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Reunion Island currency- tipping

Last updated on February 19th, 2017 at 02:02 am

Reunion Island currency- tipping!

La Reunion is a French oversea department and is part of the European Union. Therefore, Euro is the official currency.  If you need to do some currency exchange, there are only three agencies on the island.

One at the Roland Garros airport, one in Saint Denis (3 Rue de Nice ) and the last one, in Le Port (at the harbour) is open only when cruise ships visit the island.

ATM are found quite easily everywhere (except in Mafate). In small villages the ATM is most of the time attached to the post office (La Poste / La Banque Postale). Withdrawal fee may apply.

Reunion Island currency- tipping: Concerning tipping, it is optional and really depends on you as tax and service charges are included in the rate.

Tipping Globally 

Tipping or service fees is widespread across North America, Canada and also some places in Asia. USA is a country where most people tip in restaurants, bars or any sit-down dining outlets, but the practice is increasingly common also in other places where a service is provided (such as massages, services, sexual services and tourism).

Also, in general,  people tip taxicab drivers, hair dressers and hotel doormen. Baristas boast with a tip jar next to the payment screen and cashiers at more and more establishments prompt customers to to tip by offering a little extra on the top of their service and to ensure the satisfaction.