Lake Sniardwy - Is the Largest Lake in the Country - Loated in the Masurian Lake District

The largest and one of the most beautiful lakes in Poland – Sniardwy with it crystal clear blue water stands for a prominent holiday destination

Last updated on June 29th, 2017 at 05:02 am

Sniardwy occupies the area of 113.8 square kilometers making it the largest one of all Polish lakes with maximum depth of around 23 metres. Thanks to its respectable size, there are eight smaller islands (including Pajecza and Czarci Ostrow) within the lake, which is located in the Masurian Lake District in the north-east part of Poland.

Locals sometimes refer to the lake as to the “Masuria Ocean“ while its 22 kilometers length and more than 13 kilometers width is definitely one of the reasons.

The lake has a glacier origin. It all started around 12 000 years ago during the last glaciation when the whole Masurian Lakeland was covered by massive ice block, which slowly transformed into more than 2 000 lakes, interconnected by number of canals and small rivers.

Today, Sniardwy is a popular place for various aquatics sports including fishing, sailing, boating, kayaking and many others. Tourists also appreciate various boat tours through connected surrounding lakes. Also, The winter months bring sports such as ice-boating and ice skating.

Winter on the other hand brings the opportunity for ice-skating and ice-boating. The lake is surrounded by a beautiful forest landscape filled with wild fauna and flora. Plenty of accommodation facilities and holiday rentals create an ideal natural gateway.



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