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Singapore Visa-Information

Last updated on December 30th, 2016 at 03:10 am

Singapore Visa-Information!

As we all know, your passport is your most important travel document while you’re travelling.  Any  legal travellers from any countries must have a passport valid usually for minimum of 6 more months before leaving their home country. (Passport Validity depends on the destination country Immigration requirements)

Pre Visa checklist, such as:  Your Passport condition, validity of the passport,  Pre visa or ET authorisation or on arrival  ( some Eastern European countries, African as well as South American countries may have  different Immigration Laws applied  on border crossing),  Extra passport size images, Photocopy of the Passport & all other Photo IDs. photocopy or scan and saved of your Citizenship or Birth certificate etc.

What do you know about Singapore Visa-Information

Immigration and Visa violations are considered criminal offences under Singapore immigration law.

Citizens of all countries holding valid passports will need a Singapore Travel Visa, adequate funds for the duration of stay and a valid return air ticket for gaining entry to the nation except the following countries: