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Last updated on December 30th, 2016 at 03:32 am

Singapore Special-advice

Singapore is a highly regulated, controlled nation. With that being said, there are no light penalties.

It would be wise to familiarise yourself with some of Singapore’s laws, because the nation does pride itself on its strict law and order, which in turn has helped generate some of the lowest rates of crime, unemployment and drug use in Asia.

Even though Singapore is relatively safe, use prudence and good judgement like you would anywhere else.

  • Capital punishment in Singapore (death penalty)  Drugs & drug trafficking, murder,  firearm offences, sedition and kidnapping.
  • Sexual abuse and racism laws are also very strict.    

Singapore Special-advice about ‘weird’ laws:


    • Wifi internet connection is a necessity when traveling, especially if your hostel or hotel does not have computers available for guests. Be extra careful when using Wifi connections, because it is illegal and considered hacking to use unsecured networks. Head to a cafe, restaurant, or simply make sure the network is secure. This can avoid a potential run in with the law.                                                                                                                                                        
    • The Singapore government went through exhausting efforts to clean up chewing gum from every explored and unexplored crevice in the city. With that being said, it is prohibited to sell chewing gum and if you are caught putting gum in any place other than a trash bin, you can expect a significant fine. When it comes to littering in general, the first fine can be as much as $1,000.00 and a repeated run in with the law could cost you up to $5,000.00.                   
    • Believe it or not, Singapore police officers are known to check if toilets are flushed or not, so be sure to leave nothing behind!


  • Pornography is illegal and if you are associated with anything considered close to it you may receive a jail sentence or a large fine. Nudity falls under this category, even if you are nude in the confines of your own house, so be extra careful and make sure to close all windows and curtains!
  • For all those huggers out there beware. In Singapore you are not allowed to hug someone in public without their permission! Additionally, if you speak well of someone and they are meeting other acquaintances of yours, you could be convicted of abetment if they turn out to be of reprehensible moral character!
  • Condemning religion, even if it satirical, is considered a very serious matter and a punishable offense. Stick to the well-known rule and keep conversations of religion and politics under wraps!

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