Vacation Prep – How to Get Your Car Ready for a Road Trip

How to Get Your Car Ready Before Starting A Road – Safe Trips Info Guide.

You have every roadside attraction, and rest stop mapped out for your summer road trip. You’ve loaded the cooler, packed your best summer gear, and downloaded entertainment for the road. There’s no doubt you’re ready for your big adventure, but have you paid the same attention to your car? Did you get your car ready?

Car maintenance is never more important than right before you depart on a long road trip. Well, make it simple. Get your car ready to drive safely. When you have hundreds of miles of travel ahead of you, you want to be confident that your car is capable of driving every last one. Otherwise, you could end up with an expensive and inconvenient breakdown during your holiday travels.

Here’s everything you need to do to get your car ready for a road trip

Reacquaint yourself with your vehicle.

If you’re like most drivers, the bulk of your miles are spent on city streets driving to and from work and running errands. But on a road trip, you’ll encounter harsher road conditions and varied terrain. Take the opportunity to remind yourself of your car’s capabilities, so you know what to expect while driving. Safety is especially important if you’re renting a car for your vacation. Details you want to know to include the car’s performance, especially at high speeds and long uphill climbs, its drivetrain, and fuel economy, and mechanical issues common to your vehicle’s make and model, so you know what to watch for while driving.

Your car’s owner manual is an excellent resource to learn the basics of a vehicle, but the manual won’t tell you the real pros and cons of your car or which components are prone to malfunctioning. If you’re renting a car, you also won’t have access to an owner’s manual until you pick up the vehicle. For unbiased information, you can access now, check Gumtree for insider details on your model. For example, if you drive a Holden Barina or plan to rent one, you can be confident in that it will handle well, but gas mileage is lacking, and you’ll see only modest engine performance.

Check the fluids

When was the last time the vehicle had an engine oil change? If you can’t say or you’re past the manufacturer recommended oil change interval, replace your car’s motor oil now. You can change the oil yourself if you’re savvy enough, but more than likely, it’s best to take it to a quick lube shop for an affordable oil change.

Motor oil isn’t the only fluid to check. Lift your vehicle’s hood and check your car’s coolant, power steering, brake, transmission, and windshield washer fluids and top up any that are low. Many full-service oil changes include a fluid check.

Test the tire tread

Your tires are what separate your car from the road, keep you in control when roads a slick, and allow you to stop before a collision. But if your tires are bald or excessively worn, they can’t do their job. Check your tire tread depth using the penny test. If they fail, invest in new all-season tires for your trip.

Tire pressure also affects your car’s performance, safety, and fuel economy. Find the correct tire air pressure for your vehicle on a sticker inside your driver’s side door or in the owner’s manual.

Make sure the lights work.

A burnt-out lightbulb is easy to miss, but it makes driving much more dangerous. Lights help you see after dark and indicate to other drivers what you’re doing on the road. Recruit a partner to help you check that all lights are working. Have one person turn on lights one by one inside the vehicle while the other stands outside the car and verifies they light up.

Whether your car is a sedan or an SUV, brand-new or a decade old, it can be the perfect vessel for a road trip as long as you do the proper vehicle maintenance. With these preventive maintenance tips, you can prevent accidents, avoid breakdowns, and get to your vacation destination safely. Now that’s a good start for a fun vacation! Ones again make sure
Get Your Car Ready.

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