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Reunion Island Special advice

Last updated on February 19th, 2017 at 03:22 am

Reunion Island Special advice for travellers!

Visa information for La Reunion Island 

No visa is required for EU citizens. You just need a passport or Identity card just like anywhere in Europe.

Chinese and Indian tourists are also exempted of visa for a stay of 15 days maximum and South African visitors for a stay of 90 days maximum.

Even if La Reunion is a French oversea department, the island is not part of the Schengen area, consequently a visa for France is not valid for La Reunion (unless specified on the visa).

If you want to bring your pets along,they have to be vaccinated against rabies as this disease doesn’t exist on the island.


Reunion Island Special advice-Electricity-communication

In La Réunion the power sockets are of type E (two pole and earthing pin plugs). The standard voltage is 220V and the standard frequency is 50 Hz.

Telephone country code : +262

Internet domain code : RE

There are three local phone operators (Orange, SFR and Only). Roaming may be possible with your operators but will probably cost you an arm and a leg… each call, incoming or outgoing will be charged.

 A good option may be buying a local SIM card to use the internet for your international calls (via Skype for instance) and the line for any local call (hotel, restaurant, etc.)


Before you go to La Reunion-Health-Emergency

No vaccine required unless for travellers coming from countries where cholera and yellow fever are striking.

Contracting a travel insurance is always a good idea, especially if you intend to take-up some activities such as scuba diving, hiking etc… Health insurance is also a must for any trip, anywhere.

Once on the island,there is no special health risk. Protecting yourself against mosquito bite is recommended as dengue and chikungunya can be transmitted by them even though it is rare now.

Emergency numbers:

Police : 17

fireman : 18

SAMU (ambulance) : 15


Emergency chemist : 0262 90 60 44 is number is set to give you the name and location of the emergency chemist depending on where you are.


Hospitals : Three main hospitals are on the island, Saint Denis (North), Saint Paul (West) and Saint Pierre (South) and small medical centers and clinics are spread across the island. It is also easy to find pharmacies.

Reunion Island Special Advice: Airlines

A few airlines fly to La Reunion from France : Air France, Corsair, French Blue (website in French only), XL Airways, and Air Austral.

You can also reach the island with Air Austral via Bangkok (Thailand), Chennai (India), Johannesburg (South Africa), Mayotte, Moroni (Comoros), Madagascar and Mauritius. Air Mauritius, thanks to its wide network offers also a good option to travel to and from the island (with a transfer in Mauritius).