East Midlands is located in England and comprises several different cities, including Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Rutland, some areas of Lincolnshire, and Northampton shire. Surprisingly, the city is home to England’s most beautiful countryside featuring the National park and Peak District, amongst other popular tourist sites; and planning a trip to East Midlands?

There are multiple opportunities, things to do, and places to visit that you wouldn’t want to miss out on. However, they have many options for East Midlands airport parking travel if you plan to visit the country to ensure luxury travel without any hassle of finding parking.

Since East Midlands Airport is situated between many cities and towns, the travel links are accessible. You can easily reach your destination without any stress. Well, let’s look at some of the things to do and places to visit in Ease Midlands.

1 #East MidlandsVisit the Lincoln’s Cathedral Quarte

Lincoln’s Cathedral Quarte

If you are interested in history, you’ll have fun exploring the historic Cathedral Quarter in Lincoln. Although, the cobbled, steep streets take you to the exciting hilltop of a medieval cathedral. You can see it from several miles away. 

You will see unique, quaint tearooms, timber-framed houses, and Castle Square’s weekend farmer markets. 

The Cathedral was built in 1088, being one of the world’s oldest, most refined, and tallest buildings for over 238 years. You can explore the cathedral’s rich history by taking a walk-in tour here.

2 # Take a Trip to the Peak District National Park

The Peak District National Park of East Midlands is home to beautiful villages and towns that are indeed a sight to behold. On your visit to the area, spend a few days in the cottage, cycling and hiking through the beautiful Peak District National Park that stretches vastly from the North of Derbyshire to places in the country, including Staffordshire Cheshire and Yorkshire. Matlock, Bakewell, and Cromford are also present here. 

Eyam is one of the most famous villages where self-imposed quarantine had saved people from the Black Death.

To learn more about the village, you can visit the Eyam museum. Edale stretches beyond 268 miles, situated at the beginning of the Pennine Way trail for walking. If you want to enjoy a short walk, you can take a walk from Edale and other pubs too. 

3 # Explore the lovely Bakewell Market

If you’re exploring the amazing views of the Peak District, make sure to visit the lovely Bakewell market, a perfect place to take a lunch break. When in town, don’t forget to taste the scrumptious Bakewell pudding, delicious desserts with a cream or custard splash that can be purchased from several bakeries here.

Explore the different whisky shops. They offer a great range of whiskies to choose from. If your visit fell on the month’s last Saturday, you can enjoy the farmer’s market, where you can get homemade meats, produce, and other local things.

4 # Visit the Heights of Abraham and Matlock Bath

On Peak District’s edge, you’ll find Derbyshire town of the Matlock bath. Here, many tourists enjoy the cafes and shops and visit the popular Heights of Abraham. Matlick Bath is also a popular site for tourists; once the 19th century, wealthy Victorians saw the spa waters. 

The heights of Abraham had opened in the 1780s and now can be reached using a cable car. Once here, you can take a stroll through the beautiful woodlands and take a guided tour of the cavern while enjoying the fantastic views of the countryside. If young kids travel with you, Gulliver’s Kingdom will be an exciting place to travel to. This theme park is the best place for families with children to visit and enjoy some rides.

5 # East MidlandsExplore the King Richard III Visitor Center

King Richard III Visitor Center

If you like historical places, don’t forget to visit the King Richard III visitor center in Leicester because this marks where the remains of the King were once unearthed.  Being a very significant figure in England’s history, King Ricard’s remains came as a considerable shock when discovered in 2002 in the Leicester car park. This spot is now an interactive museum that holds the history of England’s bloodiest war, the war of roses, and the medieval royal. You can see the King’s tomb in the nearby cathedral in Leicester’s center. 

6 # Walk or Cycle through the Tissington Trail in Derbyshire

Cycle, East Midlands

The Tissington Trail in East Midlands Derbyshire follows the former rail route line. If you want to get beautiful countryside views, you can take a cycling or walking trip on this flat trail.

 Suppose you wish to cycle your way through. In that case, bicycle facilities are available at either end of this trail, with several unique villages along the way, some of which are Alsop, Hartington, and Parsley Hay. Ride the Tissington trail and enjoy the beautiful countryside views.

7 # Take a Break from History at the National Space Center in Leicester

If you’re done exploring the history and want a break, East Midlands offers you the chance to explore the National Space Center in Leicester.

If you’re with your family, you will have lots to do and see in the space center. Don’t forget to visit the Sir Patrick Moore Planetarium, where you can travel, explore ahead of the UK, and visit the far corners of the universe. 

8 # East MidlandsShop at Nottingham

East Midlands

Nottingham in the Midlands is the perfect place to stop for shopping. In the Nottingham town center, there are two main shopping centers where you can shop from your favorite brands. St Peter’s Gate and Albert Street have your favorite brands like Ted Baker, Marks & Spenser, Clarks, etc. 

Moving further up, you have the Lace Market, a stylish place hosting crafts and art stores. The Old Market Square at Nottingham’s center can be a great place to get some peace among the old, grand buildings. 

The Verdict

Verdict, East Midlands

East Midlands in England, UK, is a great place to visit if you want a break from your busy routine. On your trip, visit the fantastic places we’ve covered and enjoy the best activities to get a break from life. Once you confirm your travel, you can get airport parking nearby to enjoy the fantastic countryside views. 

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