this marine species.

This is the best place for divers who are also willing to explore, learn and how to treasure the beauty of the sea. The professional member of Sanctuaries will be the one who will assist and guide as you explore the sea. You will also have the chance to visit the local villages and also to volunteer  with community development. For Divers enthusiast, this will be a great experience to witness the variety of marine life.

Visiting the Sea Sanctuaries Trust will educated us on how to give importance and value the coral reefs and marine species as well. You will also enjoy Hang tuah the floating research station together with local communities.

The crew will also prepare the foods. Sea Sanctuaries Trust is very much recommended to all  not only to divers  but for all of us to be educated on how to preserve the coral reefs and how to  preserve them.  We will learn how to value the beauty  of bio-diverse marine ecosystem.


Harfat Peak

Harfat Peak is a place where you can do trekking while enjoying the nature as you go to the top.

Harfat Peak is one of the 13 attraction located in Raja Ampat, Indonesia. From Sorong Airport, go to Sorong Port and arrange transportation in  going to  Harfat Peak. It will take you almost 8 hours  to reach this island. As you travel along the island  you will appreciate the beauty of the other island as you passed by them during your trip. The blue and green water will give you the serenity and relaxing feeling once you visit the place.


Water Activities are also available here like Kayaking, snorkeling  and spectacular scuba diving  to enjoy the marine species that are being preserved in this place. This island are rich  in corals.  The water is calm so everyone can enjoy kayaking alone without any assistant or someone to guide  them.  

You  can also do trekking in this island. It will take you 30 minutes to reach the top. You will  be amaze of the magnificent view and appreciate God’s gift. This is also a place  for photography and capture those little green island on top of the hill. You will really feel in love with the place especially when you are on top of the hills. This place is very natural, untouched nature and well preserved coral reefs.


Pulau Wayag

Palau Wayag is a magical place in Raja Ampat.

Palau Wayag is located Raja Ampat, Indonesia. It will take you almost 3 hours by speedboat to reach this place. A very solemn place away from the crowded and busy city.

 This place are best for those who love adventures like trekking because as you go along to the top of the hill you will enjoy the green sceneries, the  blue skies and the fresh air.  You can take your lunch before you go to the Island or you can take you own water and snacks but make sure that you will keep those trash with you since Raja Ampat maintain and preserve the place. Raja Ampat in Indonesia are preserving all the tourist places. We must value and give importance to this place.

Do not forget to capture the stunning views around you. You can also enjoy kayaking because the water here is calm and you can see clearly the marine species in the  blue clear water. The best water activity here is also spectacular diving. You will see those rich coral reefs that being preserve.  

Enjoy diving with those exotic fishes under the sea. If you just want to relax you can just take a walk or sun bathing and enjoy the sunset while breathing the fresh air from the sea. This is an awesome place so consider when you visit in Raja Ampat. This is a very affordable place to visit. The shape of the islands are great, underwater life are incredible.


Pasir Timbul Beach

The Raja Ampat area of Northwest Papua is the second largest island in the world. It is filled with islands  surrounded by reefs and inundated with fish.

Pasir Timbul or Sand Arises as Indonesian call it. Pasir Timbul is now one of the tourist attractions arising in Lampung.  Pasir Timbul’s white sand emerging from the crystal-clear water during the low tide. It takes 15-25 minutes using a small boat from Tengga Island, Small boats with a capacity of 10-15 people will cost you rp 200ribu.

Not much different from Tegal Island, Pasir Timbul is also surrounded by crystal-clear water. The only difference is the depth. If Tegal Island is surrounded by water which is deep enough for fishes to live, Pasir Timbul is surrounded by water, of which depth is less than two meters.

Getting to there you need to pass five islands. From airport it will take 1 to 2 hour driving going to the seaport.  One will arrive at a pier by Sari Ringgung Beach. From the pier, one may take a traditional boat leaving directly to Tegal Island.  

Spectacular Diving

Spectacular Diving: Waiwo Dive Resort

Waiwo Dive Resort is a resort where we want to relax,Spectacular Diving and feel the serenity of being away from crowded cities.

Waiwo Dive Resort is also one of the beautiful resort in Raja Ampat. This is also one of the most visited resort in the Island of Raja Ampat, Indonesia. You can arrange your transport with the management of the Resort. The amenities are complete so you don’t have to worry of anything while relaxing and enjoying this place.

The foods are great and the staff are very accommodating and willing to assist and guide you of all your needs as you stay in the resort. The resort is quite with the nice beach that have jungle canopy and it is cool during the day and no aircon needed at night.

The nipa huts are clean and comfortable. They have the basic utilities like the cold shower only and the power runs from 5 pm to 9 in the morning.

Waiwo Dive Resort offers a various water activities such as spectacular diving, snorkeling trekking and kayaking. Professional divers will assist you for diving as you enjoy those sea creatures. This resort are  also rich in Coral reefs since Raja Ampat preserve and protect marine species.

You will also enjoy the blue and clear water  for swimming. The beach  are clean and everyone can relax by just sunbathing while enjoying the sunrise and fresh air from the sea.

This is a very affordable place but make sure to bring extra cash since cards are not accepted here.

You can also enjoy the trekking here and enjoy the natural landscape of this place. Capture and be mesmerizer of the stunning view from top specially those green trees, exotic plants and birds.

 Locals will take you to the closest dive spot near the resorts; these are Koh, Mioskun and others. There are also 42 Spectacular Diving spots including The Passage, Blue Magic and Manta Point.

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