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Sri Lanka-Visa Information

Last updated on January 11th, 2017 at 02:38 am

Sri Lanka-Visa Information!

Smart traveler always finds out about Visa Information and requirements before their departure:

As we all know, your passport is your most important travel document while you’re travelling.  Any  legal travellers from any countries must have a passport valid usually for minimum of 6 more months before leaving their home country. (Passport Validity depends on the destination country Immigration requirements)

Pre Visa checklist, such as:  Your Passport condition, validity of the passport,  Pre visa or ET authorization or on arrival  ( some Eastern European countries, African as well as South American countries may have  different Immigration Laws applied  on border crossing),  Extra passport size images, Photocopy of the Passport & all other Photo IDs. photocopy or scan and saved of your Citizenship or Birth certificate etc.

Best Sri Lanka-Visa Information on ETA website

Visit the Sri Lanka ETA website  ( all official Visa Information available on the website( before you arrive (several days in advance is ideal), follow the application process and pay, then print out the visa confirmation upon completion. This needs to be presented when you hand over your passport to the immigration officer when you arrive at the airport.

If you are unable to do this in advance, you can still get a visa either at foreign embassies in other countries, or upon arrival at the Colombo International Airport (but if you to this – expect a long queue and a small additional fee!). It’s recommended you pre-apply, as officers have been known to try to take bribes.

If you want to stay beyond the 30 days, you are able to renew your 30-day visa twice, for 30 days each time. You will need to contact the Department of Immigration and Emigration if you wish to do this.


Most major embassies and consulates are located in Colombo.

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