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The Maldives consists of approximately 1,200 islands (200 of which are inhabited) and is located south, south-west of India and Sri Lanka in the Indian Ocean.

Unless you are on a scheduled holiday cruise, which will most likely visit parts of Maldives, Sri Lanka and India, there aren’t any other boat options in reaching Maldives.

You will need to purchase a flight, with Emirates, Sri Lankan Airlines and Singapore Airlines being popular, international options. Male International Airport is the main international airport in the Maldives, located on Hulhule Island near the capital island Male.

Maldives Planning – Best Holiday Season

The low season is from May to mid-October and might be the best time to visit if it is compatible with your travel schedule. You are more likely to experience some rain and occasional thunderstorms during the southwestern monsoon that occurs during these months, but prices are reduced drastically throughout the country, it is the ideal time for surf season and the islands receive fewer tourists.

If you are traveling on a strict budget, this would definitely be the best time to visit, because Maldives is known for its high prices (almost everything is imported, so there are high taxes on goods and services).

You can also expect an increase in prices around the Easter holidays between late March and April and also during August, when there is an increase of European travelers.

High season is from December to February, which boasts the best weather of the year. If you are planning to visit during high season, keep in mind that many resorts may have a minimum-stay policy which means that you must book for at least 5-7 days depending on the place.

Maldives Planning -Climate & Clothing

The Maldives is in the equatorial belt and is warm throughout the year, with the yearly average around 30 C. Linen clothes, beach attire and breathable cottons are the best suited options for attire.  Be sure to bring sunglasses, proper footwear, lotion and any form of necessary hat, visor or head covering to help protect from the sun rays.

The wet season (southwest monsoon) is from around mid-May to November with the dry season (northeast monsoon) extending from mid-December to early April.

Even though there will be rainfall and possible thunderstorms during the wet season, the weather will still be warm, so a lightweight rain jacket may be appropriate or just an umbrella (most rain occurs in the late afternoon or early evening).

Of course, during the more severe storms, it is advised to stay indoors. If there is a light rain, you will still be able to go for a casual stroll or go swimming. Keep in mind that the weather can be quite unpredictable at times, with one island experiencing rain showers, while others remain completely dry.

Maldives one of the best tropical island holiday destinations in South Asia