Ukraine Currency-Tipping

Last updated on August 18th, 2018 at 03:06 pm

Ukraine Currency-Tipping

Ukrainian currency is called hryvnia. Money can be exchanged at banks, exchange desks at hotels, and shops or licensed exchange windows.

Passport is not technically required for exchange operations, but it may be safer to have it handy. Keep in mind that exchange rates may differ from the official National Bank of Ukraine rate.

VISA, MasterCard / EuroCard are accepted in major hotels, restaurants, casinos, stores and ATM’s.

Traveller’s checks and credit cards can be cashed with a fee (1-4% of the amount) at the majority of banks.

Most popular traveller’s checks in Ukraine are Thomas Cook and Visa. To cash traveller’s checks, the receipt of purchase and passport of check owner is required.

Ukraine Currency-Tipping and Eastern Europe 

Many travellers to Ukraine will wonder if they are supposed to tip services that offer them in food and beverages industry,  just like they would in their homelands. While tipping in Ukraine used to be something that was not done, in recent years it has begun to develop well faster.

Because of the introduction of the more modern entertainment and restaurant, taxies and other establishments that have begun to come up in Ukraine because of the large amounts of Western and Asian travellers that are visiting the Ukraine things have changed accordingly.

Ukraine Currency-Tipping and Globally 

Tipping or service fees is widespread across North America, Canada and also some places in Asia.

The USA is a country where most people tip in restaurants, bars or any sit-down dining outlets, but the practice is increasingly common also in other places where a service is provided (such as massages, services, sexual services and tourism).

Also, in general,  people tip taxicab drivers, hairdressers and hotel doormen. Baristas boast with a tip jar next to the payment screen and cashiers at more and more establishments prompt customers to tip by offering a little extra on the top of their service and to ensure the satisfaction