Kyiv Ukraine Summer Beach Party – Most Sexiest Beach Party Guide

Kyiv Beach Party Info Guide for Travellers to the City!

Kyiv is home to beautiful river beach party during the summer. From the middle spring to the middle of Autumn, party on the beach never end. Nightlife and beach Party in The Summer the most Sexiest, and unimaginable.

 Where is Kyiv Beach Party? 

Trukhaniv Island. Trukhaniv Island is a little piece of party heaven situated on the Dnieper river, almost right at the city center of Kyiv. What used to be a summer residence of a Yacht Club in Kyiv is now a water sports facility and, mainly, a place for various events and parties. There are multiple beach clubs, all offering different kinds of facilities and opportunities: swimming pools, summer breeze, sun, great vibes. Also, clubs are offering famous Ukraine alcoholic Beverages and cocktails; you would hardly believe that you are still in the city center of Kyiv.

Sexy Beach Party Places on the Trukhaniv Island

UBK – Sexiest Kyiv Beach Party

UBK  Club on the river‘s beach, the ideal venue to have fun with friends and to meet new people. Like casual hookup, Kyiv best pick up girls. Or even meet Ukrainian girls. ( Only open during the day. it is a magnificent beach with swimming pools on the roof, for day and evening.

Bora Bora Beach Club

Summer club with swimming pools are available, party lounge and the most beautiful white sand for the best party you can imagine in Ukraine.

City Beach Club is Another Rooftop club.

With swimming pool, an excellent combination of tanning opportunities during the day and best cocktails Best Sexy Kiev Nightlife Party Hook up on white Sand.

 Mayachok Beach Club

The club is one of the best places to have some fun on the white sand beach during the Night out in Kyiv. Wild young people are coming and drinking over Night. Well, I would say that the place type of students style. Technically, it is hooking up paradise. Best place to meet Kyiv Hot Girls.


The park is spreading over two islands; this vast area surrounded by Dnieper River. By the way, the park was created during the Soviet time as an entertainment complex for summer activities. It is Offering water sports and recreational activities for locals. Today, most of it is still a public space for leisure and enjoyment.

How to Organized Beach Party

I would suggest that getting a local tour guide like Alex would be the best way to enjoy your holiday in Kyiv.

Kyiv Nude Beach

Fantasy Nudist Beach Dovbychka One of the most popular beaches in Kyiv is Dovbychka located on the Trukhaniv island, circa 4 kilometers from the city center. It is a nudist beach, and even though this kind of place is illegal in Ukraine, this place remains as people fought for it. It is also a popular place for the LGBT community. To get to the beach, get off the Water Park metro station, then walk over the Venice bridge and then walk through the recreational zone. Clothing is not welcomed there, therefore get rid of it upon your arrival.  

Lana Kiev tour girl.

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