Little Negombo on the west coast of Sri Lanka now offers the best Eco-friendly rooms for all travel categories. However, Negombo is a famous transit city close to the main international airport. Therefore, so many travelers have chosen Negombo as the best option when entering Sri Lanka and before starting travel; also, after traveling around the Island, the best place to stay in Negombo before taking off. Surprisingly, I have found an Eco-friendly little place that offers the best sustainable accommodation and food for sustainable visors in the country. 

Eco room map

Negombo’s Best Eco Rooms with Eco HUT

Negombo ECO HUT, a room accommodation provider, is a new little place managed by a local family. Leel is the owner of the ECO HUT sustainable property. Moreover, according to TripAdvisor and the booking website reflecting honest and reliable customer service, Leel has been in the sustainable tourism industry in Sri Lanka for many years.

Why Eco Hut Negombo

That is the main reason why I did book the property first place. The property is eco-friendly and the best option for sustainable travel categories. Also, The property is managed and owned by locals. So, sustainable travelers like to pay tribute to the local economy other than multi-billion-owned asset managers.

Negombo, organic food in eco rooms

Sri Lankan Food

Sustainability of Property

I have personally examined the property and noted many fabulous points as below.

  • Fully solar-powered Negombo Best Eco Rooms Energy sustainable
  • Sustainable clean water supply and rainwater catcher and reused outflow to the garden.  
  • Bricks layer of building walls of rooms
  •  Interior designing is entirely locally made and reusable materials.
  •  The garden was adequately managed, planted local plants and trees.
  • All food is organically farmed and freshly picked day by day.

Here is a little more about Negombo

Negombo is located West coast of Sri Lanka and has faced many foreign inventions in the history of the Island nation and is a multicultural society with many religious backgrounds, such as Buddhism, Christianity, Catholicism, Hinduism, and Islam. However, The entire west coast and south of Sri Lankan culture have been exposed to Western culture for centuries. Therefore, due to the western influencers, Negombo belongs to the culture of the west and has a lower racial and radical mentality among the Sri Lankan population. Furthermore, The town is a fishery hub for Sri Lanka, and going to the local fish market is another way to spend time other than beaches. Lastly,    I don’t recommend beaches in Negombo, but outside offers the best white sand beaches, like Marawila North West. So, the choice of Negombo’s Best Eco Rooms is the way to travel sustainably.

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