SafeMoon may create passive travel income for full-time travelers. Also, The Safemoon is fundamentally one of the safest among other cryptos. As we know, all our travel communities want to have passive and consistent travel income other than active income, and passive income is definitely a travel dream. However, most other cryptos fundamentally are offering inconsistency of income. Likely, Blockchain technology already has offred this fabulous SafeMoon crypto token. However, according to the white paper, a surprisingly positive outcome for the travel community is looking for perfect passive travel income in the future. Thus, SafeMoon is offering new opportunities for passive income. However, only a few travelers know new blockchain technologies, and it is advantageous for going travel. Unfortunately, many travelers tightened to traditional passive travel income even today. 

Facts to be Proven That Safemoon Will be the Best Passive Income for Travellers 

  • SafeMoon token on  Binance Smart Chain characteristically BEP-20. Also, SafeMoon is built on the BSC, which uses proof-of-authority. And it is centralized.
  • “Reflection” transection fee gets distributed among all Safemoon holders. 


Outer space reveals the passion for spiritual development. Development can be a personal growth of Humans, and SAFEMOON would make your dream comes true near future.

Old Style Passive Travel Income

Traditionally, many travelers are earning passive income through such as 

Working Holiday

Online marketing

Youtube Chanel

Writing Blogs

Find travel jobs

Online commodity or exchange treading

Crypto Trading  

Invest in share market 

Working for the Erotic or Sex industry 

Use Sugar Dady or Sugar Mama 

Why SafeMoon Could Be A Perfect Passive Travel Income In the Future.  

Fundermantely, SafeMoon is designed for community-driven strategies.  However, the longer you hold the Safemoon, the more you benefited. The simple way to explain it, biggest weakens of cryptocurrencies is fast liquidation. So, the basic Idea of SafeMoon is to minimize some of the weaknesses of crypto monies. 

    What IS Passive Income 

If you are planning to travel long term, you definitely need passive income. So What Is passive Travel Income? The basic idea of passive income is a consistent stream of income without stopping. So, Safemoon is ideal for achieving a constant stream of income as below 

  • SafeMoon required Initial effort is needed, such as a more significant investment.
  • Stable income whether you work or not, SafeMoon fundamentally offers income each month
  • Free time for other plans and hobbies. So, travelers will have free time to travel the world. Ferpeft match isn’t it.  

What Is Active Income

Unfortunately, most of our travelers are trying to travel the world with active income sources. However, fundamentally, active income and travel the world very contradicted each other.   

Active Income Strageies 

  • If you stop working anytime, you won’t get paid unless you have unlimited freedom in the Sex industry.
  • Your salary depends on the type of work and hours or days
  • You have to suck up on your boss or the company and have no free choice. 

What Is Safemoon

SafeeMoon is a very new crypto token, and according to the road map, it will offer its own blockchain and exchange in 2021. Also, The SafeMoon Protocol is a community-based Defi Token. However, it is simple functions such as 

Trade Reflection

LP Acquisition

Burn Coins

Safemoon Simple Tokenomics 

According to the white paper, SafeMoon algorithm Orginal Total supply capacity.

Total Supply (One) 1,000,000,000,000,00 (1 Quadrillion coins). However, Safemoon technical team has burnt 419,734,098,023,141 today at 12/07/2021.

Burned Dev Tokens 223,000,000,000,000 223 Trillion

Fair Launch Supply 777,000,000,000,000 777 Trillion

Why SafeMoon Perfect Passive Travel Income in the Future 

After all, When I consider the Safemoon protocol and Tokenomics. 

SafeMoon Gas fee charges 10% for Buy/Sell applied. Well, it is a really high charges comparison to all other cryptos.   

  • 5% fee does distribute among all existing Safmoon holders
  • 2.5% fee is sold by the contract into BNB
  • 2.5% automatically transfer liquidity pair on Pancake swap 

Safety Protocole 

Step 1

Dev burned all tokens in Dev Wallet before launch.

Step 2

Fair launch on DxSale

Step 3

LP locked on DxLocker for 4 years.

Step 4

LP generated with every trade and locked on Pancake.

The SafeMoon Project Is the Purewellnes of Africa

SafeMoon project is focusing on Africa, the poorest continent of the World. So, from my point of view, We don’t have to donate money anymore; all your donation should go to the Safemoon ecosystem. Meanwhile, we all have passive travel income as well as Africans will get maximum benefits. It’s just Fabulous. This is the best example of how blockchain technology could enhance the Quality of human life in the future. 


According to the whitepaper and my own research, the project is accountable for the sustainability of our planet’s ecosystem. Minimizing electricity cost unlikely BTC or all other Crypto mining protocols. SafeMoon only uses the PoS) concept other than PoW.   

Exchanges Listed SafeMoon 

  • PancakeSwap (v2)
  • BitMart Exchange is the best and the easiest way to buy SafeMoon.
  • LBank Exchange
  • Decoin Exchange
  • Exchange
  • ZB Global Exchange
  • BiKi Exchange
  • Hotbit Exchange
  • MEXC Global Exchange
  • Bitrue Exchange

SafeMoon Our Passive Travel Income Investment Definitely 

The entire project road map is completed ecosystems such as community-driven, protocols, exchange, blockchain, security, clear road map, sustainability, and curring-age technologies given us trustworthiness. But, on the other hand, fundamentally, positive wealth management would guarantee passive travel income for all our travel communities.   

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