How to Date NZ GIRLS – Get Permanent Visa – Settle Down In One of the Most Beautiful & Peaceful Countries in the World!

Beautiful and nature oriented KIWI girls are waiting for fun with travellers in New Zealand.

How to date NZ GIRLS information Guide for Solo Travellers 

NZ girls belong to some of the most beautiful women in the entire world, especially thanks to the multiculturalism and geographical location of the country.

NZ girls are mostly an interesting blend of New Zealand native Maori, Scottish and English blood, Pacific Islanders and other European descent as well as Southeast Asians.

Most of NZ GIRLS are gorgeous ladies, often with blue, green,  brown or light brown eyes with blond or black hair reflecting on soft fair skin.    

I have met so many travellers from Europe, USA, South America, Canada, Africa, Asia or India who are looking for beautiful sexy looking NZ girls to get their hookup for life.

What a dream. Yes, Damn great choice. New Zealand is such a great country for your future.   

NZ girls for love

Please note: The blog is intended for single solo travellers who are interested in Kiwi women, looking love and wanting settle down in beautiful New Zealand. Not for sex predators or criminals.

Unfortunately, we are focusing on single male travellers who want to find beautiful KIWI partners because ladies, in comparison to guys, can find a man very easily..    

The greatest quality about NZ Girls: They are’t super easy going. Also, kind of Easy. But don’t hesitate to pull their pants down if they are really into you. ( Always make sure think, what right, what wrong before act).

Here is the proof

Two international studies in 2012 and early 2016 showed that Kiwi women belong to the most promiscuous in the world.

That’s why it might be quite easy for you to get a one night stand with a Kiwi girl but dating one for life is a different story.

That one might be a hard nut to crack for travellers without proper knowledge, great look or talent.

Some travellers may think that it’s all just numbers and statistic. How accurate can that really be for such a small country like New Zealand?

In reality, the statistics have to be based on something, right? This small country actually likes to stand out.

How difficult it is to date a Kiwi girl then? On a scale of 1 – 10 (10 being the absolutely impossible) we have to tell you the bad truth… it’s a solid 10, no doubts. But why? Check out the reasons behind this statement.

The word “date” represents getting together romantically with someone you don’t know for the very first time.

As you are a traveller to New Zealand, understanding local culture is very important for you.

Most of the time NZ girls spend their time hanging around with the same group of people – people from their home, universities, high school or  fun and recreational clubs, old friends etc..

They prefer to go out together to the same places. They do things together. They know each other well, and they know each other’s families as well.

Besides, there is no shortage of good looking Maori boys with big gear in New Zealand for local kiwi ladies.

Considering above points – How you break into this system and strike? You need talent, skills, great look and charisma and you need to show them you have something they like and look for in a man.

kiwi girls for love

General Summary for Date 

keep in mind before looking for a NZ girl for life

Wine and dine with her – it’s not just atypical dinner and a movie date. You should also add some extra on the top of that, like for instance dinner-movie-AND a foot rub.

Yes, the foot rub, on a first date, why not? Surprise her!

Also, nobody got ever turned down by a bottle of nice wine or some chocolates. Even chocolate in the form of a heart can show that you are really interested in her.

In order to get a 2nd date you need to show that you take it seriously otherwise you will just end up being another number for statistic!

You need to be willing to listen and share the interests of the average kiwi girl. Some of these interests are for example:

NZ Girls for marriage for life


  1. Alcohol drinking (sometimes to as unnecessary volume)
  2. Smoking weed
  3. Psychological power  
  4. Spending more money than you can afford (‘just because’) – NZ girls aren’t all about money, but they do like the life with money
  5. Using ‘just because’ technically as an excuse for everything
  6. Referring to yourself as one of the boys/gang even though she is usually not
  7. Making sure you have an accent – kiwi chicks love all kinds of accents (and you will love their)
  8. If you have a good sense of humour and an accent, forget the rest! You’re in!
  9. Or you can also be an American. That’s an easy win too.

Where to Find NZ Girls and How to Notice Them From NZ

Where to Find  KIWI Girls

Same as in other countries, NZ girls are always going to place where they enjoy being: such as beaches, shopping malls, cinemas, nightlife places and popular streets in big cities.

Outside New Zealand, Perth city is the best place to meet a NZ lady. Check out our Perth nightlife blog info here to know more.

NZ girls qualities

How to Notice NZ Girls

Most of New Zealand girls are very charming and natural-looking girls. Surprisingly, lots of them often wear green stone necklaces or similar accessories.


The hei-matau is a beautifully stylized fish hook, which New Zealanders carve in nephrite jade (it’s also known as greenstone or pounamu).

Spiral is one of the most common love symbol of NZ artists and it’s very popular among ladies.

New Zealand Accent

Don’t be intimidated by the Kiwi accent, it’s pretty easy to pick up. The trick is in your vowels. A becomes E: “Now thet I hev your ettention, lets get beck to the lesson, ay?”

E becomes EE: “I’ll be there in teen meenuts” I becomes U: “Let’s go get some fush and chups bro”. Trust me, you will pick it up quickly.


Some different words   

Jandals: Flip-flops

The Wop Wops: Out in the middle of nowhere

Cruisy: Easy, as if you are on a cruise

Whanau: Family or extended family

Tramping: Hiking

Treck: An extra long tramp

Golden/Beaut: Great

Squiz: Look

Chur: Thanks/Cool/Sweet As. A lovely versatile word:

“Have a chur bro.”


There is no real differences whether you meet a city girl or a small town or country one. The similarities vary but the one thing Kiwi girls all love is someone who knows what he want.

Few difference between country and city girls in New Zealand are for instance:

Countryside NZ girls  are hard working in their farm lands, they are very natural looking, no nails paint or lipstick or no  makeup either.

We know what we, (and probably our close pals) look for in a guy but, wouldn’t it be interesting to know what the female population looks for in a guy as well?!

A new study done by dating sites around Asia and Pacific region asked 20,000 Kiwi women to discover the hobbies that bring sex-appeal when it comes to opposite sex.

The truth showed that we don’t know anything about NZ girls. What you would assume is not important! Forget mountain climbing or nice cars to impress a girl.

The real way to get a NZ woman’s heart for life is through travelling, food, good sex and gardening. What a deal breaker!

New Zealand girls traveller

Things Kiwi girls like in their partners, meaning activities and hobbies, are simple. Here is a list of top hobbies and activities you should pursue or have to get in touch with NZ girls:

Travelling & Real Adventure 

All that – your travelling experience, the way you travel, your extreme excitement, adrenaline and adventure loving, relaxation and cultural trips as well as volunteering stories – and then sharing your experience with her on your first date or first chat with her, will help you get her attention. Specially, Speak about America and planing to go back to America. 

To top it up, try to touch the glamour (drinking cocktails in a pool), that’s what attracts ladies and will make you stand out of the crowd. Offer a bit more than a hostel drinking party or backpacker lifestyle.    

Fine food Dining with NZ Girls 

As we all know, girls usually like being satisfied through their senses and parts of their bodies – eyes, skin, mouth and lady parts the same way men.

They are human beings who like psychological and physical satisfactions. They love good and fresh food (No Junk food).

NZ Girls like fresh vegetable and fruit, fresh meat as well as organic ingredients like their country.

They always look for fresh stuff. Take her out for dinner to some good fine dining place. Make sure they have tasty and eye appealing food.

Then it’s all up to you, maintain romantic eye contact and exchange ideas about what you like or not, admire nature and fresh food in New Zealand.        

Wine Tasting

New Zealand offers some of the world’s best wine. The industry in young and products the top tasting wine.

New Zealand’s wine represents some of the best wine for travellers as well as on the international market.

Go out with her and enjoy great tasting beverage in some great wine regions around the country.

Take the opportunity to show off your charming personality, sense of humour, wine knowledge or other skills.   


Due to the geography, most of the nightlife places of New Zealand are located in Auckland or Christchurch.

But if you meet a lady in a countryside, there are always some great pubs and bars around the country.

The entire land is full of Scottish, English and Irish people, and here is also a blend of modern Australian culture with authentic KIWI traditions.

Take your lady for a night out, spend with some quality time with her, invite her for a good diner, have some pub time and then head into the club.

Don’t try to put your hand under her pants during your first night.

Try to get her beautiful heart first. Night out is the best place to get the understanding of the erotic side of each other.

Make sure you share your American nightlife experience with her. Kiwi ladies are fond of the American nightlife and guys from the USA.        

Smoking Weed

Ladies from New Zealand love weed. The research made by the Ministry of Health, purpose of Drugs abuse and well being of New Zealand citizens found out that 4 million (13.4% of those between the age of 16 – 64) use cannabis on a regular basis.

Over 91% of young people around 18 smoke weed on just a recreational purpose once a month.

There is a high chance of getting into her heart by having a little joint with you and offering her some fun.

Please Note:  The use of weed (Cannabis) in New Zealand is governed by the Misuse of Drugs Act 1975, which makes unauthorised possession of any amount of cannabis illegal.

Although Cannabis (Grass or green) is one of the most widely available illicit drugs in New Zealand.

We highly recommend and advise all travellers no to use any illegal drugs when travelling.

On the other hand weed is really popular even among all law enforcement agencies in NZ as well as entire NZ population.


Get together for a movie time – either home, in a hotel room or in a cinema with your new lady.

Can you imagine how it sexuality appealing it is being closely together, in the dark..watching some scary movie or so?

Watching movies is one of the best ways hot to spend your free time with someone.

Order some take away, strawberries with whip cream, champagne and watch a movie together holding hand closely, snuggle and cuddle.      


Take her to some outdoor music festival or an indoor concert.

If nothing is available, just go home or even in your room, play some of your favourite music, speak about what she likes, her favourite musicians, types of artists she likes, share some ideas with her and get her sexual feeling.

NZ girls adventure    

Health and Fitness.

Like mentioned earlier, most of NZ girls like health and fitness topics. They like to stay in shape and be healthy.

Fresh food ideas, cooking for her, making her feel you look after her, paying attention to her, sharing food on same plate, tasting new things together – those all are the ways to get her heart.

Do even some silly things like sharing food mouth to mouth. Specially, Cook her fresh breakfast and make her a cup of coffee or tea.   

Also go out for walk, do some hiking or climbing,  feel the nature, caress her hips while you walk with her.

Go to the gym together. Admire the best looking body parts of her silhouette and show her where she has to focus on with her exercise (kindly).      


Reading books together, getting to know what she likes or searching info on internet with her is a great idea to find out her hidden side.

Show your intelligence and interest. Also, reading, although people often don’t realise it, is one of the most sexiest activities.     

Crickets, Rugby and Football

Researches show that not too many NZ girls know much about and like sports like Cricket, Rugby, and Football.

They prefer netball or pool activities as well as nature sports rather than the three sports mentioned above.  


Luckily, all KIWI girls love gardening and they see gardening as one of the sexiest activities.

Looking after garden, growing roots, growing plants or vegetable in their backyard, all those are highly rated.

Do not buy bunch of roses for them, buy a beautiful plant she can keep in her room instead. She will feel you always in her room.

When you are with her, help her to do some gardening and speak about plants, global warming and how plants help to prevent it.

Her heart will melt down for you in a second and she will fall in love with you.   

NZ girls


KIWI girls love to show up their sexy body contrasting with the nature of peaceful New Zealand and its traditions.

Most of KIWI girls have beautiful charm of new Zealand origin. If you have some kind of talents like Photography, it would be an asset.

Take your beautiful lady, guide her to get cute and sexy looking selfies, admire how beautiful she looks on them.

Teach her in which way she should take the image, how to get it. How do match her hair, eyes and skin with her dress.

How paint the lips. Teach her some of your professional skills, it’s all about your creative eyes – how to capture her move and her emotions in different ways.

Help her to get the most out of it, how to get the perfect image and post it on FB, Instagram or other social media and get the likes.

Don’t be jealous that someone will crush on her. It is 100% your weakness as a man. Personally, I always see my lady as the most beautiful and she is what matters.

Make her the centre of attention. She deserves it and she will love it. After all, she will love you for doing it.

Art, Singing, Playing Instruments and Crafts

Most of KIWI girls think those skills from boys are some of sexiest skills they can posses. (Visual Arts)

If she likes crafts or arts, help here to do it. Encourage her to go to an exhibitions or buy some creative art for her and hang it next to her bed so she can get creative.   

NZ Girls – Rough & Wild Sex

Apparently, most of the NZ girls love getting a little rough in the bedroom.

Most of them have unique sexy fantasies and they are open to share them with you.

Most of the fantasies are about having an outdoor sex. The rest are romantic sex full of love and closeness.

Aka What NZ Girls Prefer in Their Sex Life.

Sex is a deep and very intimate connection between two people.

It is a result of lust and wishes to get physical and emotional in order to get pleasure.

For them, it’s a way to achieve harmony and bring even more trust into the relationship. But what exactly do they like in bed?

Foreplay: Don’t be a beginner. If you plan on skipping this step, you are probably not getting any further with her. Ladies, not only from New Zealand, want to feel loved and wanted.

Pay attention to different parts of her body and do not neglect the sensitive spots including neck, ears, behind ears or even hads. Try to find what spots and touches are her favourites.

Kisses: Somehow,  KIWI girls love long passionate kisses. Kissing is almost a building stone to everything.

Focus again on erogenous zones to gain the maximum tension and pleasure for her. Kiss slowly, then faster, bite down a bit on her lips.

 Kiss her like you love her and show her how much you want her.

Good physical shape: Here we are not talking about extreme muscles, but about being able to last longer than couple of minutes.

She takes her time, you take yours. If you give her enough time to enjoy herself, she will love you.

Domination: NZ ladies usually love when the man is the dominant one in the relationship and the bed.

Do not be afraid of taking control and initiating some new things into the bedroom.

Research shows that KIWI girls love to try something new.

On the other hand, sometimes they really enjoy to take over control and get loud rather than being a starfish.

Kids with NZ Girls

Eventually, this is the the most fun point for male travellers in New Zealand.

Now you got all from her, and the only thing you need is to get your New Zealand Passport to run away?

Or you want to look after your lovely lady for rest of your life and create your own beautiful loving family?

All your choices, If you don’t want to spend the rest of your life with her, please don’t break their little hearts.

Don’t make all the effort to leave her eventually. Don’t make any kids and then run away from your responsibility.

It is just inhuman behaviour in modern human society. If you’re 100% ready to have a family, buy a home or rent a house with her, make little baby for her, get your New Zealand citizenship and live the life most people dream about.

New Zealand is one of the most beautiful and peaceful countries in the world.

Also, make sure to stay fair and kind to the community and to the nations.

Stay human and enjoy the peaceful society and everything she brought to your life.

New Zealanders wouldn’t really appreciate to see any criminals, extremism or intruders within their society.

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