Stockholm City Travel Info Guide - List of Landmarks

One of the most signature cities in the entire Scandinavia – Stockholm is a colourful masterpiece were history blends with modern architecture in such an artistic way, which will leave you speechless. Proud capital spread across many islands is a fascinating place packed with things to do and see!

Stockholm is indisputably a proud capital of Sweden. The history this city went through is visible on every corner and some of the buildings date back to 13th century.

The city itself spreads across 14 islands which are interconnected by more than 50 bridges, making Stockholm one of the most charming cities you will ever visit.

Stockholm Sweden

It is also a reason why Stockholm is nicknamed as The Venice of the North. Including the urban area, Stockholm is home to more than one million Swedes.

Thanks to the location on the Eastern coast of Sweden on one hand, and the connecting point of Baltic Sea and Malaren Lake, there is certainly plenty of water to see.

As mentioned above, the charm of Stockholm lies in the glittering water surface. Culture-wise, the city is a hub not only for Swedenbut for the entire region of Northern Europe and belongs to the top ranked cities worldwide with the quality of life, education etc.

Also, some of the best ranked universities within Europe are situated there, such as Karolinska Institute or Royal Institute of Technology.

As a capital, Stockholm is also a seat of Swedish government as well as the residence of the Swedish Royal family which is facing a great popularity among the whole nation.

There is plenty of sites you shall not miss while visiting this Nordic metropole. First of all, did you know that the gorgeous Stockholm City hall is a place where the annual Nobel Prize ceremony takes place?

Apart from this one, the Old Town itself (called Gamla Stan) is a place where most of the tourists go at first. Do not forget to visit the Vasa Museum, the Skansen Open air museum, the Djurgården Island and green area or the entire surrounding Stockholm archipelago with beautiful views over the Baltic Sea.



Gamla Stan:

Gamla Stan is the Old Town area of Stockholm. It is also one of the best preserved and also largest city centres with medieval roots in Europe and as such, Gamla Stan is a pure beauty.

The Gamla Stan district is one of the most visited site in the capital and that is not only thanks to multiple outstanding restaurants and coffee places, but also museums, churches or souvenir shops.

Gamla Stan is a place with charming narrow streets, beautiful colourful buildings serving as a living museum of past. Some of the largest attractions are indisputably the Royal Palace, or the oldest square in the city – Stortorget situated just in the middle of the whole district.


The Royal Palace:

The proud official residence of the Swedish royal family. Located in Gamla Stan District, The Royal Palace is a popular tourist site in the Swedish capital.

The Swedish monarch resides and works in this stunning building with more than 600 rooms within seven floors in total. The unique palace was built in baroque style in the first half of the 18th century.

As a part of the palace, there are several museums (the Tre Kronor Museum, Gustav III’s Museum of Antiquities or the Treasury), all along the exceptional Royal Apartments, indeed.

Stockholm Royal place

Vasa Museum

One of the most unique and exceptional museums not only in Sweden, but definitely in the entire Scandinavia and maybe even worldwide – that is the Stockholm Vasa Museum.

This maritime museum is located on the Djurgården Island and displays the incredibly preserved warship Vasa from the 17th century.

The beautifully crafted Vasa ship actually never got to the ocean because is sunk in Stockholm harbour during its first and only voyage in 1628 (as a result of water pouring on the board through the gunports), all in front of eyes of many spectators during the festive atmosphere as it was the Majesty’s ship. The museum as we know today was opened in 1990.



Djurgården is a popular island in the central part of Stockholm serving as a green gateway from the city hustle.

The island is perfect for strolls, offering romantic views over the city and surrounding canal. Djurgården is also popular for many museums, historical buildings with some architectural gems or restaurants and cafes.

The city park with harbour side and small parkland is especially loveable during summer time, when many locals take blankets and picnic baskets with some goodies and simply enjoy their time under the warm sun.


Stockholm archipelago

The unique archipelago surrounding the Swedish capital is a perfect gateway option only a couple of minutes away from the busy metropolis.

The archipelago consists of incredible number of more than 3 000 islands smaller and larger, one more beautiful than other and each with its own character.

Most of the islets are inhabited and offer unique experience of the open Baltic Sea, typical Swedish houses and gorgeous glacier-shaped landscape and nature.

The tours are offered by multiple companies and usually start from the city centre.

Stockholm park

Skansen Open air museum

The Stockholm’s famous Skansen is the first open air museum open in the world, founded back in 1891. Skansen is a perfect place for the entire afternoon or even a day, regardless whether it’s a family or a couple, you will love it anyway.

Located comfortably on the Djurgården, not only it offers some of the most beautiful view over the city, but also getting there is as simple as it can get.

It is home to most of the Swedish and Scandinavian native animals in a form of ZOO and also typical Swedish houses and traditions. The Skansen is like a little complex adventure through the Scandinavia.


Stockholm The city hall

Stockholm City Hall can be easily recognised as the signature building of the capital and also the whole country.

This famous building with a 106 metres tall spire with three crowns on the top is located by the shore, on the Kungsholmen island and the surrounding water creates picture perfect views.

The construction of the City Hall was finished in 1923 by using traditional techniques and ever since, the building is important for the nation. For instance, the famous Nobel Prize banquet is held there in December annually. It is also home for the Municipal Council.

Stockholm Royal place

Royal National City Park

The national urban park spreading from Stockholm to Solna and Lidingö belongs to one of the most unique park of such kind in the world.

One of the reasons being is the fact, that thanks to its opening in 1995, it is the first National City Park in the world. It cover an area of more than 27 square kilometres of which more than half is in a form of water surface.

The park is important for recreation and, not only thanks to its biodiversity, it offers and interesting blend of nature and culture.


Moderna Museet

The Moderna Museet located on Stockholm’s island of Skeppsholmen is a large museum of modern art, featuring artistic pieces from famous names such as Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, Marcel Duchamp, Francis Bacon or Matisse.

The museum was opened in 1958 and nowadays has plenty of large collections and temporary exhibits of all kinds – paintings, photography, video, sculptures and other artistic installation.

In the inside of the Museum, there is also a very popular restaurant and an espresso bar.


Fotografiska Museet

Stockholm’s popular district of Södermalm is home to Fotografiska, one of the largest hubs for contemporary photography in the world. The Museum of Photography houses number of exciting exhibitions from top class photographers from around the world (both famous and soon to be stars individuals).

There is also several interesting workshops held around the year. In total, there is four large and more than 20 smaller sized exhibitions throughout the year.


The Globe

Globen, Ericsson Globe or simply The Globe is an iconic Stockholm’s indoor arena as well as the largest spherical building in the world.

Apart from the importance in the sports world (especially ice-hockey and innebandy/floorball – it is the home for the Swedish national hockey team and the innebandy final matches are held there annually as well), what makes Globes so unique is its shape and architecture overall.

The building is shaped as a large snow ball which is around 85 metres high. The Globe is supposed to represent the Sun in the solar system.

It is also known for its signature red seating and great flexibility in terms of capacity for various events – it hosts most of the popular music artists as well. There is also a fantastic view to the whole city from any of the two gondolas going up and down the side.

Stockholm Royal place

Östermalm District

One of the largest districts in Swedish capital is Östermalm – the embodiment of a shopping paradise.

Östermalm is a glamour centre for all designer pieces and international names. The whole district is considered a wealthy area, which reflects in extremely high housing prices.

Its posh vibes are definitely to be felt in one of many shopping malls or interesting night clubs or simply by walking along the seaside.


Drottningholm Palace

Looking at Drottningholm Royal Palace constructed in 17th century, it is indisputably one of the best preserved Palaces of such kind.

The Palace has been serving as a residency of the highly popular Royal family since 1981. The stunning Palace located in Stockholm’s island of Lovön, with its surrounding fantastic Baroque gardens, park and palace theatre surely deserves to be one of the World UNESCO Heritage Sites, as well as one of the most popular attractions in the whole country.

The residence was also inspired by the stunning Palace of Versailles in France.


ABBA The Museum

The ABBA Museum is, as the name discloses, a museum dedicated to the beloved music band which made Sweden famous during 20th century – yes, we are talking about ABBA.

One of the most famous music bands in the history of popular music. The museum opened in 2013 offers interactive exhibition, showcasing their work. It is packed with costumes, music, original items, gold records and much more, all presented in a unique way.


Gröna Lund’s Amusement Park

Gröna Lund is Stockholm’s front Amusement Park opened in 1883.

It is located on the Djurgården Island Island and offers more than 30 various attractions. The park’s size is relatively small due to its location in the centre of the city.

The Amusement Park is also a popular venue for music concerts and performances during summer months.

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