Goteborg - A Perfect Scandinavian Getaway - Travel Tourism Info Guide

Bright and beautiful in West Sweden. A perfect Scandinavian getaway!

Goteborg is a city of contrasts, with slick museums, raw industrial landscapes and pleasant views!

Goteborg city

Liseberg Amusement Park

With more than 40 attractions and rides, the Liseberg Amusement Park belongs to one of the European greatest parks of such kind. Liseberg was opened in 1923 in the City of Goteborg and faces a great popularity not only among locals but also foreign visitors ever since.

Some of the main attractions are for example the Helix rollercoaster, which represents the fastest rollercoaster in Scandinavia; Balder, a world class massive wooden rollercoaster structure; Atmosphere allowing the free fall experience; or the Mechanica, which is a construction spinning in the air about 30m high from the ground.


Gothenburg Botanical Garden

One of the European largest botanical gardens presenting more than 175 hectares of lush green areas, greenhouses, collection of more than 16 thousand plant species and even a rock garden – that and much more is the Goteborg’s premium Botanical Garden.

The attraction was opened in 1923 and is now open all year round, having the most visitors during summer months when the area is packed with visitors. There is also a restaurant and a café available for those searching some refreshment.

Goteborg sea side


The Universum building in the Swedish second largest city serves as a science centre open for public and also a museum with various collections and exhibits. Those include for instance reptiles, insects or fish.  

The building offers seven floors of pure adventure, presenting large aquariums, impressive tropical rainforest with suspension bridges, dinosaurs’ models in life size and a sneak peek into the Swedish wildlife. The Science Centre is open 365 days a year and the tickets start at 180 SEK for an adult.



The entire archipelago surrounding the city of Gothenburg is one hell of a tourist attraction. Both northern and southern parts of the archipelago provide with some great gateway options mostly for summer months when the sun shines long and the water brings some fresh ocean breeze. The islands are easily reachable through multiple short ferry rides from the coast.

The archipelago consists of more than 20 small islands, all offering stunning Scandinavian nature and beautiful beaches and rocky coastlines.


Maritiman Museum

The Maritiman is not only a simple maritime museum, it is an outstanding experience centre consisting of over a dozen of vessels and ships turned into a museum piece. The floating museum offers a unique possibility to peek into the ship history and the cultural heritage represented by the floating pride. The whole collection is afloat on the river, waiting for you to get on board and explore the marine world.


Skansen Kronan

The Haga’s district in Gothenburg treasures a striking fortification with a stunning view over the city. The Skansen Kronan was built on the top of the Risåsberget hill back in 1697.

Back in the days, the hill was not part of the city walls, though it now belongs to the city centre. It used to serve as a prison during the 19th century, as well as the military museum during the 20th century. Nowadays, the building serves for private purposes such as various parties and conferences.


The Gothenburg Opera

A world class construction of the Opera in Gothenburg located in the Lilla Bommen district is relatively a new project which was finished in 1994.

The Opera building represents the Post-modernist architecture style and is one of the buildings the whole city is most proud of. It got to host the popular Melodifestivalen (music festival which is the Swedish local selection for the Eurovision) in 2000.

The capacity of the Opera reaches 1 301 seats and the stage itself spreads over 500 square meters. Apart from the architecture of the Opera building itself, it hosts musicals, operas, ballet and wide range of concerts.


Viking boat

The old Barque Viking coming from the early 20th century, 1907 to be precise, is a proud signature item of the Lilla Bommen part of the Gothenburg’s harbour. It is said to be one of the largest sailing boats ever constructed in Scandinavia and her beauty speaks for itself.

The boat was built in Copenhagen by Danish Burmeister & Wain shipyard as a training ship. After having several owners and purposes over the century, it eventually came to the Swedish city of Gothenburg in 1950. The four-masted Barque today serves as a famous floating hotel as well as a museum.


City Museum of Goteborg

While figuring out what to do in Gothenburg, the City Museum should definitely be on the list. The museum which opened back in 1861 showcases a cultural history of Sweden, dating back to the ancient times, Viking era, going through the 19th century, modern and industrial times and all up till today. The East India Company building hosting the museum also treasures the Viking Ship named Äskekärrsskeppet.


The fish market in Goteborg

The Feskekôrka is another great spot to visit while being in Gothenburg. Not only for fish lovers, the indoor fish market nesting in the old Neo-gothic church building, is a famous attraction. It was open in 1874, and till today, perfectly portrays one of the oldest trades – the fish trade. Aside the fish market itself, a seafood restaurant can be also found within the building.


Haga street in Goteborg

One of the oldest parts of the entire city is a picturesque district with unique atmosphere coming from the old working class back in 19th century.

The Haga Nygata Street is undoubtedly one of the most signature places you can visit while being in Gothenburg. Full of souvenir shops, bakeries, shops with ice cream and other sweet delights – especially the pedestrian street is one of the most popular ones for tourists.


The museum of Art in Goteborg

The Gothenburg’s Museum of Art holds many art collections of contemporary art from 19th century up till today and belongs to one of the finest ones in the entire Scandinavia.

The Nordic-profiled museum showcases Nordic paintings, masterpieces from artists like Munch, Monet, Rubens or also Picasso and Rembrant. In the building of the museum there is also a smaller shop and a café for those looking for a little coffee break.


The shopping quarter (Magasinkvartet)

The Magasingatan or Magasinkvartet is one of the shopping quarters in the city of Gothenburg. It is a perfect destination for all coffee lovers and small boutique enthusiasts.

The shopping area with trendy stores and restaurants turns into a cool place with bars and top places to eat out in the evening. Magasinsgatan can be found between the Lilla Torget and Vasastan. Plenty of local Swedish both smaller and larger brands known in the fashion world have their home there.


 Älvsborg Fortress

Located on the Rivö fjord, a small island in the Göta River, the medieval Älvsborg Fortress is one of the most popular trips within the city area. The island can be reached by boat from the Strömma archipelago.

The fortress itself has been through a history of multiple attacks during the war between Sweden and Denmark between 1717 and 1719. Back in the medieval times, the fortress served as country’s access to the North Sea.


The garden society park

The Garden Society Park in Gothenburg is one of the most beautiful, lush and most preserved parks in Europe dating back to the 19th century. The park is located in the central part of the city.

This green oasis is bursting with places to relax and recharge your batteries within the old century atmosphere full of both indigenous and exotic plants. One of the biggest highlights is the Palm House featuring exotic plants and tropical climate palm trees inside of a glass and iron building which is a piece of art itself.

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