What to drink in Sri Lanka. King Coconuts, Naturally Occurring Beverages For Travellers

King Coconuts – Sweet nectar from the heavens to quench your thirst!

Last updated on October 27th, 2018 at 03:19 am

Young King coconuts, it is orange and contains a sweet watery juice inside.  We own king coconuts that are native to Sri Lanka and call it “Thambili” here. The king coconut shows our own identity and is bound to Sri Lanka culture hard and fast.

It is connected to true Sri Lankans as it assumes great importance since it is harnessed to our great hospitality as Sri Lankans-a kind of hospitality that is second to none.

King Coconuts drink

It is out of great kindness and love that a Sri Lankan would offer a King coconuts that would quench your thirst like no other.

In fact, offering a king coconut to a tired person who has been toiling in the  hot sun or hiking all day is considered as a meritorious deed by us whose mentality is nurtured by Buddhism and a culture dating back to 3000 years.

 King Coconuts are Very important within Sri Lanka’s society  

Why this fruit that important to a person visiting this divine island is that it provides you with a sweet liquid refreshment that soothes your whole self.

The sweet liquid not only quenches your thirst but also helps cure ailments plus It is a natural energy drink too which might sound like an exaggeration but any person who is aware of its real value would call it so.

As likely as not it is bound to our culture and history  has it that it was a health drink of the ancient royalty as well. The kings consumed it with great relish knowing its appropriateness of nutrition.

It is also associated with Hinduism. A King coconut would be given to a monk out of great respect after his midday meal. Hindus offer it to their gods and in the southern parts of the SriLanka, it is used for “Shanthi Karmas” – Healing services with magic.

It has a pivotal role as a king coconut infused with magic powers is given to the “athuraya”-the ill person at the end or in the course of the service. This is a unique cultural practice endemic to Sri Lanka and the king coconut plays a role here too.

A traveler who may wonder as to the significance of this so-called divine nut will truly experience its soothing and health giving divine effect only if you grab one for yourself and go for a King coconut! So why not give yourself that experience? You only live once!!

King Coconuts, Written By Neil Costa, Sri Lanka

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