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Iceland Special Advice

Last updated on January 4th, 2017 at 02:56 am

Iceland Special Advice!

When hiking choose the route most suited to your fitness level. Take sufficient supplies; there will usually be plenty of water,   food you need (dry foods), toilet paper, medicine, cloths and portable battery (battery bank)

Iceland Special Advice: Don’t cross the river unless you feel comfortable nd confident first. Water level can reach high in few seconds.

Iceland Special Advice What do you know about Remoteness of Iceland?

Make sure you are carrying the correct equipment for your hike.

Maps, compass, GPS and telecommunication should always be used when you travel outside urban places.

For those on self-drive tours or guided group tours around the country, we recommended bringing along a rucksack or small backpack for your daily essentials (e.g camera, wallet, medications, extra clothing layers or other personal items) since you may not have easy access to your suitcase during the day as you travel between accommodations. It can also come in handy for hiking excursions or picnics.

It is recommended to take extra survival gear with you when hiking. Do not undermine the power of nature.

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Entrance charges

There has been some debate in the last few years in Iceland about whether to charge an entrance fee for the popular (natural) tourist attractions. However it now seems that many including crater Kerið, Geysir erupting hot springs and Blue Lagoon have been slapped with a charge.

Iceland Special Advice: Restrictions

As with anywhere you are visiting; ensure you are mindful and respectful on your visit, and of course, remembering to always take your litter with you.

If you are road tripping in the Highlands, be aware that off road driving is illegal in Iceland and heavy fines can be applied.

Be careful not to get tempted in stopping and taking pictures on the main roads as this can be very dangerous. Treat it like a highway.

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