The country is offering The best hikes in Northern Europe without any puzzles. Also, unquestionably one of the most stunningly beautiful places on Earth. By the way, It’s home to more natural wonders than we can imagine, and it has stunning hiking spots, fascinating views.

To see the best hikes, Norway can be expensive. Well, I worked my ass off for a few years, over 12 hours a day, saved some money, and did it.

Trolltunga hiking

BEST HIKES NORWAY – Trolltunga the Most Beautiful!

By the way, I have dreamed of hiking TROLLTUNGA over some years. Well, My dream came true mid-2018.

This beautiful place is located on the west side of the Hardangervida track. By the way, the rock is withing the (National Park). Hikers can find spectacular viewpoints after a long walk. Hiking through mid-high-mountain, terrain, beautiful lakes, all the way up to Trolltunga is one of the long and demanding hikes in Norway. Well, you are rewarded with magnificent views after the walk — around 1180 meters above sea leave and 28km long track to get there. I would suggest that you need 10 to 12 hours to return. But it all depends on your fitness level. The view will be spectacular over the lake Ringedalsvatnet. Best time to hike is during the summer. The rock is holding the account for the highest number of visitors to the location.

Hikers should stay overnight in Odda Tyssedal town, and it will be very convenient to hike early morning.


Another BEST HIKES NORWAY for Nature Lovers – Kjeragbolten

Kjerag is a summer hiking location in Norway.
The location is highlighted as High risky hiking destination during the winter, according to the tourism board of Norway. Only hikers are allow to access to the track with particular types of equipment such as snowshoes. Also, a tour guide is required by the law. But beautiful in the summer.

Preikestolen Pulpit Rock

Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock)

The rock is offering one of the spectacular views over the Lysefjord national park. Well, This the lifetime opportunity for you to see these beautiful views. Hiking season will be starting from May to October but weather.
Time: 2-5 hours returned. It’s one of the most visited nature wonders of the country.

Aurlandsdalen Hiking

Discover the Beauty of Grand Canyon in Northern Europe.
Aurlandsdalen listed as one of the BEST HIKES NORWAY. And also, viral walking track among nature lovers or hikers. Visitors can enjoy the walk as well as a glacier walk on the Nigardsbreen Glacier or explore the beautiful lake by kayaking. Around 20 kilometres walk, altitude variation of 750 meters.

Skåla Track

The track is longer uphill track until to the end. Hikers must get ready for some uphill battles to reach the point. The viewpoint is stunningly beautiful and peaceful. The trail is leading through the rocky & terrain landscape with altitude around 1848 mitres.

Norangsdal Valley

The beautiful Valley is often called the remote place in Norway. The entire path from beginning to the end is a tiny horse track. Be prepared, high level of physical capability required — the best views of the valley to be displayed at Patchellhytta Hut. Time requirement is a day or more.

Norwegian tourism board listed as one of the BEST HIKES NORWAY. Also, I have seen it in my eyes — an abusively beautiful place in Norway. The stunning ridge offers fantastic over the mountains range and the little valley. The hike can be very breezy, and it offers a panoramic view of some of the most impressive mountains in Fjord national park in Norway.

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