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South American jewel - even though sometimes underestimated and neglected. Colombia is a colourful wonderland with so much to offer including Caribbean coastline, ancient ruins and the Amazon jungle.

Colombia is a sovereign country located in the northern tip of the South American continent and has several territories in Central America as well. It shares borders with Brazil, Venezuela, Panama, Peru and Ecuador on the south and east.

The nation has also several maritime borders with countries including Haiti, Jamaica, Honduras, Costa Rica and Nicaragua as well as the Dominican Republic. The country is home to nearly 50 million people speaking Spanish as the official language. There is, however, more than 60 recognised ethnic languages or dialects among Colombians.


The capital city of Colombia is Bogota, which is with the population reaching eight million people, also the most populated and the largest city in the country. Bogota is the centre of country in majority of branches – including business, politics, art, sport and culture.

The economy of the Republic of Colombia, as the official name states, belongs to one of the largest economies within the continent, although it is considered a middle power. Their economy is relatively stable and diversified, leading by market and with growing financial sector in recent years. It is the member of WTO, UN, or the Pacific Alliance.


The Colombian history as we know it started with Spanish arrival in 1499, when first explorers landed their feet on this piece of land. Followed by colonization during the 16th century and further, which eventually ended in early 19th century with the independence from Spain.

The Republic of New Granada (Panama and Colombia together) eventually led to the declaration of the Republic of Colombia in 1886. The strong colonization history is the reason for Colombian high diversity in terms of both languages and ethnicities.


With better security situation (Colombia was known for high level of crime), together with all the wonders and beauties Colombia has to offer, the tourism is growing.

Even though Colombia has no particular highlight attracting masses of tourists like its neighbouring countries, the charming colonization remains together with stunning nature and flowery culture – it is a place every visitor will appreciate with their mouth open.

Little cobbled villages, marks left by ancient civilizations, endless playground for outdoor lovers including beaches, rainforests, mountains and wilderness with wide range of landscapes.. Those and plenty of other reasons will make you fall in love with this country.

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