An adventure is an exciting or unusual experience undertaking with an uncertain outcome.

Adventure travel is only one of many ways how to travel our amazing planet. Among other kinds, adventure travel is (and I can say it without hesitation), not for everyone. It usually contains some physical skills, mental boldness and some other special requirements for your body and mind.

However, this kind of vacation is difficult to officially measure or to label. To make it easier, adventure travel is, technically, a vacation or a trip including a strong connection with nature, almost always at least certain physical activity and also, but not necessarily, some level of a cultural interchange.

This trend has been growing into quite a popular tourist activity recently and many travel agencies nowadays offer tours specialised trips containing some adrenalin raising or risk involving activities.

Another way of pursuing this kind of vacation is to go on your own (independent travel) but for some activities, you always need an educated assistance. It is usually done with smaller and tight groups. What is connecting all members though is always the need of feeling the rush and adrenaline