Kiev hasn’t well organized Kiev Sex Tour like Bangkok Thailand. Well, I have to remind you because of illegal prostitution in Ukraine. But tourists could find some of the best Kiev nightlife tours. Well, Kiev Nightlife tour Guide will arrange some of the fascinating tours during the trip in Kiev.  

Why Kiev Sex Tour Sex Popular in Ukraine?? 

Ukrainian Girls are very peaceful. And well naturally sexey and attractive. of course hot beautiful girls. By the way, Sex tourism in Ukraine is getting well-standardizing entertainment in Ukraine day by day. Somehow, Professional prostitutes in the country do fabulous service to tourists. Furthermore, Ukraine is getting the center of Sex tour or sex tourism in Eastern Europe. 

What exactly Kiev Sex Tour?? 

Tour Guides in Kiev or around Ukraine will show you best night Clubs; Best Kiev Pick up Bars. Also, If you’re looking for a wife in Ukraine?? Where Kyiv hot girls are hanging around to have a chat or meet up with them.  

Kiev Nightlife Tour Itinerary 

  • Dinner (Only as your wish)
  • Walk around Nightlife Street
  • Information About the city center and around 
  • Walking into the first Night club ( You may have to change to another, all up to you. Please, remember, if you change so many clubs, you may not have time relax) 
  • Walk into Strip clubs
  • Pick up girls or getting Kiev Erotic Massage
  • Tour duration around 5 to 6 hours (Group Price available)
  • Tour price is Euro 65.00 a person
  • Starting time around 21.00 or as you wish
  • We recommend you to book tables. but as you wish
  • Kiev sex tour or tour guide nothing offer you such as sex, any drinks, food, and Erotic massage
  • All extra costs out of your pocket

Tour Conditions

Our tour guides are females and not to ask to be a friend or request sex. It would help if you understood that guides provide you happy nightlife tour. But kiev sex girls are to pick as you wish. Also, You have to pay for the journey. 

Culture & tradition in Eastern Europe, men have to pay food or drinks which brought in the cafe. Well, what I mean. I strongly suggest you should pay the dinner for the guide. But as you wish.  

What is the Reason for Popular Sex Tourism in the Country?

What I have seen over years of travel to Ukraine. In the first place, the quality of sex tourism in Ukraine. Also, some other facts like below.

  1. Visa on arrival for the US, Canadians, British, Europian Union, and many other countries
  2.  Given the online visa system for Australians and many other countries
  3. The global financial crisis and keep the local currency at a low rate
  4. High unemployment rate 
  5. Beauty of ladies 
  6. Culturally, very sexual culture  
  7. Lower price policy for sex
  8. A vast selection of beautiful girls

Best Cities For Sex Tour

of course, Kiev sex tour is the best but many other cities such as 

How to Organized Nightlife Tour??

Well, it is straightforward to do a tour with us. Please contact We have given you all the info you need. It included the nature of the trip. 

  • Email, whatsup or Viber 
  • Let us know the time date of the tour you need
  • Let us know how many people if you’re in a grope or taking more tours like Kiev City tour. We can give you discounts.

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