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Last updated on December 30th, 2016 at 01:59 am

Singapore Currency-Tipping!

Tipping or service fees is widespread across North America, Canada and also some places in Asia. USA is a country where most people tip in restaurants, bars or any sit-down dining outlets, but the practice is increasingly common also in other places where a service is provided (such as massages, services, sexual services and tourism).

Also, in general,  people tip taxicab drivers, hair dressers and hotel doormen.

Baristas boast with a tip jar next to the payment screen and cashiers at more and more establishments prompt customers to to tip by offering a little extra on the top of their service and to ensure the satisfaction.

Currency – Singapore Dollar (SGD)

The Singapore dollar  has been the strongest currency in the region of South East Asia  for years!


  •  There hundreds of money exchange places at  Mustafa shopping  Centre just off Little India’s main strip, Serangoon Road as well as almost any of major shopping centre Island-wild.

What do you know about Singapore Currency-Tipping??  This is a useful currency converter: 

Tipping – If you are eating at a nicer restaurant and would like to leave a tip, 10% of the bill is considered the standard amount in Singapore, but be sure to hand it directly to your server.

Many places don’t have a set standard for tipping, so this is probably one of the only grey areas. In addition, it is customary to leave a little tip for bellhops. Other than these two instances, don’t feel the need to tip.