Travelling to Australia

Travelling to  Australia  on working holiday, vacations, backpacking or family holiday would be the greatest  time ever in your life.

Place full of natural wonders. Place with pristine white sand beaches, spectacular wildlife, diverse landscapes and cosmopolitan cities, place rich in both culture and art. And last but not least, place with where history blends into modern lifestyle.

From Darwin to Hobart, Australia is vast multicultural country, ready to surprise every skilled explorer by extraordinary experience, which can’t be found anywhere else.

Australia as a continent is divided into mainland part (Australia) and island part comprising Tasmania, New Guinea, Seram and Timor. Australian continent is actually the smallest continent out of all seven traditional ones, though Australia as a country belongs to one of the largest ones in the world

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The full official name of the country is the Commonwealth of Australia and includes the mainland part of the continent, island state of Tasmania and multiple small islands