Fanjove Private Island - Best Eco Friendly Holiday

Ecotourism is a way to enjoy your enjoyable vacation while staying green!

Fanjove Private Island – where privacy meets profession

Fanjove Private Island designed  in harmony matched the beautiful nature island’s landscape,  the lounge and dining are almost invisible from the boat on arrival on the island.

shaded by white sand beach, palms, native vegetation, And built with local materials they are fully integrated with the background, become part of the Island landscape. 

Fanjove Private Island

The resort built solid buildings with local traditional materials, recycling them from preexisting ruins coral  (cays) (Which the island rocky part is made by) combined with other local recyclable materials and framed by bamboo sticks. Whenever necessary (for stores, bathrooms and kitchens and other necessary facilities).

Staff accommodations have been built following a local design where the entire building is made with palm’s leave that allows breeze to blow through.

Fanjove Private Island

Local houses also in Songosongo are still built following those local building materials and traditional building Technic.

Our missions to keep as low as possible impact on the small and delicate ecosystem on Fanjove privet Island.

Fanjove Private Island

Fanjove Private Island -The resort Eco – Missions 

Solar panels provided light in, and  hot water supply. Rechargeable batteries are preferred .

Splits water tanks have been installed, and a waste recycle system is in use.
We are always trying to buy local product much as possible.
 Fanjove island resort is using  a portion of its fresh water needs  from the reservoir with a desalination, while a system of rain water catches are in used.

Fanjove Private Island

The sun, sand, beaches, fresh air, the crystal blue water, fishes and birds and a whole island to yourself.


The beaches of pure sand and the turquoise water, the light unrolling of the waves, the whistling of the wind that caresses the palms, the unique, shy and colored Coconut Crab specimens that come out at night, the multi colored species of birds that stop during the migrations will be only one of the several frames and colors.

Fanjove Private Island is a traveler’s paradise surrounded by nothing but breathtaking nature and just one accommodation facility that allows the island to be a perfect getaway for travelers looking for some peace and quiet away from everyone else.

Fanjove Private Island  nature

Fanjove Private Island is set in a wonderful uncontaminated tropical island, and is a tourist destination still unexplored.

The island was unused, almost primeval and by a look from the sea; it was a green stripe broken by the white candor of the lighthouse.

Thousands of migrant birds that rest and feed, green turtles that lay their eggs, hundreds of dolphins that roam the seas as well as humpback whales that pass through in their migrations have given the community an alternative to consumptive utilization of the resources.

The little tourism therefore that takes place is a great contribution that has allowed the island owners to keep a fantastic 11 km of intact coral reef.

Nobody lives on Fanjove, Fanjove Private Island Lodge offers accommodation in Fanjove Island.

This is completely exclusive and Private Island is occupied only by the staff and guests of Fanjove Lodge which has been welcoming guests since September 2015.

The lodge has rented the whole island from the near-by village of Songosongo. The property therefore contributes 3% of their income to the social development of the community.

The lodge is appraised for its good work and they hope to keep doing better in order to preserve the island’s nature.

Fanjove Private Island

Banda in Ki-Swahili means, hut; and in a way, it describes well the accommodation. The shape resembles the dhow sail, and is made of wood and makuti; which is palm leaves.

Only the bathroom, because of its necessities, has been built in concrete but shaped to be inserted in harmony with the rest of the building.

To make the best of the view, the Banda is designed to be completely open in front. Should guests wish to enjoy the view from a higher point they are welcome to go upstairs onto the balcony?

The lights of the Banda are powered by a solar panel on the top of the makuti roof.

Hot water is heated by a 90-litre tank solar panel. Water is an important resource also on Fanjove Island. Fresh water is not found on the Island; hence we have to ship it almost daily from mainland.

Guests are kindly advised to be sensitive on the water consumption. There is an on-site bar where guests can enjoy drinks while overlooking the beautiful scenery of the Island.

Fanjove Private Island


Fanjove Private Island – HOW TO GET THERE:

The wonderful uncontaminated nature of a tropical island, 20 miles from the coast, is a tourist destination still unexplored. Fanjove Island is a private island located south of Mafia and Zanzibar Island.

To get there, travelers will fly to SongoSongo Island, Coastal airlines and other chartered flights fly daily to this miracle of beauty.

Fanjove Private Island

Once landed here which is a 40 minutes flight from Dar es Salaam, one will be able to explore the community life of the fishermen.

From here, it is just a short boat journey across to Fanjove, where the beauty of the island will be immediately noticed.

Guests will live an unforgettable experience steeping in an exotic sensations, Robinson Crusoe’ style. Enter in a paradise dimension; time slows down detaching one completely from everyday life.

Fanjove Private Island

Fanjove Private Island – ACTIVITIES:

A traveler can always engage in various activities considering the untouched coral reefs and surrounding waters, snorkeling and diving is one not to be missed with the lodge offering the necessary equipment for this activities.

There is a small shop where travelers can buy basic amenities so that one cannot drive all the way out of the island to get stuff.

Fanjove Private Island

During the day it will be possible to amuse oneself with various water activities, including diving in the crystalline water to discover a yet unexplored paradise.

There are many activities on the water, including snorkeling, diving, kayaking, dolphin excursions, dhow sailing and fishing.

On shore, guests can completely relax on the white sand beach, or walk around the private idyllic island on a nature trail.

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