Samar Island Known as the Surfing Capital of the Visayas Island

Best Surfing Island in Philippines and surfing Capital in Asia

Samar Island is known as the Surfing Capital of the Visayas Island and in Asia. Its resorts, beaches, and surfing hubs are located at the southernmost end of the Calioan Island, Guian, Samar. It is now one of the top tourist destinations in the Philippines just for surfing. Around 1,600 hectares is the size of Calicoan Island and is bigger than Boracay Island.   

How to get to Calicoan? You can get there by air from Cebu, Manila or Davao. To Tacloban City, you can fly going to the Island of Leyte. You can go there by boat or by bus from other locations.

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From the town of Calicoan, you can reach the beach by riding a multicab or jeep heading down the public market near Viva Commercial Center in Sulangan. Ask the driver to drop you off at the ABCD beach Surfing Area near Calicoan Villa. The travel time is just around 30 minutes.

Samar-Island-rockThere’s no entrance fee when you get to the beach. The club is offering affordable lessons. Just visit the local surf club headquarters located at the nipa hut, after the Calicoan Villa.

There is a sign that says: Surfing Area or Guiuan Surf Club. And there are fees for board rental and for the instructor.

The best season for surfing, if you’re looking for big waves, is during the months of September to February. The waves during summer are also good for surfing.

Tips and reminders before you go surfing on Samar Island.

The beach has sharp reefs and rocky portions on the ocean bed, so bring surf booties or surf shoes to protect your feet. Wear proper and comfortable clothing for surfing.

Bring a sunblock to protect your skin from sunburn. Get some exercise like push-ups to strengthen your arms and do some yoga sessions to improve your balance.

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