The main reason foreigners should get Ukraine Permanent Residency is to be the Best country In the Heart of Europe sooner or later. Geographically, Ukraine mapping just the center of Europe between 2 different cultural powerhouses. First, of course, the Russian Federation and Western Europe. As we all know, Ukraine celebrated 28 years of independence from Russia in 2018. And the country is moving forward with new world possibilities thought as it is modern developments with EU, US, and other global partners. Even though corruption is the most significant barrier. But help with The UK and EU. Moreover, The UK and EU are providing specialization as well as financial assistants to Ukraine.

Eventually, the End of Ukraine Permanent Residency, Foreigners Are Able To Apply For Ukraine Passports

The Ukraine passport is the most demanding one in Central Europe as well as Eastern Europe. However, since January 2019, Ukrainian biometric passport holders can freely travel visa-free or visa on arrival to 128 countries and territories. Also, Passport global ranking at 41st place in terms of travel freedom globally. So, foreigners seeking to do business in Europe will better think about Ukraine Permanent residency firstUkraine Visa Infomation Especially, Indian origin or African business people who want to do business in Europe, Ukrainian passports will be the best option.  

Why Should Foreigners Invest in Ukraine To Get Ukraine Permanent Residency?

IMF has approved a new $3.9 billion loan agreement for Ukraine. Also, the EU and the USA have offered many investments and soft interest loans to Ukraine infrastructures, efficiency, and productivity enhancement. Somehow, the UK recently offers million of $ to fight country corruption. The fund will be used for Government’s staff’s training, setting up anti-corruption units, and law reforms. By the way, Those pieces of evidence are clearing the future of Ukraine, and the foreigner who needs Ukraine permanent residency will seek a brighter future. Also, Agricultural land available for foreign direct investment

Science - Technology  in Ukraine

Science & Technology in Ukraine

The epicenter of Ukraine Science and Technology best known as the STCUA semi-government organization dedicated to the non-proliferation of nuclear, biological, and chemical weaponry and related technologies. But the organization capable of producing a massive scale of weapons for commercial purposes.

Outer Space & Aviation Technology

Ukraine space technology is one of the best globally, and its staff is well trained by former USSR and former Eastern Germany. Also, Ukraine homes to best rocket technologyair dynamic & structural engineering, and rocket launching navigation in outer space. The best example, Ukraine space exploration and outer space technology joint investment in Western Australia.   

Future Aviation Hub

Kyiv Boryspil International Airport is already being used by a few large commercial airlines, linking the Middle East, northern Europe, Europe, Asia, America, Scandinavia, and Africa. Ukraine aims to reform and get into an international standard’ aviation sector by developing all Ukraine regional airports, building a Europe-Asia hub, and attracting many investors and tourists. If Ukrainian politicians cleverly should be using the current political situation. Likewise, Belarusian political unrest as well as broken international aviation law by the Belarusian air force.    

Ukraine Built World Largest Cargo Plane.

Magical Aerodynamic, fundamental designing skills have proven the best in Ukraine. And they are showing off this cargo aircraft to the world. Ukraine is the birthplace of the world’s biggest cargo plane, the Antonov An-225 Mriya.

Other Aviation Manufacturing

Ukraine Aviation Company has performed a deep modernization of Mi-8MTV-1 helicopter, An transport air crafts, MIG fighter jets with Beijing Skyrizon Aviation.

Medical And Health Sector

Health Sector in Ukraine

Healthcare in Ukraine, part of the universal healthcare system, is a successor of the former Soviet healthcare system. The Ministry of Healthcare implements the state policy in the country. On the other hand, world-class medical universities as well trained medical professions are available in the country from cities to villages. Also, medical tourism is multiplying in Ukraine, such as heart surgeries,Surrogacy Medical Tourismorthopedic, eyes, and dental. On the other hand, China has entered the Ukrainian health market and providing Chines medical training to local Ukrainian medical professions in China. If Any foreigners want to have retirement residency in Ukraine? Ukraine would be the best choice because of lower living costs as well advantage of medical treatments. 

Ukraine Permanent Residency & It is Land.

Ukraine is a continent in Europe. After the Russian Federation, Ukraine, the largest county with over 603,628 km2 kilometers, included Crimea. Ukraine borders are stretching from Russia in the East to Poland in the west, and land strips between the Black Sea in the south and fellow state Belarus in the north. Also, Ukraine 46th largest country on the world map. There vast amount of land is waiting for agricultural or another farming sector. Would you like to have an investment in the farming sector and getting Ukraine Permanent residency? Moreover, many Chinese are applying for Ukrain permanent residency under agricultural investment sectors to feed billion people in China.  

Many Heritage Sites

Heritage Sites in Ukraine

Within Ukraine’s massive border, it has seven World Cultural Heritage Sites. Such as many CastlesOrthodox cathedrals, including the 11th-century Saint-Sophia CathedralSt Michael’s in Kyiv. One of the oldest ancient cities of Chersonesus, and the primeval beech forests of the Carpathians mountain. So, Ukrain permanent residency may help foreigners to set up a tourism business in Europe. Benefits like lower-cost labor and real estate prices.  On the other hand, there clear evidence that “the Struve Geodetic Arc, a chain of survey triangulations linking Hammerfest in Norway to the Black Sea in Ukraine.”

Ukraine Have Hosted Plenty of History

History of Ukraine

The history of Ukraine has been distractive. Entire Ukraine accounts were conflicts and mass distractions with Russia and other border countries. But Ukraine was also the host nation of the world-famous  Yalta Conference in 1945, where Mr. Churchill, Mr. Stalin, and Mr. Roosevelt met to discuss the organization of post-war in Europe. By the way, Ukraine’s history is going back to 1000 years, even before the prehistoric of Europe. Ukraine extended as part of the Pontic steppePontic steppe has played an essential role in Eurasian cultural civilization, including the spread of the Chalcolithic, the Bronze Age, Indo-European expansion, and the domestication of the horse and other wild animals included dogs. So, getting Ukrain permanent residency means your part of the more remarkable history of human civilization.  

Getting Ukraine Permanent Residency and Expect Relax Life Style.

Relax Life Style in Ukraine

Ukrainian culturally very relax humanity on the planet. Also, friendly people with an open hand welcome you any time in the day.

Romance in Ukraine

The entire landscape in Ukraine full of passion as a part of Ukrainian culture. Evergreen parks, lakes, and mountains. Even the most congested city like Kyiv offers world wider road right in the city center.


Some of the cities like Kiev Nghtlife, Odesa Nightlife, and Lviv home to the best nightlife entertainment in Europe. Arena City Nightlife one of the largest in Kyiv.

It Has Cool Beaches.

The Black Sea, home to southern Ukraine’s only beach sea cost. Southern Ukraine, a city like Odesa popular with many tourists. Best about the south of the black sea, lack of tides and the water level never change.

Also, the best beach clubs in Odesa as well in Kyiv offer some of the world-class beach life during the summer.

World Most Beautiful Woman – Fashionably Elegant and Sophisticated

World Most Beautiful Woman in Ukraine

The most beautiful women are living in entire Ukraine, it’s already a well-known fact around the world. I was in Kyiv several times. I believed it. Kyiv takes first or second place in the list of the ten cities with the hottest ladies in the worldUkrainian Girls Dating Rules

Look Up Best Ukrainian Design Here

An example – The beauty of Ukrainian women struck US Vice President Joe Biden after his two-day diplomatic visit to Kyiv. We all remember media news headlines on CNN and most western TV’s.

Ukrainians Drink More

According to the latest research from the World Health Organisation, Ukraine ranks sixth for alcohol consumption in the world.

Tunnel of Love

The Tunnel of Love

The Tunnel of Love western Ukraine, excellent Instagram fodder, is found in the forests near the town of Kleven. The railroad is for a private train that provides wood for a local factory.

World Widest Road in the City Center

Kiev’s well-known main street, Khreshchatyk Street, is often referred to as the shortest yet most wide main city road in the world. The length only 1.2km long but a remarkably broad place to have romance in the night. The Street, which was destroyed in the Second World War and rebuilt by USSR.

Deepest Metro In The World

Arsenalna metro station on Kiev’s Sviatoshynsko-Brovarska metro line is the world’s deepest at 105.5 meters below ground. Anyway, You may able to feel the romance with Beautiful Ukrainian girls in the metro station.

Get Ukraine Permanent Residency and living Heart of Europe.

Well, we all have many ideas about what exactly Europe. Whatever the opinions are about the center of Europe, Ukraine has the geographical center of Europe. The fact isn’t as simple as you think. And it depends on how people measure the European continent, but the small town of Rakhiv in western Ukraine is one out of many places. Within the Nation has a second claimant in Transcarpathia, where the place called obelisk marks.

Ukraine Home to the Ghost Town

Chernobyl Ukraine

One of the devastating histories of our human civilization is the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. Anyway, why It has listed as the world’s worst nuclear power plant disaster causes without proper safety measurements. The plant was located in northern Ukraine is now the center of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, established by the USSR soon after the accident in 1986.

Ukraine Home to One of The Most Beautiful Mountains The Carpathian

It’s no French Alps, but Ukraine has about four or five ski resorts to shout about. By the way, including Bukovel Ski Resort in the Carpathian mountains, with 55km of slopes and 15 lifts. Somehow, the mountain home to some of the most fabulous ski resorts in Europe with spectacular views. If you apply for Ukraine permanent residency under the retirement category, you can be cycling one f the most beautiful mountain ranges in Europe. 

  1. Dr. Bhupinder Singh Dhillon says:

    I would like to travel to ukraine after the Covid 19….is over. I like culture and people of ukraine. As i am professor in Engg. Uni. I will love to visit different uni in ukraine.

  2. I would like to travel to ukraine after the Covid 19….is over. I like culture and people of ukraine. As i am professor in Engg. Uni. I will love to visit different uni in ukraine.

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