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Kiev SPA Massage - Get in touch with its many benefits.

KIEV SPA Massage info guide for travellers 

The amazing ability to take charge of your health and well being you can use the hidden potential of massage. Just try to understand if it is right for you.

Massage is no longer confined to luxury spas and health clubs only.

It has an outstanding availability in many other venues such as in business, clinics, hospitals and even in airports.

Maybe the health benefits of massage has never been experienced or beyond your ken. Then what can you expect during a therapeutic session in a venue of your choice. Kiev SPA is the best cheap way you to achieve the best possible relaxation.  

What, indeed, is massage?

This is nothing but a term used for the activities done by way of pressing, rubbing,  and handling either light stroking or deep pressure to give you a soothing balmy effect while helping your muscles, tendons and ligament to function well.  And that is a comfort and good health for your happy living.

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Kiev SPA  - Swedish Massage

Popular type of massages in  KIEV SPA

Kiev SPA  – Swedish Massage

This type of massage is known for its gentle long strokes, kneading, deep circular movements vibration and tapping. This will help you relax and energize you.


Kiev SPA  – Deep Massage

This type of massage has to do with many a technique with slower more forceful strokes to target the muscles in the deeper layer of your body and connective tissues only to help with muscle damage from injuries.

Kiev SPA  – Sports Massage

This type of massage is really akin to Swedish massage. It is used to cater to sportsmen and women. It is beneficial to them as it helps to guard against injuries.

Kiev SPA  – Trigger Point Massage

Focusing on areas of tight muscle fibres that may develop in your bodies after injuries or overuse is done in Trigger Point massage.

Advantages of  massage

The idea that is behind massage is interesting. It complements medical treatment or acts as an alternative to medicine.

Services of massage are now readily available widely. Such services come along with a broad range of medical conditions and situations.

The services increase day by day. Studies into the health benefits of massage bear testimony to the proven idea that massage is highly beneficial for the reduction of stress, pain and tension of muscles.

It is true that we need a wide study into the benefits scientifically. Some studies have found that massage could be good for ;

Anxiety, Digestive disorders, Fibromyalgia, Headaches, Insomnia related to stress, Myofascial pain syndrome, Soft tissue strains or injuries, Sports injuries, Temporomandibular joint pain

In addition to acquiring the health benefits associated with massage many are into it as produces feelings of caring comfort and connection.

It is true that massage does have its benefits but it cannot replace regular medical treatments. It is always good to talk to your doctor and tell him that you involve yourself in massage.

It will be helpful to get his advice to follow any treatment plans of good standards.

spa sense in Kiev city

Best KIEV SPA in the City – SPA SENSE!

Magic World SPA salon “ SPA SENSE” Invites you to visit the SPA oasis in busy Kiev.

Find yourself immersed in the world of SPA. Come to our salon for that important purpose. What is that all for if not to acquire new sensations of  fantastic nature.

With its merging of rituals and massages you will experience heavenly bliss. Oh this is no falsehood. Come and experience.

You will feel yourself in a land of fairies. You will be able to put your problem aside and find yourself in complete oblivion.

Our principle idea and deep insight as to what our service should be is ensuring full recovery of mental and physical strength making use of elaborate SPA – ritual Balinese body treatments and foreign techniques of massage.

Among them come Hawaiian massage “Lomi-Lomi” and Balinese massage Jamu-Lulur. Get enticed in a milieu of flickering candles giving you dim light, relaxing musical vibe, aromatic oil from which emanates fragrance and scrubs and masks bright from the island of Bali which has associations of its magical influence.

This is the vibe we have only to ensure that you get best from our SPA. Massage techniques of exotic character and SPA cosmetics that are telling and bears testimony to our professionalism in the field of SPA.

The way the modern life of mundane care moves on is really filled with excessive workloads and stress and frustration that come invariably with it.

Finding ourselves in such a situation we search for escapism. And where you find it, but in Kiev. Yes, in our SPA.

We help and take care of relaxation and help restore all that you have lost in your workaday lifestyle.

Come to forget your worries in field of work and amuse yourself in the unearthly atmosphere of spa salon.

Our service centres round use of exotic practices in order to restore body and spirit. Our commitment to provide our clients with the best of services which is worth the bucks they spend on.

Through the coordination of a complex influence on the senses we strive to achieve sweet concorde to ensure complete physical and spiritual relaxation.

The calm atmosphere in which the massage takes place, the atmosphere with dim lights tranquil music and flavours which could be as delicate as delicate could be, does not give you anything but everything infused with sweet concord and deep doped delightful.

SPA SENSE has its own specialised types of Massage with variety.

Kiev Massage Spa

The Best of SPA SENSE

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi

This type of massage known as Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi is said to be among the most ancient types of massage.

Polynesian Islands enjoy the venue of its originality. The name has been cined and translated from Hawaiian language. Lomi – Lomi really means soft touch of the velvet paw of a satisfied cat.

The start of the massage is extraordinary ritualistic. Having covered the patient with a sheet the master performs the ritual of ‘laying on of hands’ so as to tune into the special procedure. This happens at the very beginning of it.

The massage also culminates and finds its end with a rite handed down by tradition.

We make sure you get no pain whatsoever and get immense comfort and soothing balmy solace during the session of massage.

No pain, no irritable feeling,  no negative sensation during the session.

All comfort all sweet concord, all relaxation and all absence of pain is all that it gives you in its allness.

The massage is done under rhythmic traditional music. As a result of it, there is a resemblance of the caressing movements of the masseur to a dance.

This is no lie. Our expert performers are flexible enough to do the massage to the soothing rhythm of music.

We also use the necessary types of oil both aromatic and otherwise. And the room is cosy and warm.

Thai Massage

It has developed more than two and a half thousand years ago. It is better known for its healing properties that are unrivalled and unsurpassed in the history of the massage world.

Thai massage does not only have an impact on the body but also it does justice to the energy flow that meanders all over the body of the clients.

That is to say, the natural circulation is arrested by all such ailment. What really is the main function of Thai massage.

Well, it is aimed that the usual body functioning is restored ensuring a better functioning of the energy flow.

If it is a genuine service of a master of Thai massage the hole procedure appears to be that of a meditation from spiritual practice of Buddhist character.

Why do I call it to be of such attributes? Well, it focuses its attention on restoring the harmony in its entirety, between the patient and the world outside.

Japanese Massage

What are the general effects of Yumeiho therapy?

  • It takes away emotional and physical stress.
  • Improves microcirculation in tissues.
  • Restores mobility in the joints.
  • Improves elasticity in muscles.
  • Restores the centre of gravity of the body.
  • Improves the function of internal organs.
  • Raises the mood and increases efficiency.

Yumeiho therapy is an infusion of manual practices of healers of the East and thorough knowledge of human nature of modern medicine.

In this type of massage you see a mixture of many methods. They are Thai massage, shiatsu massage, manual therapy, visceral therapy and reflexotherapy.

It evolved within the walls of Shaolin Monastery. What was it for then? Well, it was used for the treatment and restoration of monks after hard work and training.

That is to say, Yumeiho therapy was a part of development of martial arts. At present, this massage therapy  has been developed and spread throughout the globe by professor masayuki Saionji from Tokyo. It finds itself unique in its complex and simple aspects.


Special massage programme for men

SPA programme for men “The emperor” is excellent for fatigue heaped overtime, depression frustration and busy lifestyle full of hectic activity full of hustle and bustle of busy city life.

If you call it a pleasant experience to submit your whole body to an experienced specialists’ hands it is a reality.

You can enjoy pleasant minutes of SPA procedures with a very passive attitude. We recommend this for men who are in managerial positions. It is because it is a very

Important to get blissful experiences. The reason for this, once they are lured by the luxury vibe and specialists’ manuring of fingers all over the body you become yet another lotus eater and invariably indulge yourself in sort of a dreamland forgetting all worries and cares both in your domestic and in your work life.

Oh Yes, get rid of all the burdens of responsibility that involve great moments of decision making.

Special massage programme for women

Over the past seven years of history of SPA some types of SPA programmes for women have evolved.

Some of them are healing in a sauna, a phyto barrel, natural peeling and also a massage on natural chocolate melted in the aroma list.

Although it is the normal situation, our guests can take the benefit of the available massage services of our salon.

It should be specifically told that manage in four hands with great pressing movements could also be enjoyed.

Address: 31Б, Kyrylivska St, Kyiv, Ukraine, 04080

Contact Number:  +380 97 751 5777

Website Booking SPA SENSE 



Kiev Spa  – Thai Massage ‘Budsaba’

Network of Thai massage salons and ‘Budsaba’ spa.

We guarantee that you receive a complete relaxation in the soothing milieu of our spa. Our hospitality and professional potential of our masters and caretakers of the spa will all take you to a complete satisfying world of relaxation and resounding unsurpassable bliss of class nature.

This massage will definitely bring back your energy and invigorate your physique.

Access to ‘Budsaba’ is as easy as easy can be for it is conveniently located in the heart of Kiev.

 Budsaba worka without days off

from 10 am to 10 pm

Reservation of time by phone:

Kyivstar / 096/288 99 88

Vodafon / 095/656 99 88

LifeCell / 093/487 99 8

Kiev SPA – Royal Thai Spa

It is nothing but truth itself if you say Thai massage is the true art of healing and a wonderful way of achieving inner harmony.

The technique of passive stretching and yoga alone with acupressure of the entire body is used on this type of massage. It is also known as ‘Thai

Yoga Manage’

It is called as such because the master uses his knees legs and feet to work out your body. He also moves from one posture of yoga to another.

The ones who get this enthralling, unmatchable experience have always declared that the effect they experience after traditional Thai massage is far more similar to the sensations they acquire after a real yoga training.

Throughout the whole process of the massage session you have a comfortable dress  and this massage does not require any massage oil.

Budsaba OKO SPA

Located in the centre of the capital city, this spa is a new outlook on massage come into life. Here experts with professionalism of high calibre find themselves exerting all their art and talent to give you best of satisfaction.

There are spa rituals for face and body care. There are oriental techniques of massage and also there are techniques of massage and also there are techniques used to restore strength, beauty and energy.

It is a place to find your body and soul getting coordinated and being a single element and during the massage you emerge from a sea of relaxation into the seventh heaven.

The abundance  of magic rituals is one outstanding trait you can witness in OKO SPA.

Specialist masseurs of Bali and Thailand display their professionalism here. Also such professionals from Egypt and Ukraine use traditional methods of healing .

Healing energy, deep methods of muscle relaxation, herbal baths and classy cosmetics are there.

They use rare natural elements only to restore a sense of ease, freedom and inspiration.

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