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Last updated on September 20th, 2018 at 01:10 pm

Ukraine Planning!

It is really quite simple to enter the Ukraine Planning from neighbouring Central European or Eastern European countries.

If you are entering from countries to the west of Ukraine, such as Hungary, Poland, Slovakia etc., trains and buses run daily into major cities such as Lviv (located close to Poland towards the west) or Kyiv (located centrally in Ukraine).

What do you know about Ukraine Planning

It is important to note that the bus station in Lviv is located about 20 mins outside of the city centre, but the train station is located more centrally.

The border checkpoint usually run quite smoothly (since increased terror threats have persisted across Europe, security checks may be more extensive), just make sure you have proper identification. If you are driving across the border, the line of entry can often time be backed up for hours.

Furthermore, be sure to have all the proper registration for the vehicle and the owner of the vehicle is present with his proper identification. There are huge problems regarding smuggling and grand-theft auto across the border with neighbouring countries.

If you are on Black Sea-side city or town, you may look into taking a ferry-boat into Odessa, and starting your travels from the south of Ukraine.

If you are looking to fly into Ukraine, the International Airport in Kyiv will be sure to have the most flights departing and arriving, so this is your best chance for a flight option.

However, there are over 20 airports throughout the country, so if you are able to find a flight deal to a different city that suits your travel itinerary, this could be another option. It is advised to not go further east of Kharkiv or regions to the south-east at this point in time unless you have lived in Ukraine, are there to visit family and can speak the language.

Since the on-going war, parts of eastern Ukraine are very unstable and security threats are quite ambiguous.

This especially holds true for westerners, who can be judged arbitrarily to be aspie or working for an opposition group.

Just to clarify, the major cities such as Kyiv, Odessa and Lviv are under no threat and the atmosphere is jovial and safe for travellers.

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