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One of the happiest nations in the world is attracting by its flawless combination of Scandinavian charm and modern perfection. Denmark offers everything, unique coastline, beautiful and lively cities, historical atmosphere and kind hearted locals. Denmark will make you fall in love.

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The smallest one of the Nordic countries, Denmark is a state occupying the Jutland peninsula. This Nordic country also consists of an archipelago of more than 400 small islands as well as two, although autonomous constituent, countries of Greenland and Faroe Islands located in the North Atlantic Ocean.

Thanks to its small size (the area of Kingdom  covers little bit less than 43 thousand square kilometres), the population is also smaller, reaching 5.7 million people.

The official language is Danish. During the recent history, the country was repeatedly declared one of the happiest nations in the world.


Denmark is the southernmost of Scandinavian countries, bordering with Germany and located south from Sweden and Norway. The capital city is Copenhagen, which is also the largest.

The history Denmark is tangled with other Nordic countries very much.

The Kalmar Union (1397 – 1523 caused by Swedish separation) was an establishment between Denmark, Sweden and Norway ruled as one item, endeavouring to control the Baltic Sea.

The expansive colonial empire which Denmark surely became, came as an aftermath of further separation of Norway from the union in early 19th century. Denmark, similarly as other Scandinavian countries, remained neutral during the WW. Today, Denmark is a country with high living standards with some of the world top rankings in terms of education, health care or prosperity.

It is also one of the least corrupted countries in the world. It is, indeed, a member of the European Union, NATO, OECD and United Nations – belonging to one of the founding nations. Although, Denmark decided keep its national currency – Krona.


In terms of tourism, one of the biggest attractions is definitely the rugged and beautiful landscape. Even though the incredibly high quality of life Danish people enjoy may be envy-worth, the colourful harbours, vibrant cities and preserved historical sites are equal temptation worth discovering.

The aesthetic of Danish cities is, on the other hand, together with preciseness and efficiency a perfect ingredient creating the true, Scandinavian atmosphere where history (not only Vikings) and traditions mingle with elegance and development.

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