Ukraine travel affordability hints and tips for travelers to Ukraine. Somehow, everything in Ukraine could get cheaper or the most expensive in Europe.  Likewise, Kiev is the most affordable capital city that I have ever traveled in Europe or Eastern Europe. An example: A journey by the metro is 7 Hryvnias (about 30 cents in US $). It all about your smart travel plan. As we all know that Ukraine is the most popular sex tourism destination in Europe. Also, well cheap to have the romantic date I never paid more than $5 for any dinner, breakfast, or lunch when I ate outside, and the food was always delicious. Even taxi ride across the city won’t be more than USD 6 to 10. Don’t let drivers rip you off just because you’re a  tourist).

General Expenses in Ukraine

The most expensive place in Ukraine is Kiev. Second, the best City in Lviv and Odessa is the third. But some areas, like hookers, can be more costly in Odessa. Because Odessa has been a popular sex tourism destination for centuries. By the way, sex is the most expensive in Ukraine for travelers.

Middle-Class Travel Expenses a Day in Ukraine.

Alcohols in Ukraine.

Well, not having to mention how low cost this place is, the pure liquid gold beverage – typical to Ukraine merely tastes like the most excellent liqueur. Vodka, the Ukrainian specialty, comes in many kinds and sizes, and the taste is delightful. And the morning after comes with no headache. There are many popular Ukraine local Alcoholic beverages to try when you’re in Ukraine.

Accommodation in Ukraine.

Most of the hotels are well cheaper than the rest of Europe. There are many apartments available at great prices. When I was there a few times and I had Kiev tour guide Alex. The guide booked my flats for the best price with the most excellent location. If your on to get hookers or casual hookup with Kyiv hot girls in Kiev. And, you are looking for Kiev guests friendly sex friendly hotels Booking. I have written some of the hotels in Kiev to get the best Kiev guest friendly hotels list.

Ukraine Travel Affordability and Transportation

Ukraine taxis are one of the cheapest or the most expensive one in Europe. Capital of Ukraine Kiev offers a verity of transportation options such as Kiev taxi service, metro, and public bus service. The best most comfortable way to get around is merely getting a taxi. Uber isn’t expensive at all. But most drivers can’t speak English. I’m happy to recommend this Kiev taxi service with speaking English Drivers.

Night Out Or Nightlife Travel Affordability in Ukraine.

Night out is really cheap in any city in Ukraine. Make sure drink Ukrainian Local alcoholic beverages. Other than going to imported drinks. The problem, most tourists want to have sex in Ukraine. So, many men end up in strip clubs, hooker places, or erotic sex massage in Ukraine, and it is costly. Most night clubs entry charges around USD 10.

Hookers Prices 

Sex price is sky-high in places like Arena City Kiev, strip clubs or hotels pool clubs. (Many hotels offer little strip clubs withing the hotels and cost is around USD 200 an hour.

How to Keep Your Travel Cost Low in Ukraine.

It is straightforward and easy. Avoid doing unnecessary expensive activities.
Getting a local tour guide, I would like to advise because the guide can book you a taxi, show you around, tell you the real prices. You don’t need a guide 24/7. The way I do, my first day some hours and I will have common knowledge around the place.

Travel Advice and Warning!

Drugs and weed laws in Ukraine are prohibited, and usage demands caution. Travelers are often set up with undercover Police or detectives and then caught and detained.
Don’t go to strip clubs in the hotels, Strippers in those places well aware of the currency exchange rate and prices are high as your nationality.

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