Putin is the best black president in white Russia as far as I know. Why is Vladimir Putin most likely one of the presidents in Third world countries? Russians have publicly given us the best possible evidence to prove it. I have traveled to Russia several times and worked for around eight months in Moscow. Also, I have traveled to almost all countries and territories in Eastern Europe. However, feeling the country, culture, and tradition is essential before judging.

Putin is the Best Black President in Russia

Moreover, building a constructive argument and collective evidence supportable to proven my thought. Most shreds of evidence and facts from the history to modern in this blog. However, this blog is not written to discriminate against black rase. But also to be proven why African countries are the most inadequate.  

Lowest Human Development Index

What IS Third World

Just after WW11, World social and welfare deployment agencies applied tools to categorize countries according to the global standardization of 

Economic and Social development

Low life expectancy

High rates of poverty

General Health and Disease

Population Density

Primary Education and Higher education rate 

Local law and institutional power delusions 

Vladimir Putin Russian President 

Birth to a lower-class family with exceptional leadership quality in the USSR. Putin has completed his higher education under the KGB and military service supervision. After completing his higher education, he served in Eastern Germany and a few other former unions; end of his foreign intelligent officer career, he was lieutenant colonel ranked officer. Putin left the Saint Petersburg KGB office in 1991 and moved to Moscow to begin his political dream since then. His first executive job was under President Boris Yeltsin in 1996, and he served the newly reformed KGB as director of the FSB Russian Federation. Surprisingly,  Vladimir Putin was secretary of the Security Council just before being appointed as Russia’s prime minister of the Federation in 1999.  

Putin is the Best black president in Russia – Putin’s Personality

Putin was naturally born with a strong men’s attitude, as we know. Also, his personality perfet example of dictatorship. However, notable qualities of his as 

  • Nor regret anything he has done.
  • Very sensitive remorse for his unethical decisions 
  • Careless of negative effect on others
  • Fails to accept responsibility for adverse outcomes
  • Putin is an authoritarian political leader
  • Such leaders like Putin are more prone to make crucial decisions themselves. However, However, task-oriented than interested, most likely focus on the general welfare of its people. Also, to keep distance from opposite parties. Highly likely, punished anyone opposite.    

Staying Power Longer in Russia 

Putin has been using psychological tactics in Russian society to stay in power in Russia. However, tactics are straightforward. Putin understood the simple behavior of humans, primarily cultural and traditional values. As an experience, intelligent officer, he never tried to change Russian culture with the modern social system from the west. However, some people could change; let them change as long as they are not coming to mess with him. 

    Key Points

Keep Corrupted Culture In The Society of RussiaRussians are generally like corruption. It is part of traditions, from primary school to the president of Russia doing it so. as it applies to daily life, people don’t see as they are breaking the law. So, Putin didn’t want to change it; changing culture could be a suicide mission. 

Building Wealth Among Inner Circle Crown Western countries make wealthy corporations; it is similar to what Russians are doing. But the Russian GOV only provides funds to close the alliance. However, Their wealth circle a trillion-dollar business empire around the globe. Adverse facts from such a macro business to Russian society include less financial circulation and a lack of social welfare and risk management strategies.  

Encourage Russians To Do Their Best Of Russia has not reached modern macro-financial strategies such as diversified economic gold since the USSR’s collapse until today. Although, even though the former USSR. However, Putin understood that getting the best out of the Russian people better strategies to stay in power other than changing the corrupted culture, enhancing productivity, and diversifying the macroeconomy within the country. So then, Let Russians do corruption freely; let them develop weapons, aerospace technologies, agriculture, and resources mainly, other than macro productions and services development within the national economy.   

Modern Russia and the War in Ukraine 

President Putin has been reforming the Russian economy and modernizing the Military rapidly since the USSR collapsed last 22 years. However, He has done an incredible job but more distractions to the country through this war. In the first place, Fundermantaly, Putin created a heavily corrupted culture within his administration, and Its well similar to Napoleon’s Philosophy. Bonapartism is a well-known unknown philosophy that compromises self-educated own philosophical and active reformers—also, Authentic preserves cultural motivation from history. Also, Bonapartism had given his generals authority to share the value of newly invented lands, Even though he maintained complete control over the constitutional regime.  

Putin is the Best black president in Russia – Russians Invention Ukraine

Russians have been bulling neighbors throughout history, the same as many other Europeans did in the early stage of industrial revolutions or even before. However, fortunately, or unfortunately, most other Europeans are changed in the twenty-first century. Noone any longer goes for physical war for territorial distribution or political differences, only used corrupted diplomatic tools, financial warfare, psychological or technological war. Unfortunately, Russians are more likey physical than corrupted diplomatic tools from the West. On the other hand, Even today, as Eastern Slavic tribs, Russians always fight for a territorial claim. In general, Russians are one of the remaining tribs in Europe with lower social integration to the modern world.   

  How The War Backfired in Russia 

As we know, Russia is spending around 4.4 % of GDP as it is defense budget. So Putin expected that the Russian Military and Spy services were well equal to the Western world. However, This complete-scale invention of Ukraine most likely come from President Putin. Unfortunately, Most notably, no one can see anything Successful in Russia, such as 

Social and Human Development and human capital 

Due to corrupted GOV power crazy institutional officers, Russia’s human capital and social development are lower than western countries. According to the global social development index, it ranked 52nd out of 189 countries in 2020. How is that possible? Under the USSR, it was one of the best, and under the Russian Federation, the ranking index was lower than third world countries, even though Russians claimed rich natural resources and the wealth of its people.  

Economic Diversification

However, after many years of the USSR’s collapse, the Russian federation economy still heavily depends on natural resources. Otherwise, the macro sectors will shift the economic dependency on a growing range of sources. Therefore, other than criticizing western tools, Russians should be learning how to integrate through the exchange of expertise and institutional improvement to economic diversification in a sustainable way to the Russian society.  

Overseen and Structural Supervision 

Modern developed economies always have Structured supervision intervention within institutional governing bodies, and the same principle applies throughout society. But, most importantly, All modern economies have governance mechanisms consisting of better security, audits, launch provisions outside of our control, stay up-to-date follow. However, the western corporate capital module is a cutting-edge governance model designed to achieve a healthy supply and logistic network that adapts to its users’ needs. Moreover, it enables rapid and representative community engagement by leveraging modern information technology for transparency and accountability compatible with its constitution. Due to Putin’s dictatorship presidency and corrupted institutional structural enforcement, Overseen and Structural Supervision completely collapsed.  

 Putin is the Best black president in RussiaRussian War Lost in Ukraine 

The latest Russian filler in Ukraine has proven so much about Russians inside corruption and inefficiency of the Military.

Clear Planning and Objectives 

Whether modern warfare succeeds or not depends on today’s sound planning, and planning plays a critical and vital to the battlefield. However, simple objectives can not be seen through this military invention in Ukraine. Objectives such as 

  • Overall commanding 
  • Subordinates and give clear directions ( Coordinating ground units, Airforce, Navy, and paratroopers. 
  • Unambiguous orders
  • Battalions engagements divisions
  • Supply and logistics
  • Sustainable Equipment (Russian transporter trucks are not military-grade, tyers are not ready for land conditions)
  • Type of warfare (Conventional, urban, Garila, Unconventional 
  • Knowledge of the enemy is essential
  • Studying cultural
  • Economic( Western nations)
  • Political backgrounds ( western connections)
  • Geographical environments are indispensable in conducting warfare in modern days. 

First Real War after WW2

Surprisingly, This was the first time Russian face a technologically advanced, well-trained Military with highly motivated soldiers. Russia didn’t face any well-trained enemies with the well-equipment enemy in Sirian deployment.   

Russia’s Corruption Risks Ukraine Military Invention

According to the Russian department of Defence, it lost over ten bilins of dollars from 2018 to 2020 due to a corrupt culture within the Russian Military; numbers only accounted for. According to the auditor general assumed around 20 billion from 2018 to 2021. The most efficient and effective Secret service in the Russian Federation also compromised due to corruption.  

Why is Putin Black President in White Russia?

Culturally, most black nations do not move to the next level; strategic and advancement planning for war, economic or social developments is necessary. So, the country needs to diversify. “The trilobites diversified into a great number of segments.” naturally, black culture and traditions have weaknesses of building next leaders to the country due to the fear, power diversification, overseen structural, institutional power, self coordinated management skills, delivering responsibility to the manner of country constitutions, integrity and transforming authority. Therefore, most black nations and the countries with dictatorships are unsuccessful longer term. Singularly, Putin is killing most young leaders, and after him, Russia may struggle to find a better one. Economically, socially, and technologically, Russia may not be ready to transform into the modern world after the Putin administration.  

Is Putin Hate the West?

According to their statements, Putin and all other wealthy Russians hate the Western world. However, all young kids from their families, including Putin’s daughters, live in Western World and enjoy the freedom of the West. 

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