Lake Malta - Know as Maltański Reservoir

Among many other points of interest nearby and within the Polish beautiful city of Poznan, lake Malta belongs to the most popular ones.

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Lake Malta and Poznan is a historical city in the western / central part Poland with astonishing renaissance Old Town, rebuilt after the severe damage after the World War II. It is also one of the oldest cities in the country and thanks to the rich history and interesting landmarks, it is a favorite destination for tourists.

Lake Malta: What do you know about /Poznan

Poznan has also many lakes within the city and its closest surrounding. The artificial lake Malta is of the most visited ones. History of the lake dates back to 1952 when the Cybina River was dammed and the 2,2 kilometers long lake was formed. If you would like to take a walk around, it would take you more or less one hour.

Lake Malta

The average depth of its waters is around 3 metres, although it can reach up to 5 metres at some areas. Not only the perfect location with surrounding nature, but also a great number of facilities in the area make Lake Malta a fantastic recreational spot or a family day trip destination.

Lake Malta provides with wide range of attractions to make sure that visitors will have a great time. Apart from the artificial ski slope and ice rink during winter times, there is also a water park, ZOO, roller coaster, bike rental, golf course, outdoor playground and many more.. simply just about everything you might try to think of.

Mainly thanks to the World Canoeing Championship in 1990 and the 2009 World Rowing Championship, the area of the lake today is well equipped with accommodation facilities, scaling from camping and caravan sites to hotels to fit all possible needs of any visitor.

For those who would like to explore the surrounding as well, there are many lush parks, sightseeing opportunities (including the St. John of Jerusalem Church, SS Poznan Monument or the Wielkopolska Uprising Scouts‘ Monument) and even a shopping mall.


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